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New Product Or Better A Service For Improved Cyber Security?

New products for better detection and investigation of malware are urgently needed to counter the increasing risk posed by cyber Security. However, other products, such as Endpoint Detection and Response, only develop their full potential if they have the appropriate knowledge and skills. Is your company trained to counter cyber-attacks effectively? 

There is broad consensus about the benefits and necessity of new cybersecurity solutions. With the ransom money extorted in recent years, criminal gangs have built a lucrative business model called “Ransomware as a Service” and threaten companies of all industries and sizes with sophisticated automation. The argument “We are too small or unknown to be hacked” no longer applies.

Any company that uses IT to do their day-to-day tasks will be willing to pay a ransom to get back to work. In the past, small businesses have been blackmailed less often, as many versions of ransomware still require human intervention to be successful.

From a commercial point of view, it makes sense to blackmail companies of a specific size. The more complex these companies make for criminals, the more attractive smaller, less well-protected companies become targets for blackmail. The risk increases further. 

Cyber Security: Appropriate Measures Against Cyber Threats

If the risk of being damaged by an event increases, suitable measures must be taken. Most often, “taking appropriate action” means introducing a new technology that reduces the risk. That solves the problem! Hooray! At least if someone in the company can deal with it, has the necessary time, and knows how to eliminate threats found.

Fighting cyber threats requires deep expertise and ongoing training in this area. Not every company has the knowledge they need, and even fewer can afford to train their employees accordingly to master the complex analysis of threats. 

The criminals had a similar problem. Automation, machine learning, and purchased expertise have helped them encrypt more efficient and successful companies. So why not learn from them and take advantage of these technologies as well? 

External Services Are The Solution

New technology, machine learning, specialist knowledge, and automation sound like significant investments in IT security. This fairy tale is firmly in the minds of decision-makers: inside, and many IT departments shy away from buying external know-how. Who would want to admit that they can no longer master the situation? 

Thanks to new business models from system houses and providers of cybersecurity software, companies have access to specialist knowledge from security researchers in the form of an integrated service. The IT departments automatically receive all the information to guarantee corporate security proactively. 

Regardless of whether it is an Advanced Endpoint Protection or an Endpoint Detection and Response product, Endpoint Security reports suspicious events in the form of metadata to the “Security Network,” where they are checked for known attack patterns using patented machine processes.

This additional intelligence supplements the conventional check, which reacts to known threats with the help of signature and behavior-based ones. All abnormalities are reported and given for further analysis by the manufacturer’s SOC. The check is carried out both by highly developed automation and by security researchers who validate the findings again.

In the event of a threat, you as the customer receive all the information needed to assess the risk and, if possible, lead to neutralizing the threat. This saves the laborious process of checking security alarms internally and evaluating how best to react to the danger. And that happens around the clock. In this way, you also close the “blind spot” that has already cost some companies their data at night. 

MDR In Detail

The Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response modules, and the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack platform send the metadata to the Kaspersky Security Operations Center via the Kaspersky Security Network infrastructure in the various regions.

The Kaspersky Security Network is a cloud-based reputation database that provides Kaspersky products with real-time threat intelligence. The customer telemetry is forwarded to the Kaspersky Security Operations Center for further correlation and analysis via the associated infrastructure.

The Kaspersky SOC proactively monitors the security telemetry transmitted by Kaspersky products. With the help of constantly updated, self-developed attack indicators, which are specially tailored to the company’s environment, threats that circumvent the automatic prevention and detection logic are identified.

The analysis process is highly automated using patented ML models (machine learning) so that the experts at Kaspersky only have to intervene in rare cases. 

The MDR portal gives you a complete insight into all security incidents, additional warnings, and comprehensive instructions on countermeasures. MDR uses the same agent as Kaspersky EDR and the Kaspersky Sandbox so that an extended range of functions is available immediately after activation.

Infected hosts can be isolated, unauthorized processes terminated and malicious files quarantined and deleted – easily remotely and with a click of the mouse. Kaspersky MDR customers can use the EDR agent function to initiate the recommended countermeasures themselves.

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