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Five Free Software To Create Your Corporate Wiki

As employee training evolves, creating a wiki has become an exciting way to share knowledge, especially that specific to an organization and organization. Its operation. Discover a ranking of free knowledge management software produced by Capterra to help you implement your corporate wiki. A wiki can help you disseminate institutional knowledge within your company and benefit your organization. 

It helps consolidate essential information, make it accessible to everyone and keep it up to date, whether it’s a process that everyone must follow or a document that must be consulted. But how do you create an enterprise wiki? One of the answers to this question is to use knowledge management software. These solutions allow you to build databases that combine information and create a valuable wiki for your customers, employees or prospects. 

To fulfill its functions, a wiki system must be well structured and give you the means to present information most straightforwardly and possible. In this article, we present five free knowledge management software to create a wiki that can meet the needs of your business. The selected software offers the main functionalities of the knowledge management software category, namely full-text search and knowledge base management.  Discover the solutions in our selection below, classified here in alphabetical order:

  1. Document360
  2. Flowlu
  3. freshdesk
  4. Guru
  5. Notion

Create A Wiki And Control Its Access With Document360

  1. Overall rating: 4.7/5 
  2. Ease of use: 4.7/5 
  3. Customer service: 4.9/5 
  4. Features: 4.4/5 
  5. Value for money: 4.6/5 

Available on cloud, Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Chromebook environments, Document360 has different features to facilitate the creation of an enterprise wiki. The latter makes it possible to store different types of documents, such as practical guides, to build FAQs, or to develop training protocols. As a knowledge base, the software helps you create, manage and publish your articles in real-time and lets you make part of your wiki private. 

In this case, you can assign users an identifier and a password. In addition to its features, Document360 presents real-time data with built-in dashboards and advanced analytics to provide the most important insights into what users expect from your knowledge base and how to improve it.

  1. Some features of the free version: The free version of Document360 includes up to five users, 1 GB of storage, fifty articles, article templates, as well as tagging your files and articles to classify them. 
  2. Some features of the paid version: The Startup paid version includes unlimited article creation, up to 50 GB of storage, an SEO description generator, five users, additional per-user billing, and domain customization.

Flowlu Is A Tool To Pool Your Organization’s Knowledge

  1. Overall score: 4.8/5
  2. Ease of use: 4.6/5 
  3. Customer service: 4.8/5 
  4. Features: 4.7/5 
  5. Value for money: 4.9/5

Flowlu is a cloud-based knowledge management system designed to help companies create workspaces and pages that can integrate into an enterprise wiki system. Deployable on cloud, Windows, Mac OS, iOS or Android, this software facilitates managing and storing different types of data by centralizing them in a single place. To help secure your data, Flowlu identifies who can access what information. 

For example, specific articles or documents may only be accessible to managers or specific team members, and thus, ensure that this information is only accessible to the right people. The software also has a comments feature to support the improvement and evolution of your wiki. In this way, any user can react to content, recommend improvements to the articles offered, or even mention a colleague to discuss a relevant subject.

  1. Some features of the free version: Flowlu includes up to two users, 1 GB of storage, a knowledge base, unlimited tasks and projects, and a project template.
  2. Some features of the paid version: The Team paid version of Flowlu includes up to 8 users, 10 GB of storage, two knowledge bases, email integration, and three project templates.

Administer Your Wiki Content With Freshdesk

  1. Overall rating: 3.5/5 
  2. Ease of use: 4.5/5 
  3. Customer service: 4.5/5 
  4. Features: 4.3/5 
  5. Value for money: 4.4/5

Freshdesk is a tool offering functionalities for creating and administering content associated with a knowledge base. This software operates on cloud, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. It offers a system divided into three levels:

  1. Categories where all types of related documents can be stored.
  2. Folders to keep each category.
  3. A space for creating articles.

To help the user create articles, in addition to features such as text editing and adding images and videos, Freshdesk offers pre-made templates to start generating content. It is also possible to make a folder visible only to specific collaborators and to add different articles to this folder. This way, only people with access can see the contents of the relevant folder.

  1. Some features of the free version: The free version of Freshdesk includes up to ten users, ticket assignment, analytics and reporting, ticket trend analysis, and team collaboration tools.
  2. Some features of the paid version: The paid Growth version includes an unlimited number of users on a billing basis per added member, automatic reordering of articles, advanced article filtering, a links functionality between articles, and a suggestion of automatic solutions.

Guru, Software To Monitor The Updating Of Your Content

  1. Overall rating: 4.6/5 
  2. Ease of use: 4.6/5 
  3. Customer service: 4.7/5 
  4. Features: 4.5/5 
  5. Value for money: 4.5/5

Working via cloud, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, Guru is a knowledge base software for creating a central repository of your company’s knowledge. With this software, users can search and access the articles they may need, identify answers to the most frequently asked questions, and share their expertise. When it comes to publishing articles, Guru offers two methods. 

You can use an integrated publishing API system to populate an existing knowledge base or the customizable authoring solution to create an enterprise wiki from scratch. Users can be added as contributors, just as access restrictions to specific folders can be applied to manage their visibility. Guru offers a built-in knowledge check workflow feature to ease updating existing articles. Through this, any administrator or author can be notified automatically when an article requires a potential revision or update.

  1. Some features of the free version: The free version of Guru includes up to three users, scheduled content checking, draft creation, FAQ, and feedback option.
  2. Some features of the paid version: The paid Builder version includes unlimited users on a per-added member billing basis, notifications alerting users to newly published content, content performance reports, content detection, and an advanced content sharing option.

Notion, A Tool To Support The Knowledge-Sharing Process

  1. Overall rating: 4.7/5 
  2. Ease of use: 4.3/5 
  3. Customer service: 4.5/5 
  4. Features: 4.6/5 
  5. Value for money: 4.6/5

Available on Windows, Android, IOS, Mac OS and the Net. The Notion is knowledge management software that allows you to centralize, create and manage content relating to a company’s protocols and essential information. This tool can be used on a Mac or PC and has a version compatible with iOS and Android. Via Notion, the user can organize the sections of a wiki using a drag-and-drop system. This principle makes it possible, for example, to move or reorganize categories of pages without going through a complex coding operation.

In addition, it is also possible to create folders whose visibility can be configured according to user roles to facilitate the classification of documents and articles. To streamline knowledge sharing and suggestions for improvements, Notion offers a comments functionality allowing you to directly mention a collaborator or suggest a link to a specific resource. To benefit from an overview of published content and contributors’ tasks, administrators have a dashboard bringing together all of this information.

  1. Some features of the free version: Notion includes up to 5 MB of storage, ten guest contributors, seven days of page history, a collaborative workspace, and a limited number of items to add per page (e.g. paragraphs).
  2. Some features of the paid version: The paid Plus version includes unlimited file storage, one hundred guest collaborators, thirty days of page history, full workspace export to PDF, and an item count unlimited to add per page.

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