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Windows 11 Version 22H2 – The New Features Of the Big Update

The new version of Windows 11 has been officially available since September. The update will be distributed in waves, so not all PCs will receive the update simultaneously. The first significant update corresponds to the new functions already announced in February. You can check whether Windows 11 Version 22H2 is available for a PC in the Windows 11 update settings. The update comes as a Windows update. The current build number can be displayed in the start menu via “winter.” Here you can also see whether Windows 11 version 22H2 is installed.

Task Manager Is More Modern And Offers An Efficiency Mode

An important innovation in Windows 11 is the improved task manager, which provides a look adapted to Windows 11 and a better overview. The various menu items have moved to the left edge. With the “Efficiency mode” menu, resource-hungry processes can be slowed down so that the rest of the system runs more smoothly.

Switch Off Annoying Notifications: Do Not Disturb Mode

The info center is started with the critical combination Windows+N. The new “Do not disturb” icon is available at the top. When this option is enabled, Windows 11 will no longer show notifications. However, these are still available in the Info Center. The focus times can now also be defined in the Info Center, preventing users from being inadvertently disturbed by external influences.

Explorer Tabs, New Snaps, And Improved Start Menu

One of the most anticipated new features in Windows 11 is the Windows Explorer tabs. These are not yet included in the current release build of 22H2 but will be submitted later. The accounts already exist in the preview builds of 22H2. With the new version, Microsoft also improves the start menu. For “Recommended,” “More” refreshes the displayed items and brings them up to date. This makes it easier to call up programs or documents. The snap layouts appear by dragging a window to the edge of the screen.

With these, the open windows can be arranged automatically. In 22H2, Microsoft revised and expanded the layouts to make the windows more flexible. With the critical combination Windows+Z, Windows 11 shows a preview of the available snaps, which can be automatically implemented by selecting the respective number. There is also the possibility of grouping windows in photos. The grouped pictures appear again when you press Alt+Tab.

Protection Against Malware: More Security With Smart App Control

With Windows 11 22H2, the new security function Smart App Control is also included in Windows 11. Their configuration can be called up via the start menu by entering “Smart App Control” and selecting the corresponding icon. The new function protects against supposedly dangerous apps and blocks them before they start. To do this, the process reads the signature of apps and, if in doubt, refuses to create them. That has the advantage that the function can also block potentially harmful programs not yet known as malware. Activation can currently only be carried out by reinstalling Windows 11 Version 22H2. The role is activated automatically during the new installation. Microsoft has also improved the Windows sandbox. This now allows the virtual environment to be restarted so that programs that require a restart can also be tested.

Use Android Apps In Windows 11: Windows Subsystem For Android The ” Amazon Appstore.”

The app is now available via the Microsoft App Store. Android apps can be installed and used in Windows 11. Windows Subsystem for Android needs to be installed in Windows 11 for this to work. This is done automatically as part of the installation of the Amazon Appstore. The video editor Clipchamp, which is firmly integrated with Windows 11, is available in various places in Windows 11 to edit videos. Videos can also be opened and edited directly with the Videos program via the context menu. At the same time, Microsoft has also beefed up the graphics of Notepad.

Start Menu Folders And Quick Access To Login Options

In addition, it is now possible to drag start menu icons over other icons to group them into folders. This allows more programs to be placed directly in the start menu and thus better organized. The “Login Options” for adjusting the settings related to logging into Windows 11 is available in the start menu via the shutdown icon. With Windows 11, it is also possible to add Bluetooth options via the quick settings, which are available in the tray area of ​​the taskbar. Previously, Bluetooth could only be activated or deactivated at this point. Now it is also possible to connect new devices and adjust settings.

Better Video Conferencing With Windows 11

Anyone who frequently holds video conferences or video calls with Windows 11 will be pleased to know that there are new filters for audio and video. Your voice is better emphasized, making the phone calls easier to understand for other participants.

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