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How To Increase Your Visibility On Social Networks

You have dived in; you are getting into photography and need to expand your “likes,” “adherents,”… The more basic your social stages are, the more sure you are to land contracts. Yet, how would you amplify commitment in your interpersonal organizations? There is no marvel recipe except for a few intentions to improve your web methodology.

Timing Is Essential

When to use each of your social channels is vital. People use different social platforms at different times of the day and are more active during different parts of the week. Getting your content seen by as many people as possible is up to you. Post at the right time.


Instagram was built around photography, and if you only choose one social media platform, choose Instagram. People go to Instagram to look at photos; when they find a good photo, they are likely to like or comment on it. The easy way to get more likes is to post good content when most users are online. While there isn’t a statistically optimal day to post on Instagram, digital marketing firm TrackMaven suggests posting at the end of the day, when users are most likely to be on their phones. 

Their report showed that more users interact with content outside office hours, Monday through Friday. Each user is different. Analyzing your audience can help you learn even more about when to post. Use tools like Icono Square to learn more about when your account is most active and help shape your Instagram strategy.


Think about how you use Facebook. You’re probably on Facebook to kill time. The nearer you are to the furthest limit of the average working day, the more individuals are on Facebook. This is your chance to convert. Whether you have a page for your photography business or post on your wall, the best times to post are between 1 and 4 p.m., with peak viewing at 3 p.m. 

Also, the closer you are to Saturday, the better. Indeed, there is much more engagement during the second half of the week. People are looking for ideas for their weekend or want to avoid working anymore! Facebook has an algorithm, and not all your friends or “followers” will see your content. 

Although very few people know what’s going on in Facebook’s algorithm, it’s a safe bet that the more engaging your content is and the more people interact with your page, the more likely your posts will appear on Facebook. People’s wall. Luckily for you, photos also help drive higher engagement generating 53% more likes and 104% more comments. Along these lines, ensure your photographs look great.


When you think about promoting your photos, Twitter might not be your first thought, but your content has some of the highest potential to grab the most attention because of how Twitter is built. A retweet and your photos can appear on the wall of hundreds of new users. It’s harder to get people to share on Facebook, and Instagram doesn’t even provide the option to share.

So posting on Twitter, in addition to your other social platforms, could be beneficial. People tune into Twitter during their breaks throughout the day. 181% are likely to be on Twitter during their commute and lunch break. The optimal times to post are 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. during the week, with 5 p.m. being the ideal time for potential retweets.

Be careful with Twitter. Instagram and Facebook don’t always take kindly to content from their respective apps being featured on other platforms. As with almost all social media sites, photos drive more engagement, and Twitter only posts a link to a photo when you post from Instagram. It is best to post a photo separately on Twitter so that your work appears on the wall of your “followers.”

Get Organized And Make Your Life Easier

It can quickly become a full-time job with all these different times to post photos on the Internet. If you want to get serious about social media, it’s essential to have a plan. Dig into analytics data on your “followers” ​​with platform information, such as the “Stats” tab on your Facebook page. Understanding your followers will help you engage with them more and share content they like.

Having a precise working method can save you a lot of time. Know what social platforms you want to be on and keep it all consistent. Users love it when people they follow post and share simultaneously every day. That doesn’t mean you must post something new daily, but you want to avoid surprising them with an irregular count. We want to know what to expect. We like what’s regular, after all. 

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