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Your HR Facebook Page Is Staying On, And We Know Why!

You launched a Facebook Career page some time ago, telling yourself that your HR communication must be digital. Yet, despite your efforts, you need more results. We tell you why!

You Started With The Tool

In HR communication, one of the primary golden rules is never to base your action plan on the media or communication support. Many clients see us because they want to be on Linkedin, have an account on Twitter, or have an Instagram profile… Before rushing in, we step back and start with an initial audit. 

Here, you can request it for free! This allows us to define with you what is the strategy behind it. What are the objectives? Who are you looking to reach through your channels? Effective HR communication is based on a well-constructed strategy that we translate into Inbound via GPCT.

  1. Goals: what is your identified and quantifiable priority objective?
  2. Plans: what actions have you implemented, and what have been the results?
  3. Challenges: What are your main difficulties today?
  4. Budget: To obtain results, you must plan a sponsorship budget for each communication campaign you run.

You Post When You Can

Once these elements have been defined, you will choose the channel adapted to your target, i.e., your candidate persona. Identify their uses, their reading and browsing habits, and their expectations in terms of recruitment. You have defined solid objectives and know your targets well; this is a perfect start. But your Company page may also not take off because your publications need more engagement with your candidates.

Know Yourself Well To Enhance Your EVP

Take stock of the benefits offered by your company to your employees. What is their experience? An employee experience audit can save you a lot of disappointment and allow you to have the right words to promote your company to your candidates. Also, do an audit of the counterarguments. What is the experience? The more you know your “weaknesses,” the more prepared you will be to respond to them and present them transparently to your future candidates.

Only Believe What You See

Convert your message into proof by multiplying the formats illustrating your employer brand: your jobs, values, corporate culture, etc… Everything can be conveyed other than by corporate messages. It’s about asking yourself what content will embody this daily on social networks. According to all studies, publications accompanied by a photo are the most effective for likes. Then come the videos (which generate the most comments and shares), the links, and the textual publications.

Choose Your Schedule

At a time when Internet users are bombarded with messages of all kinds, at all times, this is an essential question to ask. If your page is a little passive, the answer is obvious. Go to your “Statistics” tab and, more precisely, the “Publications” section. There, you will find a graph representing your typical week, and you will be able to see the daily peaks during which your fans are online, depending on the day of the week. You can, therefore, deduce a “model” schedule to plan your publications.

You Still Need To Complete Everything

You have your strategy; it is solid, and you are sure to be on point with your candidates. They are on Facebook, waiting for you; you know what to say to them… and it’s still a flop. Do you have a readable and engaging brand image? On Facebook, as elsewhere, you have little time to convince a candidate. In visual communication, certain elements should be noticed. In priority, what will appear on the news feed:

Your Picture”

This is the square ratio image that is found in all your publications. It appears in its original format on your page, i.e., square, but it is cropped to round form in news feeds. And in this case, its format is tiny. Therefore, It is necessary to provide a logo where the information is well-centered, does not extend beyond a circle, and remains visible in a tiny format.

Your Name

Avoid complications, and it must be impactful and identify you immediately. Ideally, it should also be consistent with your name on all other media: career site, Twitter account, blog, etc. Then, what will appear on your page only:

Your “Blanket”

Still image or looping video: this visual appears at the top of your page. It can represent your brand or promote the highlight of the moment.

Your Story”

An insert on the right of your page allows you to display text that says more about your business.

Your “About” Section

It is accessible from a tab on your page and must include a paragraph about your company and employer brand.

Your Username”

This is the identifier attached to your page, which begins with the “@” character. It’s used to mention you in posts, so make it easy to remember or guess. Your page is optimized, and you have defined your targets and messages; now, be patient. Building a real community around your brand takes a year of work!

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