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Lot Of Performance On A Slim Base: The LG Desktop Client CQ600W-BP

The compact, whisper-quiet LG Desktop Thin Client CQ600W-BP has everything you need for working in the cloud and can be conveniently managed with the LG Cloud Device Manager 3.0. Smaller than an A5 sheet of paper and less than four centimeters wide: the desktop thin client CQ600W-BP from LG is a powerful dwarf. Extremely quiet without fans, with eight gigabytes of fast RAM and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, it offers everything you need for convenient work in the cloud. And your IT administrators can manage all your thin clients from anywhere with the free LG Cloud Device Manager 3.0.

Powerful Dwarf For The Cloud: CQ600W-BP

Get started right away with the LG Desktop Thin Client CQ600W-BP. Connect the power adapter and a monitor – via DisplayPort or USB Type-C™ – press the power button, connect to your network via Wi-Fi 6 and start working immediately. The pre-installed Windows 10 IoT operating system gives you access to the software you need for your work. The Intel© Celeron N5105 processor provides the required computing power with a clock rate of up to 2.9 GHz, eight gigabytes of DDR4 RAM, and the fast M.2 NVMe SSD with 256 gigabytes of storage capacity supporting fast, smooth work. The “brother” CQ601W-BP comes with an Intel© Pentium N6005 processor with otherwise the same equipment. 

With the onboard graphics, you can work on up to three 4K UHD monitors via a USB-C output and two DisplayPort outputs. This comes in handy when you have a lot of spreadsheets, documents, and browser windows to keep track of. Speaking of looks: The LG Desktop Thin Client is very small with dimensions of 19.9 by 14.5 centimeters (without stand) and can either be hidden or placed on the desk, lying, or mounted on the stand provided. The waste heat is efficiently dissipated passively, i.e., without a fan, via the case. This allows you to work quietly, and the integrated mono speaker fulfills your music requests. For more “bang, ” connect a headset via the combined microphone input and headphone output or, like other peripheral devices, via Bluetooth 5.1.

Easy Management: The LG Cloud Device Manager 3.0

Like many other LG thin clients with the Windows 10 IoT operating system, the LG Desktop Thin Clients CQ600W-BP and CQ601W-BP can be managed via the LG Cloud Device Manager. Your IT administrators can manage up to 50,000 end devices securely and conveniently with the cloud-based software in their web browser. The clear dashboard shows the status of the thin clients centrally. Once defined, settings can be saved as a profile and applied to multiple end devices. Information about the thin clients – such as name, location, company department, and employee ID – can be easily maintained in a CSV file. Features such as blocking unknown USB peripherals and software solutions ensure increased security.

 The current version, 3.0 of the LG Cloud Device Manager, offers improved repository handling, including multi-software repository support, extended recovery and imaging options, and better error handling. In addition, the handling of profiles and templates has been improved, and the write filter handling has been optimized. The Smart Start configuration for managed devices (KIOSK mode) has been modernized, and the admin user interface can now be modified flexibly. The bottom line is that LG Cloud Device Manager 3.0 ensures high security, work efficiency, and a total cost of ownership reduction. Would you like to try the LG Desktop Thin Client CQ600W-BP for two weeks free of charge.

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