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How To Use Google Drive In The Company

Dana’s simple point guide explains how to use Google Drive and why. A simple but powerful solution In the era in which documents, images and content dart across the web at lightning speed, one of the essential tools of all is undoubtedly Google Drive: a natural file storage/sharing system launched by Google and usable via the web, which allows you to access from your devices associated with any document.

The solution, for now, is compatible with Mac OS X, Android and Microsoft Windows (soon also available for iPhone and iPad), able to offer users 5 gigabytes of free shared space, which, in case of greater need, can be expanded to a negligible cost.

To find out how to use Google Drive, it is essential to clarify that there are different methods of use, all equally simple and effective. Below we will illustrate them one by one to put you in the ideal condition to make the most of this sound online and offline sharing system. Ready? Let’s start!

How To Register And How To Use Google Drive From A Browser Or Computer

Enter Google Drive

You can do this from your Gmail account if you have one or, on the other hand, assuming you have a Google account, by clicking here (http://drive.google.com). If you are not enrolled with any Google account, you can tap on “Go to find out about Drive” from a parallel connection to enroll.

Start Google Drive From Your Browser Or Computer

Contingent upon your necessities, the framework permits you to choose whether to download Drive for Macintosh or PC. After enrollment, a page opens where all the Google records of your record are available. This step is discretionary and requires entering your reports without going through the program.

How To Use Google Drive From The Browser

The online guide is also available HERE for more information on how to use Google Drive from a browser.

Create A New File

On the main page of Google Drive, the “Create” button is at the top left. By clicking on it, a drop-down menu appears that allows you to choose what to create (folder, document, presentation, spreadsheet, form, drawing, etc.).

Upload Documents From Your Computer

Close to the “Make” button is the symbol for transferring documents and envelopes straightforwardly to find out about servers, consistently to have them accessible on the web and to impart them to the clients you like. To impart anything to anybody, you can transfer the reports without actuating the sharing choice.

Use The Available File Options

Below the “Create” button is a navigation bar that allows you to directly access documents shared with you by others, favorite documents, recent documents, etc.

Check The Files Uploaded To The Server

In the central part of the page (on the right concerning the “Create” button), the details of the various documents are available (owner, title, with whom it is shared and recent changes):

  1. By ticking the box next to the files, you can choose what to do with them (share, delete, order, etc.). Here you can also add a document to a specific folder by simply clicking first on the square next to the document itself and then on the folder icon in the menu (choose the correct folder from the drop-down menu, including all available folders);
  2. To add a file to your favorites, tick the star next to it, making it all yellow. In this way, the favorite files appear on the central screen;
  3. The navigation bar then allows you to classify the documents by “Activity,” and the documents recently modified by you or by others are placed at the top of the list;
  4. The My Files button lets you see all your documents and folders immediately (you can add similar documents in the same folder to make searching more straightforward).

Change Your Drive Settings

This option is available in the horizontal menu bar at the top right of the screen (in addition to the gear that offers various modification possibilities, there are also the options for sorting the files and for modifying the display of the same by choosing between “List” or “Grill”.)

How To Use Google Drive From A PC

Access Google Drive From The Browser

Sign in and click on the choice (situated as the last thing in the upward menu at the upper left) “Introduce Drive for your PC” to continue with the program’s establishment adhering to the rules and painstakingly reading the introduction of the highlights.

Change Sync Options From “Advanced Settings”

Make a proper way of your joint organizer where records matched up to the record will be saved. Click on “Change” to change the envelope way. Recall that all reports in an organizer are synchronized with the progressions made. If you desire to synchronize just unambiguous organizers, you can get to “Synchronization choices.”

Enter The Drive Folder

You can click on Start> All Programs> Google Drive to do this.

Upload Documents To Drive

The technique is essential and can be performed by duplicate gluing the archives into the Drive envelope. Along these lines, Google synchronizes the documents with its servers, setting you in a situation to have the option to see them from any gadget associated with your record.

How To Use Google Drive From An Android Device

Download Google Drive To Your Android Device

To do this, you can use the Google Play Store or click here, but know that it only works on Android 2.1 or higher devices.

Use Drive Options

Depending on your needs, on the main screen, you can enter your Drive to see shared documents, folders-favorite files, etc., or access another account.

Create New Object-File

Also, from the main screen, you can create files and objects by clicking on “Menu” and “New.”

Change The General Settings

If you want to change things like cache size, encryption of offline documents, etc., you can access the “Settings” page, where you can make all the desired changes. As for the size of the cache, the choice is between 50 and 250 MB.

Choose Your Favorites

Also, in this case, click on the star on the left of the file object of your interest. This way, access to the same will be much simpler and more immediate. Edit offline viewing of documents Click on the arrow icon on the right of the object of your interest and choose whether to share it, rename it, send it, etc.

Search-Find Your Documents

To have everything at your fingertips in just a few clicks, you can use the “Search” function, which allows you to locate uploaded-shared objects. So here’s how to use Google Drive, an essential tool that allows you to see-share any file in real-time: a high-performance and precise means to make your documents always accessible.

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