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The Best Web Design Trends 2022

The web design Trends is responsible for overall look of a website. In addition to invention, technical implementation is also part of it. That’s why we’re showing you the best web design trends for 2022.

To know what web design trends await us shortly, it’s worth taking a look now. In advance, we can say: Web design will be more diverse and more experimental in 2022. For example, the 80s and live animation play a significant role.

Below is an overview of the best web design trends for 2022.

Web Design Trends: Memphis Design

The Memphis design dates back to the 80s and is often seen as the opposite of minimalism. The style is cheesy, with lots of chaotic patterns and shapes combined. Memphis Design makes web design more colorful and diverse.

Retro Revolution

The retro revolution is based on the early days of the Internet, in the early 1990s. The design was characterized, among other things, by bright background colors, visual table layouts, and non-playful fonts. Web designers: inside can be creative without restrictions with retro-revolution and have precisely the feeling of the 90s.


Neo-Brutalism has its roots in the architectural movement of the 50s to 70s – Brutalism. The design is characterized by raw, unstilled HTML, inconspicuous backgrounds, standard computer fonts, asymmetrical layouts, and unedited images.

Neo-brutalism means that web design is industrially inspired, reduced to a minimum, and “unfinished.”

Movable Font

The font is part of almost every web design. In 2022, however, the focus will increasingly be on movable type. This means that website operators can express the content in writing and automatically create “living” letters.

The animations themselves don’t have to be complicated. For example, it is sufficient to move the font in a circle. With these small changes, the typography comes to the fore. At the same time, the readers are not overwhelmed with too many animations.

Handmade Graphics

The web design trends 2022 also include handmade graphics to identify themselves more efficiently and better. This includes self-drawn shapes, sketches, or even contours that fit the website’s content. This strengthens the otherwise little existing connection between offline and online.

Creative Scrolling Experiences

Scrolling is one of the most common interactions on websites. That is why it makes sense to offer the reader more right here, too. Scroll animation in and of itself is not a new trend. The novelty is more about surprising the readers with creative experiences while scrolling, such as the third dimension in design.

Typographic Hero Images

The hero image is one of the first things visitors see on the website. For this reason, attention should be paid directly to this. With the typographic hero images, less emphasis is placed on ideas and the actual statement.

Typographic hero images are captivating because of their simplicity and the ability to attract attention with creative fonts.

Engaging Interactions

Interaction options are part of every website. The web design trends for 2022 include engaging interactions beyond traditional design. In the future, visitors will not only click, as is currently the case but also swipe or drag, for example.

This is precisely what ensures that visitors have new experiences with the website and have to find out which interactions make the site work.

Visible Frame

Visible frames in web design ensure more realistic layouts. A visual grid has the apparent advantage of separating individual areas from one another. This makes the website clearer, and more content can be accommodated without overloading the page.

Gradient And Gradient

Color gradients are characteristic of gradual transitions from one color to the next. The slopes are not limited to just two colors, but others can also play.

This trend is very versatile as you can place it conspicuously or subtly. For example, you can use gradients to give your design more depth or breathe new life into a photo.

Page Transitions

A page transition is a transition from one page on your website to another page. For example, if your visitors are on your home page, click on the link to go to the “About us” page.

If the transition is made with a Page-Transition Animation, the transition from one website to the other can be smooth. The new site is visually getting more extensive and more detailed, while the other side is getting smaller and smaller.

Conclusion: Web Design Trends In 2022 Will Be More Creative And Eye-Catching

The various web design trends for 2022 are very different, but they all have one thing in common: creativity. Get inspiration from the directions to start your website. If you have limited experience, you can have your website built.

You decide on a web design of your choice and for the structure of your website, for example, with a start page, a company profile, a product page, and a team page. Individual ideas and wishes are always taken into account.

You can focus on your primary business, and the right website will be created for you. On request, of course, with one of the web design trends 2022.

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