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As a result of the merger of NOVADYS and JVS IS, the NOVADYS  company is a cloud software publisher. Namely, our solutions can be grouped into three categories: dematerialization, collaboration, and infrastructure. Thus, we offer, in particular, a document-sharing solution, a project-sharing and monitoring solution, or even a digitization solution. The list here is not exhaustive. 

Cloud Software: A Real Revolution

The profession of cloud software publisher is actually relatively recent. And its appearance is akin to a real revolution in the business world. Indeed, a few years earlier, companies were in the habit of installing software directly on their computers. For each computer station, a license was then required so that all employees could use the program. Accounting software, CRM, management tools: most software responded to this logic.

To meet specific needs, certain companies sometimes equipped themselves with a local server. For example, they could install resource-intensive business applications. Today, these ways of working are disappearing. Now, more and more companies are turning to cloud software, also called SaaS solutions. And these tools, such as an intelligent dematerialization and document management (GED) solution, constitute a real revolution.

SaaS Solutions: Some Details

Unlike traditional software, which must be installed on your workstation, SaaS solutions are simply accessible via a browser or an application. To access it, an internet connection is enough. It is possible to log in to your user account from any terminal. Instead of purchasing a program associated with a license, the company then pays a subscription set by the cloud software publisher based on several criteria. 

Generally, the cost varies depending on the features chosen and the number of users. At the same time, to meet particular needs, some companies call on a cloud software publisher to develop a tailor-made SaaS solution. In this case, development costs are obviously to be expected.

The Advantages Of Cloud Computing

As any cloud software company will tell you, SaaS solutions offer many benefits to businesses. First of all, they promote mobile work since this makes the software accessible from any workstation connected to the internet. Then, this avoids setting up local servers with all the associated constraints (cost, maintenance). Compared to software, this also avoids worrying about updates. Finally, cloud software eliminates any potentially time-consuming installations. Instead, log in via the internet browser.

The Question Of Security

Before switching to a cloud software publisher, many managers ask questions about the security of SaaS solutions. In fact, these new solutions involve hosting the company’s data in the cloud, that is to say, on a remote server. And that can be scary sometimes. In this case, a loss or theft of data constitutes significant damage for most companies.  On this subject, know that severe SaaS solutions do what is necessary in terms of data security.

 Market players actually know that this is a huge issue for their customers. Thus, several devices are generally deployed to ensure data availability. Moreover, note that data is generally more vulnerable locally than in the cloud. As you understand, you can, therefore, place all your trust in SaaS solutions. To complete your research and compare hosting solutions, you may also be interested in our article: Hosting an on-premise solution.

Cloud Software Publisher: Our Solutions

As a cloud software company, we offer several solutions to businesses. These can be grouped into three categories: collaborative solutions, dematerialization solutions, and infrastructure solutions. Without further delay, let’s provide more details on the subject!

Our Collaborative Solutions

NOVADYS, a cloud software publisher for several years, first offers 3 collaborative solutions. These are novaDrive, novaTime, and novaLink…


As in any business, your employees certainly exchange numerous documents every day. Rather than doing it traditionally, it is then possible to use a collaborative solution like novaDrive. Namely, our solution is available in two offers: novaDrive Essential and novaDrive Enterprise. On the one hand, novaDrive Essentiel makes it very easy to share company documents. The data is then stored online. And it is possible to find them from any device.

As for novaDrive Enterprise, this allows you to have a file server hosted securely in the cloud. On the latter, your company can store its documents, thereby wholly or partially opening access to its employees. Automating backups and preserving history provides real peace of mind on a daily basis.


Are you looking for task management software, time management software, or even construction site monitoring software? NOVADYS can, in this case, direct you to novaTime. This tool is aimed at companies in all sectors: construction, repair companies, web agencies, etc. Thanks to novaTime, you can have visibility on the occupations of your employees. In particular, you have an overview of the tasks carried out and those planned according to the deadlines set. 

This gives you the opportunity to manage your team’s best. Likewise, you can see the time spent on each action. This then allows you to calculate the return on investment very quickly. On the other hand, novaTime gives your employees a complete overview of the tasks to be carried out, with their priority level and the expected deadline.


Communicating by email is not the only alternative. Indeed, today, there are many other possibilities. As a cloud software publisher, we, therefore, offer you a solution to facilitate exchanges within your company. This is novaLink. This tool firstly allows you to make audio and video calls. The platform also includes instant messaging and screen-sharing functionality. Likewise, this solution provides a directory of all the members of your organization. 

At the same time, novaLink includes forum and blog functionalities, transforming this solution into a real collaboration space. Finally, note that novaLink is compatible with other solutions such as novaTime, novaDrive, or even documind. Would you like to know more about one of our collaborative solutions? Request a demo!

Our Dematerialization Solutions

Your cloud software publisher, NOVADYS, has also developed dematerialization solutions. In this case, we are referring to EasyCapture and documents.


Without a doubt, your business receives and manages a significant amount of documents every day. Scanning and classifying them all can then be very time-consuming. Faced with this observation, your cloud software publisher offers you a solution: EasyCapture. This tool offers a real gain in productivity by allowing automation of document scanning.

With EasyCapture, it is possible to scan all documents at once by defining the division rules according to their type: invoice, quote, purchase order, etc. So you can store all of your files in an orderly manner. And if necessary, you can export them very simply. To clarify, you can control operations from your computer.


As a cloud software publisher, we have also designed an electronic document management solution. Thus, we offer you a document, a scalable tool according to the needs of your business. Namely, there is a documented Essentiel intended for all VSEs. Then, document Entreprise will perfectly meet the needs of SMEs by combining performance and modularity. 

Finally, for personalized electronic document management, we have developed a document Master. To clarify, this version can be integrated into your information system. Would you like more information about our dematerialization solutions? Ask for a demonstration without further delay!

Our Infrastructure Solutions

Finally, your cloud software publisher, NOVADYS, offers you infrastructure solutions. This comes in two offers: novaCloud and novaDesk.


Do some of your employees work on the move? In this case, you may be looking for an application hosting solution. If so, know that your cloud software company offers novaCloud. It is a software publishing platform. More concretely, this allows you to host any application. Hosting is provided in French data centers, which fully comply with the GDPR. 

At the same time, novaCloud provides rights management and access control. In this way, each employee will have an individual space where they will find all of their applications. He can then access it from a smartphone, computer or tablet.


Finally, your cloud software publisher offers you an alternative to traditional computers. Namely, novaDesk is equipment offering a new user experience and enabling new uses. In this case, novaDesk provides backup of all data on the cloud and, more precisely, on French data centers . Thus, your employees will gain freedom. 

At the same time, this solution improves productivity, in particular, thanks to simple and quick handling. Besides, your team will no longer have to worry about updates and configurations. Finally, this solution integrates a predictive maintenance system, allowing anticipation of anomalies and the end of life of equipment.

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