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Facebook Retargeting: Maintain Contact With Your Visitors!

Shopping cart abandonment on online sales sites has never been higher. Recent studies show that the average dropout rate is over 75% and growing. Today, advertisers must be more innovative than ever to attract these potential customers. Fortunately, Facebook remarketing campaigns allow you to keep your brand fresh in the minds of potential customers by following them around the web with targeted messages. 

How to set up a retargeting advertising campaign via Facebook Ads? How do we select future customers to retarget? How do we ensure that the Facebook Ads pixel is in place? The JVWEB Social Ads team, a certified Blue Partner, shares its expertise with you to generate more conversions using your social ads.

Facebook Ads Remarketing Campaign

Activating a Facebook Ads remarketing campaign is a proven tactic to encourage customers who have slipped through your sales funnel to return to your site and convert. Visitors who see remarketing ads are 70% more likely to convert to a website than those who don’t. Only 11% of consumers reacted adversely to Facebook remarketing campaigns, while 30% of shoppers who noticed them reacted positively.

Facebook ad remarketing is particularly effective due to the specificity of the targeting and tracking data available. By focusing on specific users who have taken specific actions, you can use the Facebook remarketing pixel to:

  1. Reinforce your message to users who viewed specific pages.
  2. Show targeted ads to visitors who bounced.
  3. Upsell and cross-sell new items to previous buyers.
  4. Encourage visitors to learn more or make a purchase.
  5. And many more.

Finally, despite the recent rise of other social networks, Facebook Ads remain the benchmark for digital marketing success.

Facebook Remarketing Campaign

If fans of Search campaigns via Google Ads talk about remarketing, the rest of the world – or almost all – thinks about retargeting. Powerful, targeted, intelligent, and above all, adaptable from one network to another, retargeting is undoubtedly one of the most convincing web marketing levers in recent years, just like social networks. Today, let’s focus on this combo, capable of generating traffic and conversions… Its strength is extending the relationship with the target audience through dedicated and personalized advertising campaigns. Our advice for starting your retargeting campaign on Facebook.

Why Retarget On Facebook?

Your prospects are there! More than 2.5 billion users are active monthly on Facebook and 1 billion on Instagram. It is, therefore, an excellent audience hub to extend the relationship with targets who have already shown an interest in your brand.

Facebook Retargeting: What Are We Talking About?

Retargeting here, retargeting there… It is challenging to have arrived this far without ever hearing this trendy term in online marketing. However, the definition of remarketing or even retargeting sometimes needs to be clarified. But, let’s place ourselves on each side of the screen…

One evening of website wandering, you get lost on a fashion site—your heart races for a pair of sublime but overpriced pumps. Reasonably, you give up, your unpaid rent signaling the end of your plantar fantasies. Either. The following day, your pumps are following you. A display here, a sponsored post there. The more you browse, the more these little jewels flash at the corner of your screen, each time reviving your compelling desire to buy a little more.

Ten days later, your salary falls into your account. Your pumps are still there taunting you, right column. To hell with greed, you give in, and you buy! These jewels got the better of your reason… On the other side of the screen, our shoe salesman is rubbing his hands! One more sale through the magic of the web… Or almost. Thanks to his brilliant idea of ​​launching a retargeting campaign on the social network, our E-retailer is now able to:

  1. target and retarget prospects who have already shown interest in its products
  2. follow the purchasing journey of your target
  3. create a dedicated audience based on a multitude of targeting factors and the behavior of its Internet users
  4. focus more on purchasing intention to perfect the web marketing strategy
  5. increase the conversion rate for a lower cost per click (CPC) and thus optimize the Return on Investment (ROI).

One question remains: how can Facebook find profiles on its network that have already visited your website? How does Facebook know the activity of your visitors on your site, and how does the social network know how to connect with their activity and their presence on Facebook, Instagram, or even WhatsApp?

The question is quickly answered: you give him all the necessary information. To do this, you must place a Facebook tag on your site. It’s called the Facebook Ads pixel. This step is essential to activate a remarketing campaign on the social network. Without this tag, Facebook cannot target interested profiles in your shop. The social network cannot then distribute your marketing reactivation campaign to a target audience receptive to your offer.

Technically, this Facebook pixel is a piece of JavaScript code that can be installed very quickly with GTM (Google Tag Manager) and which will track all the activity of 100% of your website’s audience. For any questions about Facebook ad tracking, contact the JVWEB experts! After installing the Facebook tracking pixel, how do you configure a retargeting campaign on the social network?

Step 1: Start by creating a personalized target audience based on visits to your website, certain pages, or certain specific events. There are dozens of strategies to identify the right audience, the one with which your retargeting campaign will obtain good performance. Contact your JVWEB social ads consultant to find out more tips. Here are some examples of custom audiences to activate when launching your remarketing campaigns on the Facebook social network:

  1. Activity on your mobile app
  2. Customer list
  3. Profiles who saw your Facebook and Instagram posts
  4. Custom audience based on interactions on Facebook and Instagram
  5. Once you have decided on a few profiles to target via retargeting, go to the Facebook Ads Manager (Business Manager), then consult the “Audiences” menu in the shared library. Then click the “Create an audience” button and “Custom audience.”

How Do You Use Your Facebook Custom Audience?

