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How Can An ERP Help To Produce Sustainably?

ERP: The topic of sustainability is now on the agenda of almost all companies. There are various levers for the industry to act ecologically, conserve resources, save energy and expand environmental protection. Even if it may sound far-fetched at first, an ERP system can also significantly contribute to companies’ sustainability. This article explains why this is so.

ERP: Why Should Companies Focus On Sustainability In Production?

Sustainability and the protection of our environment are attracting more and more attention. This development is now affecting the entire economy. For many business and private customers, it is no longer just the price that plays a role in their purchase decision.

They now also make sure that their suppliers produce sustainably. Or, to put it another way: those who do not operate sustainably will lose their buyers and thus their competitiveness in the medium term. This is where digitization comes into play in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Professional business software can not only help companies to implement efficient processes. An ERP system also supports those responsible for bringing sustainability into the processes and making production more ecological.

At a glance, the following changes, in particular, can be brought about by ERP software in terms of sustainability:

  • Improve machine utilisation
  • Plan production better (avoiding overproduction and overlapping) – Improved ordering and optimised logistics
  • Realise paperless processes

Let’s take a closer look at these aspects below.

Improved Machine Utilisation Through ERP

ERP solutions bring transparency concerning the current order situation. Granular production planning can also be implemented on this basis, especially with an ERP specially developed for industry. This can be designed to improve machine utilisation and eliminate resource-wasting idle times. This, in turn, results in lower energy consumption, making the company more sustainable.

Optimised Production Planning With A Focus On Protecting The Environment

An ERP system with integrated production planning also helps production planners better control the production quantities in their company. Above all, they can dimension the amounts so that there is no overproduction.

This prevents valuable resources from being thrown away unused due to non-acceptance. In addition, some ERP systems can design products so that there is as little waste as possible. For example, waste from machining or stamping can be minimized.

Improved Ordering And Sustainable Logistics – Thanks To ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning software also shows its disposition, warehouse management, and purchasing strengths. A good ERP system can automatically determine optimal order quantities and order times based on existing customer orders and stock levels. In particular, order quantities can be selected so that climate-damaging individual deliveries no longer occur.

Paperless Manufacturing

With an ERP, companies can produce sustainably and significantly reduce the amount of paper. This applies not only to production but to all areas of the company. If a CRM module is also integrated into the software, the customers can extend the paperless processes.

Sustainable ERP Solutions From COBUS ConCept

All in all, it becomes clear that ERP software is the backbone of sustainable companies. COBUS ERP/3 from the system house COBUS ConCept is an ERP software for medium-sized companies that have been characterised for years by resource-saving, climate-friendly planning, and control of production and logistics.

In addition, the ERP solution naturally has numerous other advantages. It also helps companies advance their digitization successfully and go into the future cost-efficiently.

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