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LG NanoCell 8K TV: Cinema Experience Into Your Home

Bringing the cinema feeling into your living room is no longer a problem with an LG NanoCell TV. We will introduce you, to the 65″ LG 8K NanoCell TV and show you how you can currently secure the device with the exclusive discount code ” LG658K ” for only 1,099 euros instead of 1,299 euros and thus save another 200 euros.

What Is NanoCell?

LG calls the display technology used in the new televisions NanoCell to ensure more accurate colors. This should significantly reduce the mixing of individual color tones. The devices also support Active HDR with Dolby Vision.

The nanoparticles are used to absorb unwanted color wavelengths and make the colors on the screen look more natural. When the nanoparticles have improved the color response of the TV, customers have the opportunity to choose the appropriate model from different modes. This ensures that image quality adjustments are made to provide satisfactory images.

What Does Real 8K Mean?

An 8K TV shows that it contains 33 million pixels (99 million sub-pixels). The more pixels there are, the higher the pixel density. If you want to achieve a realistic 8K picture on your television, you should not only pay attention to the number of pixels.

It is more critical that each pixel can be perceived clearly and realistically. How does it show that LG’s devices exceed the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) definition of 8K resolution? Because the NanoCell TVs from LG Real 8K are built into their devices.

In addition, the 3rd generation α9 8KAI processor automatically analyzes all screen content using deep learning algorithms. This gives you the best possible picture and sound output at all times.

Bring The Cinema Experience To Your Home

If you want to watch films in your living room as if you were in the cinema, you can do so thanks to Dolby Vision IQ. The function intelligently adapts brightness, color, and contrast to the genre and the current lighting conditions.

Dolby Atmos is also responsible for the audio experience. Filmmaker Mode automatically takes care of adjusting the image by turning off motion smoothing. This mode creates the authentic cinema effect, and you see the films as the filmmakers intended them.

Get A 65″ LG 8K NanoCell TV For 1,099 Euros

If you would also like to have a NanoCell TV from LG, you can currently pre-order your 65″ LG 8K NanoCell TV until April 11, 2022. Shipping will then take place from April 18, 2022, and you can experience the cinema experience at home.

With the exclusive discount code LG658K, you only pay 1,099 euros instead of 1,299 euros and save another 200 euros. You can also use 0% financing with LG until April 30, 2022. You pay off your NanoCell TV within 12 months without interest. Shipping is free of charge, and if you wish, you can also book the old device to be taken with you when ordering.

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