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Top 10 Free Online Gantt Chart Software 2023

An extraordinary example of tasks for the executives, the Gantt outline is an arranging instrument broadly utilized by business people. Somewhere between a diagram and a table, this device makes it conceivable to make a definite timetable for the undertaking by separating the errands in the dispensed time. 

Assuming making it by hand was already complicated and tedious, today, there are numerous web-based Gantt graph programs to make it effective! Back on the convenience of this device in dealing with your tasks and a little determination of 10 free and paid Gantt outline programming among the best available!

What Is An Online Gantt Chart?

Before moving on to the best in terms of online (and free) Gantt chart software, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of this working tool!

Gantt Chart Definition

Developed in 1910, the Gantt chart is a project planning and management tool. It was named after its creator, mechanical engineer, and management consultant Henry Gantt. It comes in the form of a chart displaying a list of tasks on a schedule. Each task is associated with a time limit (a horizontal bar) to visualize the project’s progress.

What Is It Used For?

The Gantt chart aims to follow the progression of a project’s stages and optimize their execution effectively. It is mainly used in the construction industry, where projects consist of many operations and often span several weeks or months. 

This work tool then makes it possible to coordinate each stage of a project and thus improve its overall management. A clear and readable visual representation of tasks and sub-tasks, it provides an overview of the steps to follow on the calendar. The idea is to assign a precise duration to each task and possibly one or more sub-tasks.

This is an excellent way to identify the financial, material, and human resources allocated to each operation and, therefore, to plan your project more realistically. In summary, making a Gantt chart online can help you: 

  1. plan a project via a detailed schedule;
  2. organize and structure your operations;
  3. visualize your progress. 
  4. respect the planned deadlines;
  5. identify all necessary resources;
  6. collaborate strategically with his team;
  7. improve its productivity and performance;
  8. visualize your progress. 

Free Online Gantt Chart Example

Below is a very brief and essential construction industry Gantt chart example to give you a better idea of ​​what this chart looks like. Gantt chart online: the ten best software (including eight free) Therefore, this selection presents you with nine online Gantt chart software, free or paid, depending on the publisher and the chosen formula.


We start at the top with Lucidchart, which creates graphs and mental maps. This online software offers you to choose between several Gantt chart templates depending on the size of the project and your needs. Each template is then editable and customizable, especially in formatting and colors.

The beautiful and modern rendering and the collaborative side of Lucidchart are particularly appreciable. Indeed, the other stakeholders of the project can discuss, comment on, or share the diagram. Paying, it nevertheless offers a free trial limited to 3 documents to test its functionalities.

Elegant (Trello)

Trello, the famous collaborative work platform, has developed an extension called Power-Up Elegant to create a free Gantt chart online. To use it, you must already have a Trello account beforehand and have created cards relating to your project. Then install the extension and give it permission to access your cards: the diagram will then be generated automatically based on your card data and the expiry dates indicated. 


Another solution is to make a Gantt chart in Excel. If there are more professional options, it has the merit of being completely free. To guide you, you will find many online resources and examples of creating a Gantt chart with Excel.

The idea is to develop a basic template, which you can reuse for each project by entering new tasks and dates. Alternatively, consider the Google Sheets tool, similar to Excel but more practical for collaborating. 


In 4th position of this top of the best Gantt chart software: Canva. If you have ever wanted to create a logo, flier, or any other visual, you know this site. This graphic design tool has a vast library of thousands of designs and illustrations to customize, including about twenty diagram templates.

All for free unless you want to subscribe to one of the paid versions to access more options. The added value of Canva is mainly in the visual aspect of the graphics, which are very modern, colorful, and impactful to the eye. On the other hand, they are very simplistic and imprecise.


You can also make Gantt charts with Wrike, a cloud-based work management solution. Suitable for many different business sectors, Wrike stands out for its versatility and self-explanatory interface, allowing global visibility of projects. Like most other software, Wrike comes in a “free” version, limited to 5 users. 


The notion is an online project management application that is free and available on the web, desktop, or mobile. A spreadsheet, text editor, note-taking tool, and more, this all-in-one workspace offers many features for entrepreneurs.

On Notion, Gantt charts are called “timelines,” in other words, chronological friezes. The advantage of this software is that it allows you to easily convert any table into a Gantt chart and customize it. You can also assign tasks to your collaborators and prioritize them.


Another free Gantt chart software is Bitrix24. Very complete, this CRM platform offers a Gantt function accessible from its dashboard. You can create a task, indicate its duration and assign the persons in charge and the participants. 

Fluid and easy to handle, the dashboard is pleasant to use. Bitrix24 offers six plans, ranging from “free” to “professional.” If your needs could be better, the free version should suffice: it offers many functions and allows several users access. 


On the same principle as the Elegant Trello extension mentioned above, the Asana platform has also released its application for creating Gantt charts: Instagantt. Once connected to your Asana account and registered with Instagantt, you will be able to synchronize your projects with the tool and thus generate a free Gantt chart.

Gantt Planner

Gantt Planner is a handy little tool for Google Calendar users. With it, you can convert your Google calendar into a Gantt chart and adjust the changes directly. Also, it offers a 30-day trial, after which you can choose a subscription plan depending on your team size. Pricing for this Gantt chart software starts at $19/month for five users. Only downside: it is currently only available in English.

Office Timeline

Office Timeline is a free online timeline and Gantt chart maker. Its little plus is that it is compatible with Powerpoint and works as an extension. To create Gantt charts with Office Timeline, you have two solutions: either subscribe to the online application and use it in your browser or download it and install it directly in Powerpoint. Note that it is necessary to be under Windows for this last option. 

Things To Remember About The Online Gantt Chart

Making a Gantt chart in construction or any other sector can help you better coordinate your projects and carry out rigorous task monitoring. If you have the budget, we advise you to invest in online Gantt chart software for more professional and qualitative management. Some tools start at very affordable prices and quickly pay for themselves. If your resources are more limited, however, several free solutions, such as the Gantt chart in Excel, do the job well. It’s up to you to see according to your needs!

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