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What Is A Sales Administration Manager?

The deals organization supervisor possesses a vital situation inside an organization. Compensation, missions, preparing, and Activity Co offer you an emphasis on this calling.

Summary Sheet

The deals organization director additionally called “ADV chief,” “client care administrator,” or “business the executive’s supervisor,” is answerable for administering all deal the board tasks for his organization. Its main goal, subsequently, reaches out from the enrollment of a request to its conveyance to the client.

The compensation range is between 30,000 and 40,000 euros for a youthful chief and somewhere in the field of 40,000 and 60,000 euros for an affirmed leader. The capability of a project supervisor exists in all organizations having a business movement of labor and products, in B to B or B to C, and whose number of clients or the inventory size requires cautious managerial administration.

What Assignment?

Usually attached to the commercial director, the production director, or the administrative and financial director, the sales manager is called upon to collaborate with various departments such as the sales forces, logistics, production, commercial management, and management control. The ADV manager has four main missions: control of order processing, customer follow-up, management and sales forecasts, and management.

 The power of order processing consists of validating and recording all orders placed for products or services marketed by the company and, consequently, of ensuring, on the one hand, that the products ordered are available (which may have an impact not negligible on delivery times) and on the other hand that the company’s pricing policy is respected (whether basic prices or time-limited promotions and discounts). 

Inventory management is, therefore, part of the scope of the ADV manager, as is the preparation of delivery schedules. He provides the interface between the sales departments and the various production departments. Customer follow-up is essential insofar as part of the company’s reputation is linked to the image that customers have of it.

The ADV manager must take care of the administrative management (management of the invoicing system, supervision of financing files when the case arises, recovery of unpaid bills) and ensure the customer relationship. He must respond to all customer requests for information concerning a product, service, or delivery, disputes, complaints, or litigation. 

He is required to have direct contact with customers and therefore serves as an interface between them and the company. In this context, he may also be called upon to draw up quotes, manage and distribute commercial documentation., draw up commercial proposals, and advise the customer directly on replacement products in the event of unavailability.

Internally, the administrative sales manager centralizes the sales results transmitted to him and analyzes them according to geographical criteria linked to markets or customers. From this information, he builds dashboards and sales statistics to develop his budgets and establish sales forecasts in agreement with the sales manager.

All these operations require collaboration with several departments (sales, logistics, production, support, invoicing, etc.). The ADV manager will therefore coordinate communication between these different departments and supervise the administrative team responsible for monitoring sales.

Training For This Position

The diplomas necessary to access the position of an administrative sales manager are of the BTS or DUT type in commerce or accounting/management, higher business school, DECF, DESCF, Master’s degree, or even DESS in accounting/management. In the case of specialized industries (auto parts, high technology, etc.), these companies may seek diplomas from engineering schools.

His Competences

The sales manager position is generally reserved for experienced executives who can demonstrate three to five years of experience in the sector or the sales administration function. Typically, the candidate will have previously held a sales manager and administration position, management controller, or assistant to the sales administration manager. 

Knowledge of accounting and finance and mastery of computer tools and management software such as SAP, Sage, or Sybel is essential. Fluency in English makes it easy to deal with customers or suppliers abroad. Since large teams may be involved, it is up to the ADV manager to supervise them, supervise their work, and unite them around a typical company project. 

He must then demonstrate diplomacy and be able to find compromises to reconcile the requirements and imperatives of each other. His ability to conduct negotiations, whether internally with the various departments involved or externally with customers and suppliers, assures that all parties can work together harmoniously in the most efficient way possible. 

The ADV manager must therefore be particularly rigorous and reliable in all circumstances. An actual vector of the company’s image with outsiders, customers, and suppliers, its communication must be practical and under permanent control. The administrative sales manager can then progress to the position of branch manager, store manager, management control manager, or even executive and financial manager.

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