With your target audience configured, create a campaign with an ad set and use your custom audience, “Website Visitors,” in targeting. Go to the “Audience” section. Add your audience there. Pay particular attention to the quality of your social ads campaign materials, whether a display, a video, or a landing page. To stand out, your visuals must hit the mark. The JVWEB agency has an Ads Studio where our graphic designers can help you create quality advertising campaigns, directly impacting your performance.

Facebook Retargeting, A Tool Focused On Conversions

While many marketing techniques aim to generate traffic, Facebook retargeting is more oriented towards conversion. Based on the principle that 95% of your visitors leave your website with an empty basket and that 90% will never return, retargeting offers the opportunity to follow your visitors in their purchasing journey. By targeting only past users, you create a second chance to convert while boosting the memorability of your brand, a strong point for your brand awareness.

Retargeting works on the following principle: via a tracking pixel, you authorize Facebook Ads to assimilate visitors to your site into its database. The tracking pixel allows the social network to associate a visitor to your site with a profile and, ultimately, an audience. It is this combination that enables retargeting. Richer than a cookie, this method allows you to create audiences based on interests.

Retargeting Facebook Ads: How To Proceed?

Now, let’s move on to practice. Everything happens via the Facebook Ads Manager, also called Facebook Ads Manager. The first step is to define an audience, that is to say, a target group. Regarding Facebook retargeting, 3 types of targeting are offered:

  1. All visitors to my site + post-visit time: the basis!
  2. Visitors who visited specific pages: more focused on the purchasing journey
  3. Visitors who have not visited your site for X amount of time: ideal for a follow-up operation

Facebook Retargeting: Create A Campaign With FB Ads

When you’re ready to set up your Facebook Ads Retargeting campaign, follow these 5 simple steps. Note that these instructions assume you already have a Facebook Ads account.

  1. Sign in to your Facebook Advertisements Administrator and select Crowds. You’ll find Crowds in the drop-down menu when you click on Business Supervisor at the upper left of the screen.
  2. Create a custom audience (Custom Audience Facebook Ads). Again, you’ll find Create Audience at the top left of your screen. For retargeting, we will select Custom Audience, allowing us to set up a campaign that reaches people who have visited a website.
  3. Select Website Audience. You will have several options available, but for Facebook retargeting campaigns, we will focus on website traffic to reach people who have visited your site.
  4. Do your Facebook targeting with the drop-down menu. 

With Facebook Ads retargeting, you can target the following audiences:

  1. Anyone who visits your website
  2. People who visit specific pages
  3. Individuals who visit explicit site pages yet not others
  4. People who last visited your site in a while. ago
  5. A more personalized segment to retarget

Place your Facebook Retargeting pixel on your site. You will need the Facebook Ads pixel to launch your first retargeting campaigns on the Facebook social platform. Reminder about the Facebook Retargeting pixel: This is a code you must place on your website to track visitors.

Here’s how to get the Facebook retargeting pixel: In the Audiences section of your Ads Manager, you’ll find your new retargeting campaign. Select it, then click Actions and Show Panel from the drop-down menu. You will then find the code for your pixel, which you can place on your website. You can also ask our Facebook tag experts to install and configure the pixel for you!

Facebook Retargeting: Configure The Social Ads Campaign

To be successful with your Facebook remarketing ad campaigns, you need to make sure you’re grabbing your audience’s attention and giving them a good reason to come back through your sales funnel. Start by planning your Facebook retargeting campaign. Do you want to retarget those who reached the purchase page but have not gone further? Someone may have looked at a particular pair of shoes on your website but have yet to purchase them. 

You can retarget these people with an ad offering a discount or free shipping to encourage them to click on your ad and land on your landing page. Once you know what to do, create an ad that will grab your audience’s attention and be specific to your Facebook Ads retargeting campaign. Remember that the target already knows your site, so put forward the arguments of reassurance or personalized promotion!

Facebook Retargeting Ads Campaign: Example

For example, if he wishes to activate a remarketing advertising campaign via Facebook Ads as a marketing lever, our shoe merchant could select “Visitors who have visited certain pages,” in this case, the product sheet for pumps. And add an exclusion for more details. For example, exclude users who are already fans of the brand. In the second step, he will then be able to create a dedicated advertising campaign for each stratum of his purchasing funnel. For example, from simple visitor to prospect, from prospect to qualified prospect…

The third step, the E-Retailer, must then analyze the campaign’s impact to measure performance, both in terms of click-through rates and conversion volumes. Launched very quickly, a social ads retargeting campaign proves itself or not just as quickly. a vital point is that you will quickly be fixed on your performance. To start, start with a mini-budget, around €100, and limit yourself to a few specific objectives. One week is enough to deploy, measure, analyze, decide, and start optimizing your retargeting campaign!

Remarketing Campaigns: Alternatives To Facebook

95% of social media marketers named Facebook the best social network for getting excellent customer ROI. These results place Facebook far ahead of Twitter (63.5%), Instagram (40.1%) and Snapchat (2.1%). So, if you’re considering using targeted advertising to increase your sales, Facebook is the best place to start leveraging social ads.

Besides social networks, Google Ads agencies or Native Advertising and Display players are perfect remarketing levers! The good news is that within the JVWEB agency, we have different expertise in digital marketing. Our consultants can offer you a targeted acquisition strategy per your business objectives.

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