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Data: What Will Cloud Acceleration And Ransomware Mean In The Future?

Splunk has released three 2022 forecast reports examining the impact of data technology in 2022. You’ll explore the power of data, cloud acceleration, and the customer journey. The reports are based on insights from executives and technology experts at Splunk, a data platform provider for cybersecurity and observability. They describe trends in the following three critical areas in which data plays a central role: business management and new technologies, data security, and IT and observability.

“Technology continues to provide us with excellent opportunities to address many of the challenges of the global economy. By interpreting data and harnessing its power, we can take direct action and develop solutions”. “Data will be at the forefront over the next year as it enables business leaders to rapidly innovate and bring disruptive ideas to market in a world of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.” Splunk’s 2022 projections address three central themes: the power of data, cloud acceleration, and the customer journey

Data And Technology: What Leaders Need To Know About Emerging Trends

As companies readjust during (or after?) the pandemic, expect a powerful wave of mergers and acquisitions. Companies that we’re able to implement their reinvestment strategies during the crisis consistently have become more agile. As the pandemic draws to a close, industries hit hard will bounce back. However, companies that have invested in their digital strategies will come back stronger. Firms with less aggressive strategies will struggle. 

Companies will have to solve the HR puzzle anew. Corona has accelerated the changes in the labor market and the digital transformation. Workplace health promotion has become a knockout criterion. At the same time, there is also a need to reconcile the future of remote workers with new ways of working. Edge computing will be on everyone’s lips in 2022 – and will deliver what the hype promises. The large cloud providers strategically rely on edge architectures. Edge will soon be a natural extension of enterprise environments. Edge computing is made possible by 5G and growing computing power. 

Impact On The Security Of Data

Ransomware will increase as cybercriminals become more sophisticated – and take advantage of supply chains. Ransomware is the number one security threat for most businesses today. As bad as the well-known ransomware attacks and supply chain attacks have been in recent years, the combination of the two is guaranteed to get even worse. But if you have a plan in case of an emergency, you can reduce the time and costs of recovery.

There will be more major IT security incidents – and cyber hygiene is the best defense against them. Covid-19 has extended the company boundaries to the private WLAN of its employees. That’s why basic security is now the new perimeter. Strict security practices, including multi-factor authentication, full patching, and asset identification, can help prevent significant security incidents.

Observability Becomes Indispensable For Customer Experience

Pandemic-related cloud migration led to severe gaps in the customer experience. In the future, observability will become indispensable for companies that want to understand how their complex cloud services work. This is the only way companies can enable their employees and departments to observe, understand, and react to their data to optimize customer experiences.

Together, observability and AIOps will unlock real value. The inseparable link between observability and AOLs will be firmly established by the end of 2022, as more organizations realize the importance of responding to critical problems through observability and data utilization with machine learning.

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