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Course Hero Downloader – Download Files For Free

Course Hero downloader is a tool to download study-related documents without login credentials from the Course Hero website.

We can find all the study-related materials like textbooks, project papers, debates, various topics, essays, and lectures from experts. They are uploaded as reference documents for students on the website.

In this article, we will explain everything about the Course Hero downloader, the website Course Hero, and the process of downloading documents.

Course Hero Downloader

Before knowing about the Course Hero Downloader tool, let us know about Course Hero. Course Hero is an entirely educational website used mainly by schools and college students for subject-oriented papers, exam papers, and much more valuable content which is helpful for students.

One should complete a registration on the site to avail of the full features of the website. Even with registration, we can download limited files, which may be free, but we must purchase suitable subscription plans before we can download everything from the website. Subscription plans are available for users that are convenient for them. Tariff plans are in the economic range and very much affordable.

The Course Hero website has exceptionally good benefits for school and college students. It provides textbooks, different authors’ books, study materials by top lecturers, and various study resources available for students online. A distinctive feature of the Course Hero website is that we can also upload our work directly. Users can create their blogs on the website, and other users can access that material to download it. The users can download the files on the Course Hero by registering on the website. To download the premium content, the users must purchase membership plans. Once you buy the membership plan, you can access the massive collection of textbooks from the Course Hero website. Not only textbooks you can also download a collection of study papers and scientific analyses of various authors.

How To Register on The Course Hero website?

  • First, visit the Course Hero website or click on this link, https://www.CourseHero.com/
  • Press the ‘Join Course Hero’ option available on the registration page.
  • Users find two tags. They are, I am a student, or I am an educator.
  • You may sign in with your Google account, Apple, or personal email.
  • After providing the details, your registration is completed. You will get the username and password.
  • From next time onwards, you can sign in with your ID and password.

How To Download Course Hero Files?

There may be many options to download the documents from the Course Hero website. A few of them are listed below.

  • We can download documents directly from the website.
  • Download from the Course Hero downloader tool.
  • CHDL extension

Course Hero Downloader Tool

The Course Hero downloader tool is extremely helpful for downloading documents without even logging into the website of Course Hero. This tool is a third-party application used immensely by those not willing to purchase the membership from the original website. We can download the files from the website without paying a single penny. The downloader tool lets you download the premium content for free. We can download the files and even login into the original website.

Let us see how to download the documents using this tool. Follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Google search engine and search Course Hero downloader.
  • You will find a few related links that will be open on the screen.
  • Click on the first link, https://CourseHerodownloader.com
  • Then you will land on the homepage of the tool.
  • Copy the URL link from the original website and paste that link into the Course Hero downloader website.
  • Your download will start immediately after pasting the link.
  • The download speed depends on the file size and the internet speed.

This document downloader massively helps students. People who cannot afford the subscription charges can rely on this free document downloader website.

Course Hero downloader tool downloads the documents and detects the contents from various online libraries. This site may be termed illegal in many ways as it provides educational website materials freely. However, many students feel it is a boon.

This website also allows its users to download documents from any website. A request to contribute to the website is present on the website’s home page. It is your wish to help them or not, but they give you their best by providing content from various libraries.


CHDL Extension is another excellent option for downloading documents from the Course Hero website. Just download the plugin from the chrome browser and install it. After it is placed in the chrome toolbar, complete the following steps.

  • Visit the website.
  • Download the package and extract that folder.
  • Install CHDL Extension from that folder to your device.
  • After installing, go to the library website (Course Hero)
  • Copy the desired URL from the website.
  • Paste that URL in the CHDL extension and press download.
  • It allows you to save the file in your desired location on the device.

Likewise, we can download any document just by copying the URL from the main website and pasting that URL into the CHDL extension.

Alternatives of Course Hero downloader

There are many alternatives to Course Hero downloader. It is amazingly fast and safe among the other downloader tools. Let us see the list of alternatives below.

  • SCRIBD downloader
  • SLIDESHARE downloader
  • ISSUU downloader
  • ACADEMIA downloader
  • CHEGG downloader
  • RESEARCH GATE downloader
  • STUDOCU Downloader
  • PERLEGO downloader

All these downloaders work the same as the Course Hero downloader. We can find all these tools on the documents downloader website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it safe to use Course Hero downloader?

As far, there are no complaints against the Course Hero downloader tool. So, this website is safe to use.

2) How many files can we download at a time?

We can download one file at a time.

3) Can we download large files on this website?

Yes, we can download large files too.

4) Can we upload the files to the Course Hero website through the Course Hero downloader tool?

No, we cannot upload any document through the Course Hero downloader. For that, we must visit the original website.

5) Can we unlock the documents from the Course Hero website?

Yes, we can unlock the documents just by visiting and uploading your documents.

6) Do we need registration for the Course Hero downloader and CHDL plugin?

No, we do not need registration to download the documents from the website.


The Course Hero downloader tool helps download documents and files from the website Course Hero. We can download complete textbooks, numerous study papers, materials, debates, and institutional tutorials, everything in one place. We can download the files without paying money to the website. The Course Hero downloader is a beneficial tool for students that brings a vast database of study materials free of cost. Though it is illegal to provide copied content, we cannot deny that it is very helpful to students worldwide.

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