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Apple Watch Ultra 2 vs. Ultra: Is The Upgrade Worth It?

That’s it, and the Apple brand has recently launched its second generation Watch Ultra. And the question everyone is asking is: is this new model worth it? To be clear on the subject, let’s discuss in this article the notable differences between the Watch Ultra 2 and its predecessor, the Watch Ultra.


Before looking at the main differences, it is essential to look at the commonalities these two models share. And the least we can say is that there are quite a few. They are starting with the design. When placed side by side, it is tough to distinguish the Watch Ultra 2 from the Watch Ultra. Indeed, the two watches have identical dimensions (49 x 44 x 14.4 mm) and are equipped with a 1.92″ screen with sapphire glass protection. 

And the weight is approximately the same because we notice a difference of 0.1 grams, which is minimal. Both models were made from the same material: titanium. The latter is renowned for its lightness, robustness and increased resistance to corrosion. In short, all these characteristics make it the ideal material for an outdoor watch. 

We find the same sensors as in the first model, such as the accelerometer, ECG, compass, water temperature, gyroscope, altimeter, depth gauge, skin temperature… On the safety side, the two devices integrate a fall and accident detection system, siren, SOS, noise monitoring and even the emergency call.

Furthermore, the autonomy of the Watch Ultra 2 should be the same as that of its predecessor, which means that it can last for 36 hours and 72 hours in energy-saving mode. Note that both watches are waterproof (maximum immersion 100 m) and benefit from the IP6X protection index, which effectively protects them against dust. In addition, they also benefit from the MIL-STD 810H standard (vibrations, humidity, temperature change, radiation, etc.).   

A Screen That Gains Brightness

As soon as you turn on both watches, it’s hard not to notice the difference. The Watch Ultra 2’s screen offers higher brightness (up to 3000 nits) than the Watch Ultra (2000 nits). Therefore, the user should enjoy optimal readability even in direct sunlight. However, it must be admitted that despite this notable difference, the brightness of the Watch Ultra is already quite correct.

A Popular Feature

From a functionality point of view, it must be recognized that the Watch Ultra 2 struggles to differentiate itself from its predecessor. The only feature worth highlighting is “Double Tap”. Thanks to the latter, you have the possibility of controlling your connected Watch without having to touch the screen, which is very practical because it may happen that you do not always have your hands free. 

From now on, using simple gestures (tapping your thumb and index finger twice against each other), you can perform basic actions on your Watch Ultra 2: answer a call, display widgets, etc. Good news for cycling enthusiasts: the new Apple watch has Bluetooth cadence, power and speed sensors.

Maps And Compass

The Watch Ultra 2 can suggest offline maps but also trail recommendations. In addition, the compass application records the places where you have recently connected. This way, you can contact your loved ones more quickly if you ever have a problem in the great outdoors.

More Power And Storage Capacity

If Apple has yet to make significant changes to the design, the American brand has ensured that its Watch Ultra 2 is more efficient than the previous model. To this end, the second-generation Watch does not accommodate an S8 processor but an S9 processor. The particularity of the latter is that it is dedicated to machine learning. 

He should be able to understand and predict people’s behavior using the device. This processor is so efficient that it allows the Ultra 2 to benefit from the same autonomy as its predecessor despite its brighter screen. Regarding data storage, users can count on the high capacity of the Watch Ultra 2, which has 64 GB (instead of 32 GB for the first-generation Watch Ultra). This is more than enough to store your favorite music tracks as well as your favorite applications. 

Another change to note: Apple has updated the Ultra Wide Band sensor. It can now ensure a reliable connection with other compatible devices, even far away. So, if, unfortunately, you have lost your iPhone, you will be able to locate it more precisely, for example.  Finally, Watch Ultra 2 works with the watchOS 10 operating system.

Siri’s Faster Response Time

Thanks to the powerful S9 processor, the Apple brand’s voice assistant has undergone some developments. The first significant change is that you can launch Siri without connecting the Watch Ultra 2 to the internet. For example, you can ask questions about your state of health, sleep quality or heart rate. On this Ultra 2 model, Siri tends to respond more quickly (around 2 seconds).

A Price Revised Downwards

When Apple launched the Watch Ultra, the first generation in 2022, everyone was surprised by the launch price set at 999 euros. A reasonably high sum has encouraged many consumers to turn to competing brands offering more accessible models. Learning its lesson, Apple decided this year to sell its Watch Ultra 2 at a lower price, more precisely at 899 euros. But despite this 100 euros difference, many consumers consider this price still high.


Whether the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is worth it depends on each user. However, getting the Watch Ultra 2 is not a good idea if you already have a first-generation Watch Ultra. In addition to a similar design, the features offered on the 2 devices remain approximately the same (except “Double Tap” on the Ultra 2). On the other hand, if you want a brighter screen and you are curious about the performance of Apple’s S9 processor, you can always resell your Watch Ultra and get the Watch Ultra 2. But know that this second-generation connected Watch is exciting if you have an older model.

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