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Imginn – View & Download Photos, Videos From Instagram

Imginn is a platform where we can download and view instagram photos, videos and stories of others anonymously for free. Social media apps are the present entertaining and information-sharing platforms in the world. People are interested in sharing events that happen in their lives or exhibiting their talent through pictures and videos. Celebrities are no exception to this. Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms with humongous popularity after WhatsApp. Instagram has more than 1.4 billion followers globally.

Instagram users can share their photos, stories, and videos of their activities on their accounts. Their followers like them, save them and share them with others on Instagram, but they cannot download them. Instagram brings new updates from time to time. However, it tightens the privacy and security of its users so that their data is not misused. But the other side of the story is the users themselves cannot download their stories.

Sometimes followers of celebrities like to download their stories, photos, and videos to watch them later. But it is not allowed on the official Instagram platform. So, a third-party downloader website known as Imginn lets you download and save an Instagram story, photos, videos, and other media anonymously at no cost. In this article, we will explain complete details of imginn, its features, the process to download the content of an Instagram account, the pros and cons of imginn, and suitable alternatives of imginn.com. Please read further to know vividly about the third-party online platform, Imginn.

Let us see in detail everything about Imginn.

What Is Imginn?

If you want to see and download your favorite person’s profile, photos, videos, and stories anonymously on their Instagram account, then Imginn is the best option. Not only that, but you can also download your stories to watch later. With the help of Imginn.com, you can download any media content of your favorite Instagram users.

Nobody can see your activity, such as the profiles you visit or the media content you download. But you cannot upload content posted by other Instagram users. Nevertheless, you can effortlessly and freely download photos, stories, and videos of the Instagram users you follow using the imginn.com website. You can directly download Instagram stories without the need to save them.

You can watch and download your favorite stories, videos, photos, etc., of your favorite celebrities even though you do not have an Instagram account using Imginn. Just enter the username of the account holder you want to see, and you are ready to go. The other magical element is that you can download Instagram’s media content without creating an account on Imginn.com. It is enough you have a working email address; the work is done. Such is the anonymity, and privacy provides.

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How Does Imginn Function?

You can see and download the stories of various social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram with the help of Imginn. Besides stories, you can save and download the photos and videos you see on the website as you scroll down. Imginn.com does not compromise the quality of the images. It has the best-quality images and videos on its platform. Using the Imginn application is better for a better browsing experience.

What Are The Best Features of imginn?

Have a look at some of the attractive features of the Imginn website.

User-friendly Interface

The interface is simple and straightforward. You will have everything on the homepage. It lets you find what you want immediately.

Simple Home Page

A website becomes successful when its home page is convenient and easy to use. Users do not encourage a website with a confusing and clumsy home page.

It has an adaptive home page with all the categories listed in profound format. Users find it very easy to navigate through the website. They have plenty of options on the main page itself.

Stories, photos, and videos download

You can easily download stories, photos, and videos of the Instagram account you like using Imginn. The website became famous for this feature as you can download the desired media content anonymously. Choose the image or Video you want to download and click on the download option. It is a very simple process anyone can perform.

Save the Instagram Avatar

Imginn makes it possible to download the Instagram profile picture of any account. Usually, the official Instagram website doesn’t allow others to save or download the Avatar or the profile icon of others.

To download the Avatar of your favorite Instagram account, type the account holder’s username, download, and save the Avatar.

How To Create an Account On Imginn?

Follow the steps below to create an Imginn Instagram account.

Open an Imginn account

If you are using for the first time, open your account on Imginn Instagram. Then you will easily find all the Instagram media content straight away.

Creating an account in Imginn.COM is a simple process. Create an account with your email address as the username and generate a password for the account. Build a strong password.

Log in to Your Imginn Instagram account

Log in to your Imginn Instagram account using the username and password. You can sign into your account on a smartphone or a laptop. After logging in, you can easily download media content from Instagram accounts.

Search for the desired Video

You can use Imginn to download Instagram videos on Android and iOS devices. It is a well-known platform for downloading content anonymously. Search for the Video you want to download. The website has a refined search algorithm.

Preview and Download the Video

After finding the Video, you can watch it beforehand to check whether it is the original Video you want. If not, change the search words and try again. When you find the Video you are looking for, click on the download button.

How To Download The Desired Instagram Videos Using Imginn?

Imginn allows you to download Instagram media content in the best video quality. You can download the videos without getting known. The account holders will never know who downloaded their content. Follow the simple steps below to download Instagram videos with the help of Imginn.

  • Go to the search bar on the website. Enter the account holder’s username or profile name and click the search button.
  • The Imginn verifies whether the search words and the search terms are identical. When they match, a few profiles appear on the screen.
  • Look for the desired profile and tap on it.
  • Imginn.com has a similar layout to the official Instagram. Scroll down the profile to find the image or Video you want to download.
  • Click on the image and be led to the download page. The download time depends on the file size.
  • The downloaded file gets saved on your device to watch later.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Imginn?

Imginn website is not limited to downloading stories, images, and videos of Instagram account holders. It provides access to media content on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. However, it is a third-party website that allows users to download media files anonymously. It has a few advantages as well as disadvantages. Here is a list of them.


  • Allows you to download any content anonymously.
  • You can see the Instagram posts of favorite personalities.
  • It lets you check out the profiles of your own and other accounts.
  • You do not experience interruptions while downloading, provided you have a good internet connection.
  • No one can trace your activity.
  • Best quality downloads and no advertisements.


  • It is not proper to download private media content anonymously.
  • Beginners cannot see the number of likes and comments on a post.
  • It is a third-party website run by private people. So, it does not assure you of security.
  • It has copyright issues. So, there is a fear of hacking.


Is Imginn safe and secure to use?

Imginn is a third-party website, so there is no guarantee for your safety and security online. Your account is liable for hacking. However, there have been no such issues recorded so far. Its users trusted the website and did not face any security issues as there is no need to enter your debit/credit or other financial details. Moreover, the website is free to use.

Is imginn a legal website?

It is not an official or legal website. It allows its users to download media content anonymously, which is against the regulations of Instagram.

Mention a few facts about imginn

  • Imginn allows users to download stories, videos, and other media content of public profiles anonymously.
  • It is free of charge.
  • Download videos of high quality.
  • Good customer support service.
  • You can keep or delete your Imginn.com accounts as per your wish.

Does Imginn allow its users to download content from private accounts?

It does not allow its users to download content from private accounts. A few users of Instagram forbid everybody from seeing their posts by editing their privacy settings. So, it is not possible to download anything from private accounts.

Mention a few best alternatives for Imginn

  • Storistalker
  • SmiHub
  • Inflact
  • Dumpor
  • Qoob
  • Glassgram

Final Say

In the above article, we shared complete information on the Imginn Instagram website that allows its users to download media content like photos, stories, videos, etc., of public account holders on Instagram. We hope you enjoyed reading the article. Please share your valuable suggestions on the post.

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