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You Should Pay Attention While Choosing A Cloud Telephone System

Cloud Telephone System: If you are self-employed or run a company, a telephone system is essential for you and your employees. After all, you want to communicate professionally with customers and partners. But in the meantime, a classic telephone system operated via a landline connection has had its day—the solution: a virtual cloud solution with a wide range of functions.

A cloud telephone system is based on telephony software. All the functions of a conventional telephone system (TK system) are integrated and accessible via the Internet using Voice over IP (VoIP). All you need is a standard DSL connection.

A cloud TC system is predestined for large companies and small and medium-sized companies. Because of their extensive flexibility, scalability, and location independence, these solutions are suitable for every conceivable application.

Thanks to features such as Unified Communications, cloud-based telephone solutions far outperform the functionality of conventional telephone systems. This includes, for example, the possibility of holding online meetings, sharing the screen with other employees (screen sharing), or using the chat for better internal communication (instant messaging). Interactive video conferences ensure that you can exchange information with other branches worldwide in real-time, thus reducing travel costs.

One of the leading cloud phone system providers with these features is Placental. The company, which has belonged to Cisco since 2018, has more than ten years of experience in VoIP telephony and offers it is 23,000 predominantly small and medium-sized corporate customers comprehensive cloud solutions.

These Are The Advantages Of A Cloud Telephone System

The most significant advantage of a cloud TC system is – of course – the saving of all hardware. But there are more:

  • Maintenance costs of the telephone system are eliminated,
  • End devices such as IP telephones can be purchased as an option; you always have a free choice and can decide on your preferred manufacturer,
  • the setup and configuration via the web interface is straightforward,
  • a seamless linking of landline and mobile communications is often feasible,
  • cheap connection fees as well
  • optimal networking of different locations (also abroad).

Seven Tips: How To Choose The Right Cloud Telephone System

1.) First of all, you should pay attention to where precisely the server of your virtual PBX is located because an optimal server location with appropriate data security guarantees you high availability. This is how you secure your customers a robust and reliable telephone system.

The Placental solutions are hosted in India’s four high-performance data centers; Customers benefit from 99.9 percent high availability. The cloud solutions are subject to Indian laws and, therefore, the highest security standards.

2.) The provider of your choice should also offer you a pay-per-use model so that only the activated extensions are taken into account. It should also be possible to port the number of the old provider free of charge.

3.) Your contract term should be as flexible as possible. Pay attention to short contract terms and a month notice period.

4.) Think beforehand about which functions are essential to you and look for a provider who has exactly that in their product portfolio. Most VoIP providers offer around 150 operations, including features such as Fax2Mail/Mail2Fax, conference calls, time-based routing, call center options, and unified communications.

5.) Pay attention to the unlimited expandability of your virtual cloud telephone system. At Placetel, there is no limit for the PROFI product.

6.) Setting up the cloud solution should be child’s play. The configuration takes just a few minutes with the setup wizard from Placental and its user-friendly web interface.

7.) You should also consider your provider’s support when making your choice. He should be available by phone, email, chat, and a ticket system. At Pastel, the service employees work closely with their colleagues from development and can therefore optimally support customers.

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