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Three Free Document Creation Software For Businesses

Consequently, overseeing essential archives like agreements, solicitations, or even proficient introductions can assist with working on your association’s day-to-day undertakings. Find a positioning of 3 free record creation programs presented by Capterra. Whether contracting new representatives, delivering a client bulletin, or preparing support, various reports are made daily inside organizations. 

In the computerized age, robotizing this undertaking is a fundamental practice that can assist associations with working on their cycles: lessening the gamble of manual blunders and saving time on specific dull tasks are among the benefits to consider.  Besides, when the subject of more capable utilization of assets by organizations is being presented, this arrangement can work by decreasing the utilization of paper.

Intended to produce a few reports in a computerized design, record creation programming adjusts to various situations, for instance, having the option to assist with making a customized client quote given pre-laid out layouts. Various apparatuses additionally support producing or changing over components made in various configurations, like PDFs. To assist you with picking among the various arrangements offered, Capterra presents a choice of 3 record creation devices, including a free rendition.

This proposition is the primary element of the record creation programming class, specifically interaction and work process robotization and a format library. Programming with some expertise in making authoritative reports has been barred from this positioning.  Discover the solutions in our selection below, classified here in alphabetical order:

  1. BEE Pro
  2. Google Workspace
  3. Power-user


  1. Overall rating: 4.8/5
  2. Ease of use: 4.9/5
  3. Customer service: 4.5/5
  4. Features: 4.5/5
  5. Value for money: 4.8/5

BEE Pro is a cloud-based document creation solution designed to help businesses create, edit and store different types of content, such as company newsletters, new product announcement emails, or even landing pages for marketing campaigns. This software does not require coding, making document creation easy using its drag-and-drop functionality. The user can design documents from scratch or using ready-made templates. 

Once the document has been designed, it can be exported differently. It is, therefore, possible, for example, to download it as a zip file or convert it to PDF. Bee Pro also has features allowing the collaboration of several people on developed projects. This allows teams to organize and distribute work across multiple creative projects and invite others to review, collaborate, and approve designed projects. Additionally, one of the software’s paid options allows administrators to specify and assign editing, review, and approval rights and permissions to users based on their role.

  1. Some features of the free version: The free version of Bee Pro includes up to ten creations, unlimited exports, and unlimited users with no defined role.
  2. Some features of the paid version: The paid Team version of Bee Pro includes an unlimited number of emails, pages and projects, unlimited reusable content blocks, and the ability to define user roles and permissions.

Google Workspace

  1. Overall rating: 4.7/5
  2. Ease of use: 4.6/5
  3. Customer service: 4.3/5
  4. Features: 4.6/5
  5. Value for money: 4.6/5

Google Workspace is a cloud-based document and team management system that allows businesses to create and store files and have collaboration features. This tool is available to anyone with a Google account and provides functionality for creating and editing text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations from a web browser. 

These solutions facilitate communication and teamwork by relying on different options: document sharing, real-time editing, comments, multi-author creation or even version control of each document. Google Workspace also allows the storage of documents and files in a centralized space hosted on the cloud. Resources can be shared with their link and permission settings and located using advanced search functionality.

  1. Some features of the free version: The free version of Google Workspace is limited to one user and includes up to 15 GB of free storage and document creation, commenting and sharing features.
  2. Some features of the paid version: The paid Business Starter version of Google Workspace includes identical features to the free version, with up to 30 GB of storage per user and unlimited users.


  1. Overall rating: 4.8/5
  2. Ease of use: 4.6/5
  3. Customer service: 4.3/5
  4. Features: 4.7/5
  5. Value for money: 4.5/5

Power-user is a so-called plug-in software, i.e. a complementary tool, which can be combined with solutions such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. It can be deployed on a Windows environment. Among its main features, the software offers various customizable PowerPoint, Excel and Word templates, access to a library of royalty-free images, and several types of graphics, including Gantt charts. 

To facilitate the editing of documents, Power-user has a color replacement tool, allowing projects to be adapted to the company’s colors, but also functions for detecting presentation errors or simultaneous editing of several graphs. The tool also offers features to facilitate the creation of spreadsheet-based documents, such as databases. These features help automate various functions, including checking merged cells, copying and pasting filtered data, and transforming tables into a database using the UnPivot Table function.

  1. Some features of the free version: the accessible version of Power-user is limited to creating 100 documents, 30 advanced features for editing Excel files, and automatic software updating.
  2. Some features of the paid version: The Premium paid version of Power-User of Google Workspace includes features identical to those of the free version, with the creation of an unlimited number of documents, the possibility of adding personal templates, and access to the graphics library.

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