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Eight Books To Read On Project Management

If you regularly lead a project, you know that the key to success lies in the methodology and organization. With this in mind, there are many books on project management, of which are the best works.

Design And Launch A Project

Expert in professional agility, Raphaël H Cohen designed this book to help entrepreneurs carry out their projects. One of the most challenging stages in project design is implementation. This book gradually guides readers and gives the key points for success. Once the idea has been found, what are the steps to make the project successful? These are the questions to which the author provides answers.

Manage Your Projects – Impulse, Design, Implementation.

Written by Thibault PARIS, certified Prince2 and AgilePM, this book is designed in a very educational way on all the steps essential to the success of a project. Illustrated by numerous concrete examples, the advice can easily be put into practice for various projects to obtain quick and effective results. The book popularizes all the significant notions of project management so that everyone can appropriate them and control the implementation of projects.

Design Thinking

Innovation is a critical element in the success of a company. “Design thinking” explains in a few pages how to innovate and make it benefit the company. In his book, the author relies on two essential elements: collaborative intelligence and customer experience. With an easy-to-understand style and clear illustrations, readers can retain the essentials. The book also includes several examples and tips to better guide readers.

Project Management For Dummies

The important thing in a project is knowing how to manage the different areas: economic, social, and technical. “Project Management For Dummies” teaches the key points to ensure the success of projects. The author explains how to motivate a team to maximize work productivity in this book. Readers will also have the chance to learn how to master the various technological tools to use them wisely.

Dashboard Essentials

Alain Fernandez is an expert and trainer specializing in project management. Thanks to the methods taught in this book, he could design several control systems. This book is one of many manuals he has published on performance management. The book proposes a method of designing dashboards suitable for managers. The author devoted the first part of the manual to the basic steps in designing a dashboard, including identifying key indicators.

The Project Manager’s Toolbox

This book offers 90 methods and tools to carry out your project by anticipating all the conditions. From project inception to implementation, this manual explains how to make a project successful. Each tool is presented in detail with the context of use, the stages of implementation, and methodological advantages. Three elements are highlighted in this work: agile approach, visual management, and leadership.

Project Management Practices

Comprising 46 sheets organized into eight chapters, this book summarizes the essentials to improve project management methods. All the methods presented in this manual have already been proven at least once. The author has designed this book to help entrepreneurs anticipate risks. Readers will find three tools of particular interest:

  1. The Work Breakdown Structure
  2. The engagement of project stakeholders
  3. The identification and treatment of risks

Manage An IT Project

Managing an IT project is a challenging task, and it requires appropriate methods and tools. In addition to the technical aspect, the various economic issues pose a problem. The author has taken care to consider all these aspects and has included them in his work. The manual includes the steps to follow to get started. Readers will discover how to manage an IT project while remembering essential subjects such as law or subcontracting.

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