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How to use your tablet as a second computer screen?

When working on Mac or PC, your computer desktop can quickly become cluttered with many open windows. Why not use two screens with the same computer to surf more easily? Carrefour Assurance explains how to use your tablet as a second PC screen with iOS or Android devices. 

Applications to use your tablet as a screen 

To use your tablet as a pc screen, you must install a driver on your computer and an application on your iPad or Android tablet. 

iDisplay, the app for iOS and Android

The iDisplay app is compatible with iOS and Android tablets and PC and Mac computers. 

  1. Go to the Play Store or AppStore to download the application;
  2. Install the iDisplay software for PC or Mac on your computer;
  3. Follow the instructions to install the driver, then restart your computer;
  4.  Launch the iDisplay program on your PC or Mac;
  5. On your tablet, start the application and select the screen you want to connect to;
  6. You can then adjust your display settings from your computer.

Duet Display, the app only for iOS

Another option: Duet Display lets you turn your tablet into a second extra screen for your PC or Mac. However, the application works only on iPad or iPhones, not Android tablets. To install and configure multi-monitor display  :

  1. Download Duet Display from the AppStore;
  2. Install the corresponding software on your PC or Mac;
  3. Follow the installation wizard, then restart your device;
  4. Launch the program on your computer and then the application on your iPad;
  5. Connect the devices by the lightning cable;
  6. Your extended display is now ready to use.

Unlike iDisplay, this solution offers a major advantage: it allows devices to be connected via USB cable. You avoid network problems and take the opportunity to recharge your tablet simultaneously.  With a monthly subscription, the Pro version offers additional features: using the iPad as a graphics tablet, more precise control over design software, etc.

All The Advantages Of A Tablet As A Second Screen

Using your tablet as a second screen has many advantages! This ultra-practical solution offers more visual comfort at work and home because you can distribute all your computing tasks on two screens. You no longer have to juggle between all your pages and folders, and you can quickly switch between documents. Something to save time!

At work, the multi-screen display allows you to manage several tasks simultaneously and increase your productivity! Thanks to this mode, you can always keep an eye on your important applications (messaging, standby tool, etc.) while concentrating on another activity. It also allows you to compare and copy documents and information easily.

At home, multi-screen also offers advantages for your leisure time. You can follow a movie while surfing the web or chat with friends by sorting your vacation photos or updating your music playlist.  In addition, by using your tablet as a second screen, you save money by avoiding investing in a new screen!

Ensure Your Device For Peace Of Mind

Because it accompanies you wherever you go, your tablet is not always safe from a minor incident. In the event of theft, breakage and oxidation, replacing your tablet can become a real headache, so it is important to ensure it. Carrefour Assurance is at your side and offers you mobile device insurance to take care of all the high-tech devices in your home. 

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