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Life Hacks for the Office

Everyday tricks or “ life hacks ” are an absolute favorite trend on the internet. On YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest, more and more users are combining sometimes more and sometimes less useful tips on how to outwit annoying everyday details with small misuses and tricks. We have collected the nine most popular life hacks for the office for you.

1. Simple cell phone holder

Do you still have a few old cassette sleeves lying around at home? Fine! They are ideal as cell phone holders. Here’s how it works: Remove the cassette, fold the case completely over, insert the cell phone – done!

2. No more tangled cables

Cell phone charging cables, tablet charging cables, mouse with cable… In almost every office, cables become tangled up in an annoying tangle of cables at some point. An empty toilet paper roll keeps things tidy and helps avoid knots and kinks: Simply wrap the unused cable loosely and put it in an empty paper roll. Leave the end sticking out at the top or write the type of cable on the roll with a marker – this way you can keep track even if you have several rolls. It’s best to put the cable rolls in their own empty shoebox. This means you always have the right cable at hand.

3. Cables immediately at hand

Paper clips or large hair clips also help with cable tangles: simply clip them to the edge of the desk, hook the cable, and you’re done.

4. The tablet holder on the wall

Adhesive hooks not only hold towels or keys on the wall, but also your tablet. First measure your tablet. Then get four (securely holding!) adhesive hooks and attach them to the wall to match the dimensions of the tablet, ideally one hook at the top and two to three hooks at the bottom.

By the way, this wall holder is not only practical in the office next to the PC (for example for listening to music), but also in the kitchen at home as an online recipe holder.

5. A clean and cost-effective protective case for your cell phone

Mobile phone covers and cases are a dime a dozen. They are pretty, stylish or cool – but they often don’t really protect the cell phone. Wide rubber bands are a cheap alternative. Simply stretch the band around the edge – the important ports for charging cables and headphones are protected from dust and lint.

6. Speaker amplifier for cell phones

The conference call on your cell phone is too quiet? Here too, the empty roll of toilet paper is the savior in an emergency: To do this, draw the lower edge of your cell phone in the middle of the long side of the roll and then carefully cut out the edge. Then put your cell phone in and the sound will be much easier to understand.

By the way, this also works quite well with a plastic cup: simply place your cell phone in the empty cup – it will get louder.

7. Strengthen WiFi signal

The internet is shaking, you are always offline without meaning to be? Simply amplify the signal from your WiFi router with this trick: Clean an aluminum bowl (for example from the last delivery service meal) and place it behind the WiFi antenna so that the signal is directed towards the desired PC like a parabolic mirror is directed. The WiFi connection should be more stable.

8. See without glasses or contact lenses

Have you misplaced your glasses or lost your contact lens? With this little trick you can see what is in front of you even without visual aids: Close one eye, form a small circle with the thumb and index finger of your right or left hand and press it in front of your open eye. When you look through it now, you essentially force your eyes to focus – and see sharply, or at least sharper than without visual aids.

9. Immediately better air in the office

Of course, the larger the office plants, the better they clean the air and ensure a good office climate. However, you can’t put huge plants everywhere that someone has to take care of on a regular basis… Herbs are the better alternative here: basil, mint or oregano in a plant pot bring life to your desk and provide a pleasant scent. And you can use it to refine your lunch. Of course, you should clarify beforehand that none of your colleagues are bothered by the delicate herbal note.

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