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Google Ads Consultant: Which One To Choose

Why rely on an expert Google Ads consultant? This is a question many people ask. Google Ads is the advertising system that Google makes available to its users so that, through compensation, they can win their place in the SERP and ensure that potential customers reach their site. Reading on Wikipedia how Google Ads was born and how it has evolved makes us understand how market needs have changed and explains why this platform continues and grows today. Google Ads has always been much more challenging to manage than Facebook Ads, which was created to simplify the approach even for newbies. The Google platform, for its characteristics, is much more technical, and it was created by engineers who have thought of a machine with many options and skills.

This machine is mighty, but an expert person must drive it. Otherwise, you risk throwing a lot of money and not achieving results. In this article, we will tell you some experiences to explain why it is better to work with specialized agencies that know how to use this tool and achieve the desired results. Google ads: the advertising system It may be helpful to understand how the Google Ads platform works and why it is essential to include it in your communication strategy; now, let’s see the critical points to set correctly.

Google Ads Keywords: The Critical Part

Google ads can come in different forms, but in any case, they all have words in common. If you remember, Google Ads was called Google Adwords, meaning words in Indian. The words needed for searches do not all have the same value: there are the most used, the most widespread, or the niche ones that point precisely to exact search intent. To find out what they are and their value, you need to know people’s people’s search intent well. Different words can lead to other search intent.

Choose The Right Keywords For The Success Of Your Google Ads Campaign.

As we have seen, Google Ads works based on words, which are the ads’ foundation. Choosing the right keywords and suitable matches is essential not to waste money, get straight to the point, and sell correctly immediately. The critical analysis must also be made on the target: how do you speak? What does he want? What is the purpose of your research? What words could he use shortly? By answering these questions about his habits, it will be possible to understand what to invest in and how.

The Announcements: The Moment Of Truth

Once you have chosen the right keywords, creating effective ads will also be necessary. The announcement is the only thing the user sees, representing the first point of contact with our reality. This is why it is essential to have effective ads that promise the right things and show the correct Call to Action to encourage the user to choose our product. If you rely on inexperienced people, you risk making them create ineffective ads or not landing users on the right part of the site.

The Choice Of Budget For Google Ads Campaigns

Once the available budget has been set, Google calculates how to show the created ad, but it will draw on that purse only and exclusively when clicking on the ad. It seems trivial, but the budget choice is also essential so as not to waste money immediately. A great Google Ads consultant will know what budget you need and how to save a lot by setting up all your campaigns well. If you get the location wrong or choose the wrong devices, you don’t don’t set up proper ad scheduling; many budgets, especially in the early stages, can go to waste and be spent in a few hours. We have often talked to people who found themselves with poorly spent advertising budgets and then turned to our agency for better management of their advertising budget.

You don’t don’t always have to spend more, on the contrary. An expert, specialized consultant with many years of experience, could even advise you to spend less than you should. His expertise, di Lui tells him that, in your industry, there may be no need for an exaggerated expense initially. The budget will only increase when conversions arrive at an optimal cost/conversion. Also, for this reason, it is correct to choose a valid consultant who knows what he is doing. For example, look at our campaign of February 2022, which allowed us to bring a Road of 6.74 or, if you prefer, express it as a percentage of 674%. We invested “only” 11,500 in the budget in the month, and we made our client generate revenues of over 53,000.

Is The Bidding System: Manual Or Automatic?

Another setting that could make you lose money right away is the setting of the bidding system or auctions. If you set up a flawed strategy, you risk wasting money. By default, the Google Ads account suggests, for example, “maximize conversions,” which is an automatic strategy based on conversion history. But if it’s your first campaign, and you don’t don’t have a relevant history, it’s not the right choice. If you leave it set to maximize conversions, the system will try to offer very high figures for the CPC to get you the modifications. We took accounts from other poorly managed customers where “maximize conversions” brought costs per click of 12 and 15  without getting any conversions.

Why Rely On An Expert Google Ads Consultant

Sometimes you want to save money on the Google Ads consultant because you believe one is as good as the other, but that’s not the case. We at Bitmetrica are Premier Google Partners and manage over one million euros per year on Google Ads. This is why many companies contact us and collaborate with us because we know what we do. If you are interested in learning more, contact us for advice on your campaigns on Google.

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