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If You Want Great Photos, Don’t Buy This Samsung

DxOMark Places The Camera Of The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Under The Camera Of The IPhone 11 or S21 FE

Despite Good impressions in our analysis, the truth is that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and its clamshell shape With a dual 12-megapixel camera are no longer born for the ultra imaging of the current excellent range. In the mobile market, it is undeniable that we have already confirmed this in our tests. And this is Samsung has made progress to Optimize even more the dual 12MP sensor built into your fashion smartphone that already has features in the camera that no one else has derived from the folded format and its capabilities. Still, you are not always up to par with the results In the photography department.

And for sure, it is. We expect a small step forward in the price range that Samsung did not want to provide. We are not the only ones to say this because our fellow analysts are from a reputable companies like DxOMark They accompany us in the sentiment after seeing their analysis chart at the Galaxy Z Flip4, which does not comment but does not surprise even stay on it a bit 49th place in the world ranking of DxOMark.x Here you have good Best Selling Foldable Results for the Industry in Reconsidering Photography, The most famous of them: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Review: The formula for success is now more precise. It will come true; Galaxy Z Flip4 outperforms Samsung’s Flip3 by only one point remaining, with 112 units to sign for the 49th place ranking, Below are smartphones such as iPhone 11 or Galaxy S21 FE, which he had to overcome now.

This is the one OnePlus 8 Pro in early 2020. It is too Only above 113 points. Show the level of this shell fold, The fourth generation. Break it down; watch it. In photography, the Galaxy Z Flip4 holds up well at 125 points (150 max), and in fishing, it gets 60 units out of 80 max. Pale in preview With a score of 69 points out of a maximum of 91, The worst comes with it Enlarge And 60 points out of a maximum of 151, and with the video, Dove collects 113 points, a maximum of 149 points achieved by the iPhone 14 Pro Max. As we said, it’s not a bad phone in the photography department. For most users, however, it performs well in photography and portraits in most scenarios, Always knowing we can’t ask too much for its features.

Galaxy Z Flip4 Keys In Terms Of Imaging, According To DxOMark.

In conclusion, as we know you love these details, here we break it down for you DxOMark Negative S positives summarize a comprehensive analysis showing what we already know: the Galaxy Z Flip4 is not designed to work with full guarantees in photography. It is intended to be versatile enough to deliver good overall results without too many complications.

  1. Better :
    1. Consistent and good image quality on the primary sensor.
    2. Good video performance for HDR10 content with good brightness and color accuracy.
    3. Satisfying functionality for well-lit outdoor use cases.
    4. Excellent color rendering in almost all situations.
    5. Very lean and friendly screen and interface.
  2. Worse:
    1. Absence of detail and slight commotion in the inside photographs.
    2. Limited zoom capabilities and also no audio zoom when recording video.
    3. Dark sound in recordings and poor handling of noise generally, especially from the wind.
    4. The unnatural appearance of the content in high brightness mode.
    5. Night mode is poorly compensated and too bright in the default modes.

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