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XResolver – What Is It & How To Use It, Best Alternatives

Have you wondered how people can easily access your IP address? As it is public information, anyone can view or share it without your knowledge. Even gamers and hackers frequently use some sites to get your IP address for different purposes, and one such site is XResolver. Anyone can easily access your IP address with your Xbox Gamertag or get a Gamertag with the IP address.

When your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC is slowing down, don’t always think about the internet connection, but some hacking or malware actions also can affect the working condition of the device. These kinds of hacking may start with your IP address and end by getting your complete details.

What is meant by XResolver and its features?

Xresolver is a well-equipped web-based tool, and with this XResolver tool, anyone can easily access the IP address of Xbox and Playstation gamers with their Gamertags. Not only the IP address but can also get information like location, ISP, and username of the player, and people call this XResolver one of the best IP grabbers. It contains a database of Xbox and PlayStation players with their existing IP addresses and indicates itself as a legal site.

By paying the amount and taking the subscription, anyone can permanently blocklist the IP address from the XResolver tool so that no one can even try to get their IP address with this XResolver tool. To scrap the data, the Xresolver uses the bots, and this data includes IP addresses, ISPs, usernames, or Gamertags.

There is a risky thing of booting anyone from their gameplay if the IP address of that player gets into the hands of hackers. It mainly affects online game-playing people who score high points and gamers who are in the top place by playing in tournaments.

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Features of XResolver:

The features of XResolver evaluate the functioning points of this website, and the list of some key features is as follows.

  • IP Storage: IP storage helps store the IP addresses to organize and pick them up conveniently. Without the premium subscription, you can store 25 IP addresses; with the premium subscription, you can store unlimited IP addresses. But, if the XResolver account is in the in-active stage for three months, the stored data will permanently disappear.
  • Blocklist your IP address: By paying $12.99, the XResolver will keep your data out of the database for a lifetime. It can help you maintain a secure IP address from hackers or gamers of XResolver, and even the username or Gamertag and location details are no longer available on the XResolver database. This blockage allows you to block the IP addresses of one Xbox and 1 PlayStation.
  • Identify the Geographical location: With this feature, anyone can easily find the geolocation of others with the IP address, but it is available only for premium subscribers. This information is from the Internet Service Provider and updates regularly to provide the best service.
  • IP Logger: One of the other ways to find the IP address is the IP logger, and in this IP logger, XResolver allows you to create a link that can send to the targeted person to get the IP address. This link will bring you the information of the full IP address with Geo IP location and operating system browsing data, and even in the coming days, it also brings the incognito or private mode data.
  • Xbox and Playstation Resolver: This feature is helpful for those who want to keep their IP address stable with their Gamertag. This feature also converts the Gamertag into the IP address and the IP address into Gamertag. This XResolver assigns its AI engine bots to the internet to scrap the data for IP addresses of game players using these Xbox, PlayStation, and even PC.

How does the XResolver work?

The process of pulling IP addresses from the XResolver is very smooth, and it works very effectively with their database. These are the steps for IP address grabbing from the XResolver tool.

  • In the first step, you need to find the Gamertag or username of the player, which locates in the game player details.
  • Copy the username or Gamertag. Next, open the XResolver tool on the supportive web browser and login into your registered XResolver account.
  • Click on the Xbox or Playstation of which you want to grab the IP address, paste the copied content, and click on the resolve button.
  • After clicking the resolve button, you will get all the required details with the IP address.
  • Even if you have the IP address and want to find the username or Gamertag, copy that IP address, paste it on the IP address slot, and get the Gamertag or username of the player.

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Best Alternatives for the XResolver

Many alternatives are available for XResolver, and all these choices work on similar principles. A few of the XResolver alternatives are as follows.

Psycho Coding

Psycho coding is a tool for pulling the Xbox IP addresses and preventing DDoS attacks and uses Xbox Filter and Custom filters to retrieve the gamers’ username, IP address, location, and other information. This Psycho Coding keeps your original identity out of sight while playing on Xbox and PlayStation.

The interface of the Psycho Coding website is easy to access, and this doesn’t allow others to access your IP address and username. The procedure for setting up your account is available with an assistance guide.

Xbox Booter

The other alternative for XResolver is Xbox Booter, and this software allows you to have the VPN used for gamers. Users who use Xbox consoles can use this for IP address pulling via a monitoring network. People use this Xbox Booter to boot the player from gaming with their IP address. The price of the Xbox Booter is affordable, with reasonable discounts on VPN for their users.

You can also contact the Xbox Booter customer support for any further assistance in processing or accessing the Xbox Booter tools. The Xbox Booter is only suitable for Xbox games but not compatible with other gaming like PlayStation or PC.

Console Sniffer

The Console Sniffer is for network research and monitoring software tool helpful for all consoles, and it allows anyone to get the IP address and username of the gaming competitor. It is compatible with any VPN, and the setup process is straightforward for IP address grabbing. This Console Sniffer software tool allows you to access the Geolocation and Gamertag information.

This tool is free of cost and compatible with any gaming console like Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The Console Sniffer is accessible offline and online, and you can conceal your identity by combining this tool with effective VPNs.


The Octosniff is popularly known as an IP sniffer and permits you to enhance your gaming. This tool includes fast installation, guiding tutorials, and continuous customer support. With this Octosniff, anyone can easily detect the IP addresses from gaming servers and Xbox chatting with AI functionality.

These subscription plans are available in two types. The starting price is $19.99, and the unlimited access of all features plan is $29.99. It supports PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox (all models), and PC. The interface of this platform is easy to understand and simple to access.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

The Lanc Remastered PCPS is one of the best alternatives for XResolver, as it works as IP Sniffer, IP grabber, and even Xbox and PlayStation 4 resolver. For geolocation, it tracks the Internet Service Provider of every connection and is for IP packet analysis and monitoring with an open-source network. This platform is from 2010, and from then to now, it is the best tool for pulling IP addresses from public or private networks and is available in app format.

The main feature of this platform is no registration or need not pay to access the Lanc Remastered PCPS. The procedure of setting up this tool is easy, and even the interface of this platform is simple to access. It is accessible offline and online, and it pulls the IP address from the Gamertag of the players.

Wrapping Up

XResolver helps to block your IP address from hackers and gamers with some payment amount, even though they include that it is legal to collect all the publicly available data. This data contains more information about the opponent person. It may lead to illegal activities, and in this article, we never encourage or support these IP address grabbing platforms. All the information published in this article is purely for knowledge and awareness purposes. Everyone must be aware of these platforms and secure their data from fraud.

With this IP address, anyone can easily find the geolocation, which may cause harmful damage to the device if you are playing games on the PC. It is the reason behind paying some amount to blocklist your IP address from hackers and gamers who want to cause trouble. The only way to get away from this IP address pulling is not to share your Gamertag or username with anyone and even try to change the Xbox username regularly.

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