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Geo-Distributed Hosting: The Service Designed For Digital Professionals

A new hosting solution that aims to meet the needs of professionals, ensuring synchronized site copies in different nodes worldwide. Tackling digital transformation involves a series of decisions, especially regarding the services necessary for this path. More and more companies now decide to create their own online identity , but sometimes the most extraordinary difficulties arise from identifying the suitable service. In this regard, it is possible to refer to a new state-of-the-art hosting solution, which opens the door to new opportunities.

What Is Distributed Hosting 

The distributed hosting service, launched in July 2022 by the provider Keliweb, represents a new frontier in the sector. This is a solution that allows websites that have to withstand a heavy traffic load not to experience any slowdown that could cause significant losses, both in terms of turnover and in terms of brand reputation. Those who buy the Geo hosting plan will no longer have to deal with the possibility of saturating the server’s resources (which is the cause of the deterioration of the service when the site grows a lot). 

The geo-distributed hosting allows you to have copies of the site on different nodes scattered in different areas of the world. By doing so and thanks to data synchronization , the customer will have copies of the site constantly updated on servers located in different areas of the world. This prevents the resources of a machine from being saturated, precisely because there will be several servers available to the customer, with a practically unlimited amount of resources.

The Advantages Of A Geolocalized Hosting

Compared to traditional web hosting solutions, such as shared hosting plans that have various limitations , the geo-localized hosting plan does not present any problems of this type. Since it is a service that is based on the opportunity for the customer to have the resources of different servers available, geo-localized hosting guarantees some advantages, including:

  1. high performance;
  2. SEO benefits resulting from the absence of site slowdowns.
  3. Site files are always available on all the different nodes.
  4. Economic savings because Geo hosting has significantly lower costs than dedicated solutions.
  5. 24-hour technical support from a team that will manage the nodes.
  6. ability to upgrade resources when necessary.
  7. high level of security, thanks to the SSL certificate and data backup;
  8. Ease of service management through the cPanel panel.

For Whom The Service Is Meant

The service is designed to meet the needs of professionals, companies, businesses and marketing agencies that have to face a considerable workload. When the brand starts to grow, the workload that the site has to support inevitably increases. This leads to the saturation of the resources of the hosting plan and, subsequently, the entire server. For these reasons, the distributed hosting plan can represent a turning point in web services. Always guaranteeing high performance, with a sector of resources redistributed between various servers, the service represents an exciting option for those who have to manage an online business and meet the demands of a large number of customers, perhaps distributed in different geographical areas…

Build Your Own Digital Identity

The choice of web hosting service is one of the most important elements for creating a digital identity, but it is not the only one. To build an online presence that is reliable and professional, aspects that decisively affect a company’s destiny, it is necessary to make some choices regarding a series of elements. The standard procedure for creating a professional website thus requires several activities:

  1. register a domain name that is easy to remember and, if possible, also original (possibly evaluating the new gTLD extensions);
  2. choose a suitable hosting service based on the type of site you intend to create;
  3. choose the CMS with which to manage your online business (WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, etc.) as regards the management of the site ;
  4. focus on the structure and graphic aspect of the site, possibly following the trends in web design ;
  5. focus on SEO optimization of content to achieve a good ranking in Google search results, obtaining qualified traffic;
  6. Create advertising campaigns on the leading advertising platforms, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, to make yourself known by your target audience.

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