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Brilliant Room: Technological Equipment Included With Digiroom​

Implementing an innovative digital workplace based on the cloud through a service model allows you to respond to the stringent needs for optimizing operations and costs, which are central to every business at this historical moment. We are entering a new normal after more than a year of the pandemic, a period that has radically changed the operational balance within most companies worldwide. 

And the new working scenario is characterized by the coexistence and alternation of remote and on-site work: according to analysts of the Smart Working Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic, agile workers in Italy, shortly, will total 5.35 million, compared to the 570 thousand pre-pandemic. 

The need to create an effective, innovative digital workplace is therefore evident: to speed up a rapid recovery and no longer be caught unprepared in the face of any new future emergencies. It is essential to treasure the lessons learned in recent months and embrace – indeed, facilitate! – such a change. Let’s see how to do it and why to focus on the cloud and as a service. 

Create An Innovative Digital Workplace For A Fast Recovery And A Future Of Growth

To facilitate this cultural and operational evolution, a new and increasingly hybrid workspace is needed, an innovative digital workplace in which analogical and digital paradigms integrate and enhance each other. In practice, it is necessary to act in two directions: firstly, to make available to workers a digital workspace equipped with mobile applications and collaboration platforms accessible via the web (i.e., cloud-based) on which they can work without constraints of space.

Time and devices in use and with which to share files, projects and workflows according to a unified communication model; secondly, prepare the physical office spaces for this new reality open to the outside, transforming desks and company rooms into hybrid touch points that can be digitally reached remotely. 

Not only that: everything must be done paying the utmost attention to investments. If, on the one hand, current events suggest that companies step on the accelerator in the direction of an increasingly innovative and flexible paradigm, on the other, the economic situation imposes brakes.

 It requires balancing this evolutionary drive with the need to save. Therefore, the challenge is to create an innovative digital workplace by implementing the most appropriate technologies, optimizing costs and incurring investment errors that compromise the existing infrastructure.

Cloud And As A Service For A Functional And Sustainable Intelligent Digital Workplace

The key to creating an innovative digital workplace that is functional for people and sustainable for business is to focus on cloud computing and the service delivery model. In this way, the company does not need to have any license (owned by the supplier) but can use the most advanced tools and the most up-to-date software, paying according to your needs.

 In practice, the service delivery model does not represent a simple financial formula but a revolutionary service model that allows for a real quantum leap in the use of technology. The benefits, therefore, travel in several directions. Business users have a cutting-edge technological and instrumental inventory that is promptly updated.

 Operational continuity is ensured: assistance is included in the service fee, and cloud technology allows suppliers to intervene in real time, if not proactively, in the event of technical criticalities. From an economic point of view, however, using a cloud service according to the service model allows you to shift capital expenditure into operating expenses.

 The investment, therefore, becomes perfectly sustainable. There is no need to purchase and maintain any product, no need to invest in complex infrastructures, and no fixed fees. All you need to do is pay for a scalable service and manage it with maximum flexibility based on actual use.

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