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Is The iPhone 11 Still Worth It In 2023?

Today, unfortunately, not everyone can afford a new iPhone. Thus, it is sometimes more interesting to turn to an older iPhone. This is the case with the iPhone 11. But is this device still worth it four years after its launch? The answer in this article!  With the prices of new iPhones getting higher and higher, not sure that all fans of the Apple brand have the appropriate budget to afford these technological jewels.

To take a concrete example, you must have more than 1000 euros to hope to acquire an iPhone 14 Pro. This is why many users prefer to turn to less recent models, which therefore cost less. And the iPhone 11 is one of them!

A Phone, Young!

The launch of the iPhone 11 took place on September 10, 2019. It was available in 3 forms: the basic, Pro, and Pro Max. When this phone landed on the market, it was able to convince because of its high performance in terms of graphics and autonomy. On the other hand, its Liquid Retina LCD Multi-touch screen did not impress because, at that time, OLED technology dominated the market.

A Robust Design

From an aesthetic point of view, the iPhone 11 has front and rear glass with an aluminum frame. Like all Apple products, it displays a beautiful finish, and the manufacturing quality is there. Other than that, this 194g device is designed to be water and dust resistant. It has the IP68 protection index and can withstand immersion in water up to 2 m deep for 30 minutes. A great performance!

iPhone 11 Specs

This model has a 6.1” LCD screen (828×1792 pixels), and the refresh rate reaches 120 Hz. Even if, at the time, the competition had a better offer, the screen of the iPhone 11 still suggests good brightness, deep blacks and colors that are both precise and vibrant. In addition, it benefits from True Tone technology, which adjusts the intensity and color of the screen according to the temperature and the light outside.

This allows the user to guard against eye fatigue while having a pleasant display. In other words, the screen of the iPhone 11 can still give satisfaction even in 2023. Regarding connectivity, this Smartphone features Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6.

A Model That Is Still Quite Efficient

Regarding the performance aspect, it is clear that if we compare the iPhone 11 with the iPhone 14, the first is far ahead. However, thanks to the A13 Bionic chip, the iPhone 11 can still hold its own. This processor integrates two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. Compared to the previous version, this chip gains speed (20%) and consumes less energy (40%). 

The execution of applications, even those that require a little more resources, is carried out without a problem. With the iPhone 11, video game enthusiasts can enjoy many 3D games. In addition, this Smartphone has effective, easy recognition by integrating a neural engine. Face ID technology can recognize the user even when the user is in the dark. An aspect that is manageable for all smartphone owners!

Surprising Autonomy

This is one of the strong points of the iPhone 11. As proof, its successor, the iPhone 12, does not match it in this field. The iPhone 11 can last an entire day, even if you use it intensively. It provides 10 hours of video streaming, 17 hours of conversation and 65 hours of audio playback, which is more than adequate. 

Even today, this phone does not have to be ashamed of specific Smartphone models, at least regarding autonomy. And in case you run out of battery, know that the iPhone 11 is compatible with fast charging technology (via USB-C Lightning cable). This is very practical for professionals who need their battery to be able to recharge in a short time.

Storage Capacity

Depending on the model, the iPhone 11 can have a storage capacity of 64 GB, 128 GB or even 256 GB. This is enough to store multimedia files, such as photos or videos.

A Camera That Always Seduces

The iPhone 11 has a camera with two lenses (a wide angle and an ultra-wide angle of 12 Mpx). Thanks to the night mode, the ultra wide-angle allows you to take photos in low-light conditions. As for the wide-angle lens, it includes a light sensor and an image stabilizer. Selfie enthusiasts can count on a 12 Mpx front camera with f/2.2 aperture.

Even though camera technology has advanced tremendously, the iPhone 11 can deliver quality photos. It may not be as impressive as an iPhone 14 or a Samsung Galaxy S23, but it can satisfy you if you are not too demanding. It should be noted that the iPhone 11 allows 4K video recording (up to 60fps).

What About The Operating System?

The iPhone 11 runs on iOS 13 but with updates, the Apple Smartphone can run on iOS 16. Note that the device will continue to benefit from updates until 2026. As a result, he can take advantage of the latest software features in upcoming updates.

What Is The Current Price Of An iPhone 11?

Nowadays, getting an iPhone 11 at an affordable price is possible. With less than 500 euros in your pocket, you can afford this model, including the services and guarantees of the Apple brand. And given the performance delivered by this Smartphone, it is a good investment.

So Finally, Is It Worth Acquiring This Model In 2023?

It depends on several parameters. For example, if you want to benefit from the speed of the 5G connection, go your way. The iPhone 11 only works in 4G, and you need to buy an iPhone 12 to exploit the possibilities offered by 5G. Want a cheap phone powerful enough to perform the most basic tasks (browsing, social media, gaming, email, etc.)?

In this case, the iPhone 11 has something to satisfy you, and widely. Apart from the 5G connection, the weak point of this model lies in its camera. Although it can still deliver quality photos, it must be recognized that it needs to be updated if we compare it with the most recent Smartphones.

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