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Connected Construction Sites: How To Save Time & Money

Being responsible for workers’ pay is a heavy responsibility. Every month, an HR manager or director faces significant pressure to pay everyone a fair salary on time. This task, already arduous, is even more so when the difficulties linked to the construction sector are added.

To deal with it and regain efficiency in payroll management, construction companies are increasingly turning to ATM software dedicated to the sector.  The digitization of “Time and Activity Management” relieves the pressure and administrative burden of payroll managers while positively impacting the general productivity of the company. What exactly is an ATM, and how to digitize it for a construction company?

What Is The GTA?

The GTA designates, as its name suggests, the field of Time and Activity Management, referring directly to the working time of employees and the type of activity carried out during this period.

The GTA, therefore, relates, in the case of a construction company, to monitoring:

  1. absences and presences on site,
  2. and tasks carried out on these same sites.

State-of-the-art in the construction industry

Measure Activities, Challenge

For a construction company, payroll management involves two issues:

  1. Have an effective payroll management tool.
  2. Correctly measure worker activities.

Regarding HR software, construction companies are increasingly acquiring HRIS, or HR information systems. However, the digitization phenomenon still needs to address the measurement of time and activities.

However, this generates significant difficulties, impacting the field as much as the HR and financial departments. Everyone’s productivity could be improved by extremely time-consuming and efficient measurement and reporting processes. The findings for payroll managers are heavy: the information arrives incomplete, late, or even proves erroneous.

Manage Payroll, Choice Of Weapons

Currently, most activity measurement tools still need to be ergonomic. From the encoding of hours on paper sheets (sometimes lost or damaged at the end of the week) to the excessive use of Excel tables (in which the information is re-encoded successively), gathering data in the field takes time and effort.

This probably explains the growing trend toward the use of digital solutions. Using a clocking application, for example, can truly revolutionize a construction company’s processes and generate significant benefits for the payroll manager.

The Potential Of Digital: How To Save Money And Relieve HR?

Collect The Hours Worked, No More Errors

Managing the salaries of mobile workers is a very tedious task. The hours are recorded on paper sheets, Excel files… with relative efficiency. With a digital clocking solution integrated into an HRIS system, salaries’ encoding and correct processing immediately become more accessible. No more administrative heaviness and excessive pressure on the teams:

  1. Automated collection of payroll data. The information arrives in a secure, structured, and previously validated manner.
  2. No more errors, time-consuming re-entries, or the race for missing information at the end of the month.
  3. A structured and centralized view of all the necessary information.

Track Attendance, Real-Time Information

Check which worker arrived on site, when, and how long he was present. This is another traditional headache for the HR department. However, this information is essential for calculating salaries and administrative management.

  1. With a specialized construction presence control application, it is now easy to consult the presence of on-site workers on time.
  2. The HR manager can compare this information with an absence schedule and then quickly react in the event of an unforeseen absence. It can also take these contingencies into account when calculating workers’ pay.

Consult The Information, A Centralized View Of All The Data

Harvesting hours, attendance control, absence planning… payroll calculation requires many dashboards, all of which are just as essential. However, cross and recross sources of information can be both painful and time-consuming for payroll managers. The suitable suite of integrated digital tools then makes it possible to eliminate this inconvenience.

  1. By digitizing clocking, attendance control, and absence planning, it is now possible to access a structured view of all the necessary information.
  2. The data from the various tools or the customer’s digital environment also make it possible to highlight anomalies or points of attention: a worker has not worked enough hours or, on the contrary, has exceeded the maximum weekly quota. This information is now automatically brought to the attention of HR managers.

The Digital GTA For The Construction Industry Is At Your Fingertips

“With us, the processes are very complex. It isn’t easy to find suitable time and activity management software. This reality is well-known to construction companies. Mobile resources, uniqueness of each site, the diversity of professions (intervention, location, office, etc.)… the construction sector faces specific difficulties. Where traditional HR software struggles to provide appropriate service, specialized solutions meet the specific needs of a construction company, including:

  1. Great possibility of settings: different maximum hours, night work, successive validations, categories of workers, calendars, specific schedules, temporary positions, subcontractors… a specialized application can deal with all the diversity of situations characteristic of the construction industry, to provide complete information to the payroll manager.
  2. Multiple views available: depending on the needs (view by week, by day, by site, etc.), HR managers obtain an adapted picture of the information.
  3. Integration with the existing digital environment: on the one hand, your site codes, cost structure, etc., are integrated into the clocking solution, for example. On the other hand, the data collected in the field is integrated into your current digital environment (HRIS already in place, ERP, etc.).

Conclusion: Start Saving Now

Acquiring ATM software specialized in the construction sector saves both time and money in the payroll process. No more costs associated with errors or delays. The pressure at the end of the month is significantly reduced, while salaries are paid more fairly and precisely. You avoid dissatisfaction or the time wasted painfully searching for information of dubious validity. 

Overall, everyone’s working time is valued. The teams are then more available for more affluent, more exciting tasks and with more excellent added value. Choosing the right GTA software is, therefore, essential. Traxxeo’s digital attendance, absence, or resource planning solutions, for example, are ideally suited to the needs of the construction sector.

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