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Marketing Automation Software: Comparison And Opinion 2023

Assuming you are searching for the best advertising robotization programming, take off, and it doesn’t exist. You’ve come to the perfect location if you’re searching for the right showcasing computerization programming with an itemized examination. To offer you the absolute most complete and straightforward correlation of advertising robotization arrangements, we have investigated the product as per a similar interaction.

An examination of the functionalities, programming testing or complete demo, trades with fulfilled and disappointed clients, examination of the e – notoriety, cost examinations, investigation of qualities and shortcomings and meaning of the ideal client profile for each promoting mechanization programming. At Apparatus Counselor, no positioning or closeout to go up in our examination or ads; we give you our free assessment on the showcasing mechanization programming dissected to assist you with pursuing the best decision.

Detailed Comparison Of Marketing Automation Software in 2023

Our goal is simple: to help you make the right choice with our advice and a detailed and independent analysis of the different marketing automation software. The part of this article where we compare software is divided into four parts:

  1. Price comparison
  2. Feature Comparison
  3. Our recommendations
  4. The summary

In this Comparison, we use all the elements to help you choose. We have also developed a free tool that directs you to the marketing automation software that suits you in less than 2 minutes to save you time.

What Is The Marketing Automation Software Analyzed In Our Comparison?

Our examination of showcasing computerization programming incorporates just quality arrangements. Our determination: Hubspot, Sendinblue, ActiveCampaign, Plezi, Pardot, Webmecanik, Sharpspring, Marketo, and Eloqua. Examining, looking at, testing, and trading with clients of this product requires some investment. 

Other showcasing computerization stages are not yet present in our examination yet worth focusing on. We are considering Klaviyo, which we have not yet dissected and is generally utilized by e-shippers, ActiveTrail, Mailerlite, and other email promoting and mechanization arrangements.

What Are The Prices Of Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing automation tools are expensive. One of our main tips at Tool Advisor is encouraging marketers to go beyond price to choose the right software. List your primary and secondary needs, compare the features offered by the software, and then arbitrate. Marketing automation platforms offer different subscriptions depending on your needs. They also offer free trials and freemium to encourage you to test and use their software. Enjoy!

The price of marketing automation software is difficult to assess because many software does not indicate it directly on their sites. For more clarity, we indicate in the comparative table of software prices a price “from,” a price for 10,000 contacts, and if training is mandatory* (it will sometimes increase the price of your subscription the first year). 

Software pricing works by several contacts integrated into the software. Training not only allows you to master the tool, but the software also trains its customers on good automation practices: compliance with the GDPR, good practices for properly segmenting, targeting, and communicating with your contact base, and building a long-term marketing strategy.

The prices are indicated in euros or dollars, depending on the nationality of the software. As you can see, prices vary wildly from one marketing automation tool to another. Some software targets freelancers, startups, e-commerce, and VSEs, while others target SMEs and ETIs. Please note that the quality of marketing automation software and the price are not correlated, and we strongly advise you to go beyond the price alone when selecting software. Instead, compare features based on your needs.

What Are The Features Of Marketing Automation Software?

List your needs before looking for your marketing automation solution, and then compare the features of the different software. The features are numerous: email marketing, SMS marketing, lead scoring, email templates (responsive) or workflow or scenarios, landing page or form editor, social network management tool, chat, CRM, or dashboard module.

We have chosen not to list the features present in all software (email automation, automation, and contact management) but to compare the features that can make the difference in your choice: the possibility of having a version of India and sending SMS. The quality of features varies from software to software. To learn more, see our detailed sheets on each marketing automation software.

Marketing Automation Software: Our Recommendations

We do not recommend any particular marketing automation software. The best marketing automation software does not exist. You must choose the one that suits your needs, marketing strategy, and budget. Since Tool Advisor’s audience is primarily freelancers and VSEs, we’ll start with this segment. The best value for money when you’re just starting and your needs are simple is at  Sendinblue; it’s an emailing solution with an automation part that allows you to do many things for only €49/month. 

If you need a complete solution, you have two choices, in our opinion. First,  Plezi, a French solution specializing in automation and inbound, offers a complete product and great support. Third choice: is the Hubspot market reference, which is more complex but also more complete. When you have advanced needs, this is the software for you. If we recommend them less often, we also like ActiveCampaign and Webmecanik. Solutions like Pardot, Marketo, and Eloqua are more suitable for large groups or SMEs with large budgets.

Comparison Of Marketing Automation Software 2023: The Recap.

This table obeys specific rules:

  1. The advertised prices correspond to the prices displayed on the sites of the marketing automation software or communicated by the software itself;
  2. This table changes regularly based on new features, our analyzes, and feedback from our users;
  3. Our scoring methodology is transparent; you can know it in detail on our dedicated page.

How To Choose The Best Marketing Automation Software?

To choose the marketing automation software that suits you, we advise you to ask yourself these four questions. You must choose the software corresponding to your profile and needs with features dedicated to your activity.

What Is Your Budget?

As we saw in our analysis of marketing automation software prices, they start at $50/month for entry-level software and climb to over $10,000/month if you have significant marketing automation needs. The first step is, therefore, to clearly define your budget.

For this, we advise you to look at the number of contacts (prospects or customers) who will integrate your software, the number of users, the number of emails sent each month, and the features you plan to use. If you’re looking for free marketing automation software, it doesn’t exist. You can still use the free versions of Mailchimp or Sendinblue, which offer automation features as freeware, but you will quickly be limited.

What Are The Must-Have Features For Your Marketing Automation Software?

Once you have set your budget, consider the features you need. Automation tools offer many features: email editor, marketing automation, CRM, chat, dashboards, SMS, forms, landing page, enrichment, support in several languages, etc. Formalize your need to know the primary and secondary functionalities.

Do you need emailing software with automation features like Mailchimp, Sarbacane, Mailjet, or Sendinblue or more advanced automation software like Hubspot, Pardot, Plezi, or Eloqua? The difference between the two types of software, apart from the price, is in the number of features.

For example, for dashboards, software in the second category goes much further than classic KPIs (deliverability, opening rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, or scoring). They allow you to go further in your segmentation, targeting, and personalization of your marketing campaigns and therefore improve the acquisition of new customers or the loyalty of these customers by maintaining a good return on investment even if the software is much more expensive.

Do You Need Specialized Software In Your Industry?

Some marketing automation software specializes in specific market segments, such as Shopimind, Kiliba, or Klaviyo in e-commerce, which is more BtoC oriented. In contrast, software like HubSpot is more BtoB oriented.

What Integrations Are Needed For You?

Marketing automation software offers many integrations with CRMs, data management tools, CMS (WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop), video conferencing software, or internal communications tools like Slack or Google Workspace. Study the integrations necessary for your use when formalizing your needs. Choosing the best marketing automation software for you takes time. That’s why we created Tool Advisor. In addition to this Comparison, we provide a quick questionnaire that directs you to the software that suits you in less than 2 minutes.

How Much Does Marketing Automation Software Cost?

Marketing automation software is expensive. If there is software for less than 100€/month, depending on your needs, you will have to pay between 500 and 1000 euros each month on average. The price can even increase sharply beyond 1000 euros.

What Is The Best Marketing Automation Software?

The best marketing automation software does not exist. Choose the software that matches your profile and your needs. How extensive is your contact list? How complex are the workflows you plan to use? The best marketing automation software is the one that will meet your needs. We remind you that each marketing automation software has its specificities. This Comparison is not a ranking; we aim to group the most relevant elements to help you choose.

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