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7 Steps To Finding The Best Workflow Management Tools

Organizations are searching for the best work process/process programming to work on their cycles, gain necessary measurements and encourage coordinated effort. Different objectives incorporate decreasing correspondence blunders and failures.

Various sorts of work process programming exist available. To find the one that best suits your design, you should determine your requirements, difficulties, and objectives, then select the fundamental elements that fit your spending plan. To assist with directing you, the following are seven basic moves toward finding the best work process for the executive’s apparatuses.

Define Your Workflow Management Needs

To identify what you need for workflow management, you must ask yourself whether your processes are human-centric or system-centric. A human-centric workflow tends more towards bringing people together, putting their documents, tasks, and progress in one place.

On the other hand, a system-oriented workflow emphasizes bringing together various business processes or systems. It, therefore, integrates their functions into a single space to create a unified workflow. To fit any business, the best workflow software encompasses all the features an organization needs. With  Bitrix24, for example, the possibilities extend to CRM, project and task management, communication, contact center, and website creation, to name a few.

Rate Your Non-Negotiable Features

The next step in choosing among the best workflow management tools is to narrow down your essential and must-have features. Do you want to find good workflow software to automate your processes efficiently and cost-effectively? Prioritize the following features:

  1. Workflow design studio: design tools or models of hybrid processes and person-machine interactions must be intuitive.
  2. Creation of rules and integrations: this non-negotiable feature allows you to configure and create forms.
  3. Remote access and real-time sharing: your employees should consult the data and work tools from anywhere. Speaking of which, Bitrix24 gives you a gaming experience on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  4. Dynamic routing functions and processing supervision: they facilitate the management of alerts, of the e-mail or SMS type, of deadlines, in particular roles and responsibilities, without forgetting traceability.
  5. Collaborative monitoring portal for each stakeholder: this function provides visibility on the tasks that each must perform or that they have created and monitoring of KPIs.
  6. Cloud infrastructure: your workflow software should free you from worries like server maintenance, expensive internet links, and data backup.

Define How Many Users Will Use The Tool

Another aspect to consider when looking for the best workflow management tools is the number of users. This helps you determine whether or not you need role-based access control. Keep in mind that a large enough team can mean something other than that you should choose more complex functions. 

Workflow management in project management can be limited to assigning tasks, sharing documentation, and tracking deadlines. Small groups can also have complex workflows. This requires the use of advanced functions for reporting, resource management, and optimization. If you have a lot of remote workers, go with cloud-based workflow software like Bitrix24 because it gives access to all business users within your organization, not just for internal use.

Choose An Easy-To-Use No-Code Solution

When users have specific technical skills, you can move towards a code-based workflow, but the best workflow management tools are no-code, easy to use and deploy, and intended for large-scale use. The flexibility of configuration is also essential because the business actors in charge of the collaborative processes must be able to maintain them without wasting time.

Opt For A Tool Compatible With Your Other Software And Apps

Project management requires multiple tools, which is why your workflow software must integrate with the other programs you run within your company, from calendars to payment processing applications. On Bitrix24.Market, you can find other valuable and ready-to-use applications to benefit from new functions and features on your Bitrix24 account. The automation and process improvement capabilities provided by this BPM software result in real-time and energy savings. You can now focus on tasks that require human effort and intelligence.

Favor A Solution That Delivers Reports

All improvement and development initiatives are based on key performance indicators. You must therefore be able to obtain precise information on the state of a running process and keep a history of its progress over time. This is why the best workflow management tools, like Bitrix24, offer indicators available in real time through dashboards. This allows your company’s analysts and managers to measure process efficiency, identify potential anomalies or bottlenecks, and initiate corrective actions.

Compare Prices And Tests

Now that you know your needs and the size of users, the financial budget puts an end to your search for the best workflow management tools. A small business or an entrepreneur has a different budget and the exact needs of a large structure and can turn to standard software or subscription. 

Large organizations, on the other hand, can invest more than 5-figure amounts to provide their teams with the necessary support offered by these solutions and to be able to develop their work most professionally. The investment varies depending on aspects like the number of users and the software capabilities to get the most out of it.

The best is to compare prices and test different software. With Bitrix24, you get great pricing and various ranges depending on the size of your business. Plus, the free plan lets you try out many features and, if necessary, upgrade to a paid plan without losing everything you’ve already built.

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