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How To Get Free .Edu Email – Full Guide

Free .edu email is created for students and staff members from colleges, institutions, and universities for various educational purposes such as communication with other students and instructors, sharing information online, etc. Many top institutions across the world provide such facilities for students. Educational Email (free. Edu) is only for students and concerned staff. The students are benefitted in various ways through the free .edu email. A few benefits of having an .edu email id are having access to exclusive student discounts and packs, free software, and many other resources. The benefits are available to those who have the educational email address.

If any college or educational institution cannot provide free .edu email to its students, then worry less, as many other educational institutions provide an educational email to students from other institutions for free. A few take registration fees at a minimal cost for the premium package, but it is helpful in a significant way. Good discounts on various packages apply to students with free edu mail addresses.

However, a few colleges and institutions permit only their students, but not others, to have a free edu email id. This mail service is free for every student, faculty, and staff of the institutions and colleges. It helps in a great way to everyone. An opportunity to create a free .edu email address for people who do not belong to any educational institutions is also possible.

How to create a free .edu email? If you are searching for this, here is the solution. We in this passage, will let you know in detail about creating a free edu email.


Free .Edu mail or educational mail is generally associated with an educational institution like a university or college and provided to students, faculty members, and staff of the educational institution. It is useful for various purposes like accessing information online, getting free software, getting discounts on various packages, communicating with classmates, etc.

Typically an edu email address has a specific format, such as ‘firstname.lastname@university.edu”. Students with an edu mail id have many benefits and exclusive discounts. The benefits vary depending on the educational institutions and the provider. However, knowing the privileges related to the free educational email address is worth knowing.

How To Register For a Free .edu email?

It is an effortless way to register on the free.edu website. First, we must visit the official website of the educational institution where we can do the registration. Follow the steps.

  • Visit the website and check the website page for the registration page and click on it.
  • Answer questions like where you are from, which institution you belong to etc. This will help you to enroll as a student and verify your identity.
  • You must submit your date of birth, original Id, address, and institution name to create a free .edu email account.
  • Provide an email address from well-known sources like Google, Yahoo, Outlook, ZMX, Protonmail, etc.
  • It is also possible to generate a free .edu email id using fake accounts by various third-party apps. Many apps are available in the market these days.
  • You can create an account with your first, last, and institution names. (firstname.lastname@institution.edu)
  • For example, James.bond@JNU.edu

Benefits Of Free .edu Email Address

There are many benefits of having a free .edu email id. A few online companies provide tremendous benefits and shower various benefits on students with free educational email accounts.

Amazon pack for students

Amazon gives students gifts now and then, and those with a student free.edu account can claim free prime membership for half a year(6 months). With an amazon membership, students can access unlimited prime benefits and offers. Amazon delivers the goods purchased faster and free with prime membership. Unlimited videos, movies, and web series are free with prime membership. Many users need to learn how to claim the offer. We will give you the necessary steps to avail of the student’s prime membership.

Just visit the amazon site and click on the option, ”prime,” to get a prime membership. Enter the details as requested, then the prime membership is unlocked for you.

Microsoft Office 365

Every student is gifted with Microsoft-registered software. It will be beneficial for any students and faculty. It is a powerful tool that every individual, college, office, and university owns.

Every email account has free access to Microsoft Office 365 full features. Few run basic versions of Microsoft 365, but if you have a free .edu email account, you can use the full features of Microsoft Office 365.

Squarespace student discount

This square space website is simple, where users can make portfolios, enhance their skills, etc. Every student with a free .edu email account under school, college, or any educational institution can claim the discount coupon in Squarespace.

GitHub student developer pack

An internet hosting platform where several software developers collaborate and work together. A student developer pack is provided to specially certified email account holders with educational email, and they can avail of free signup and get huge benefits. GitHub offers unlimited private repositories while having educational free mail to the student. Generally, GitHub charges $7 per month.

Spotify offers it to students

Spotify is a music streaming platform that provides a free subscription to students with an EDU account from recognized universities, whereas it charges 5$ for three months to its subscribers. Students get a scratch code, and if they enter their email account and the scratch code details, they can listen to the music for free for three months. After that, they can enjoy healthy discounts from Spotify.

Apple’s bumper offer

The tech giant Apple, too, offers many benefits to students. Free Edu account holders hit the jackpot because Apple gives free subscriptions to many apps and streaming services for students from renowned institutions. Students can get discounts on Apple products too.

Autodesk for students

This one is very beneficial to students because it provides licenses for varied software. Every student needs some programs to excel in their skills. Autodesk provides you with plenty of software with working keys. Students with free .edu email can use various software with many features.

Visit the website and click the registration option and start creating your account.

Read the particulars carefully and submit the details, like your name, education details, email account registered in the institution, etc.

The details you provided are verified, and you will receive an email with a link. If you click on the verification link, a code appears. The registration is completed if you copy that code and enter it on the website. Thus, the students can enjoy more benefits and download a lot of software for free.

Students can get various software apps and tools for free on Autodesk.

  • RoboForm
  • Last pass premium
  • Microsoft azure cloud
  • Microsoft dream spark
  • New egg premiere
  • Namecheap
  • Bitnami
  • Sendgrid
  • Orchestrate
  • Crowd flower

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we register fake details while creating free.edu mail?

Few institutions are particular about every detail in registration, and a few are liberal. So, we can register with fake details too, but we need to check.

Is it legal to create a free.edu mail id if you do not belong to an educational institution?

If you are creating a free .edu email for study purposes, it is not termed illegal but not entirely legal. It depends.

Does it work if I share my free .edu email account with others?

Yes, it works. You need an id and password to get the benefits of a free .edu email id.

Are the benefits mentioned in the blog post applicable to students?

All the benefits mentioned above are applicable and useful to every account holder.

What if I am unable to create my edu mail account?

There are many ways to create an Edu account. You can use third-party applications to fill in the details for alternative methods. You can consult the university staff if you face any problems with your .edu email account.


Free educational mail or free .edu email is usually for every student from universities, colleges, etc. They greatly benefit students, faculty, and staff for easier access to academic challenges. So, each of the students should register the free.edu mail account.

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