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New Features For The Facebook And Instagram Video Spaces

Here is some news that will please the publishers! Facebook brings new tools to its video space. The American giant took advantage of the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) last Monday in Amsterdam to reveal more about these intentions. Your agency, an expert in social networks, enlightens you on the subject.

Facebook Live

The Silicon Valley company has considered feedback from business users and wants to expand the space dedicated to video creation. These new features have been highly requested, and Facebook aims to fend off competitors like YouTube. To do this, it must enrich its services. For once, there are quite a few exciting changes around Facebook Live.

First, CEO teams have designed a new “repeat” function. Administrators can test the video in a private mode before launching it live.  Only administrators and editors will be able to view the live video. This will make it directly operational when the video is launched to the public. In addition, the social network may cut the beginning and the end of life.

Next, Facebook took into account the different uses of its Live service; the network will go from a maximum of four hours of broadcasting to eight hours. Indeed, gamers can now play long games without worrying about the broadcast time. The platform will even be able to attract sporting events or other long broadcasts of live events. NASA has already tested this new feature with a live spacewalk.

Then, a new device was deployed. We discussed the desire to repel its competitors, and Facebook has put the means. Now, publishers can stream their content live and simultaneously across multiple apps using the Live API. Broadcasters who couldn’t extend their lives outside of Facebook were potentially losing views with followers on different social networks. Facebook Live will also be available on the Android app, Facebook Lite.

Creator Studio

The American giant decided to focus next on its video management service. Publishers can efficiently create, manage and measure their page’s content and engagement and monetize their video if their page is eligible for commercial breaks. This is deployed for Facebook and its photo and video-sharing application, Instagram. 

So, social networks bring new tools to publishers to put them in a better position. The new “Distribution” KPI is proof of this. It will provide a simplified overview of performance playback: more accurate data on loyalty, average minutes watched per video, and at least one-minute views. 

Additionally, a feature revealing the favorite videos of Internet users and the most attentive fans will appear in the coming months. Finally, the last novelty of the Creator Studio is linguistic diversification. Thirteen new languages ​​have been added, including German, Russian, Arabic, Italian, and Mandarin. Facebook’s tool initially only offered French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese for automatic captioning.

A Few Minor Changes

When it comes to Instagram, Facebook has made a change to IGTV. The photo platform now offers the possibility of defining its IGTV program for up to 6 months. And finally, Facebook brings a novelty to its Watch Party service: implementing comments. When the Internet user puts a comment, he will see, when the latter appears, either his profile photo, the video of his comment, or a GIF of him.

To Conclude

Facebook is looking to take a step forward for its video sector. The American giant has listened to its professional users and is ready to continue improvements to fend off the competition. Stories following the list of changes. If you want to develop your digital strategy, do not hesitate to contact your SMO agency, which will guide you thanks to its expertise.

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