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Twitter: A New Program To Test Upcoming Features

On the occasion of CES 2019, the largest High-Tech show that welcomes the most innovative companies to Las Vegas, Twitter has decided to unveil its new test program for its new features, in addition to what currently exists, the Twitter Experiments Program. Reserved for its users, the social network unveiled the program during an interview at CES 2019.

What Is This Program About?

Twitter declared to the American magazine Engadget the send-off of its new trying project. It comes out in a context where the social network seeks to promote exchange between users by creating channels for conversation and communication. The program will allow users who participate in it to test and preview these future novelties, such as those unveiled in October 2018. Here is an example of what program participants will be able to test:

The Online Presence Indicator

You were impatiently waiting for it, and it will be here soon: the online presence indicator. It will let you know if your Twitter contacts are currently “online” on the platform. This indicator is very useful and will save you time if the person you want to exchange with is unavailable when you need it.

The Creation Of Statutes

A Twitter account allows users to add statuses to indicate what they are doing, where they are etc. If you participate in a trade show, you can report it in your status. Thus, your tweets will be contextualized.

Response Fields And The Creation Of “Ice Breakers.”

It will soon be possible to respond directly to a tweet thanks to a zone dedicated to this purpose. Indeed, in this new program, you will not be required to perform various manipulations to respond to a tweet. All you have to do is go to the new field and enter your answer. Nothing could be simpler than Twitter. Similarly, as on Facebook, adding a pre-filled status relating to one’s mood, activity or what one is looking for on Twitter will be possible. It corresponds to “I want to know” or “I’m bored” in the image below.

The Visual Threads

First, a thread refers to a sequence of several tweets that tell a story or the compilation of several tweets related to each other. They are often used by users who want to expand their 280 characters. Their previous presentation puzzled users who needed help understanding their reading direction. Indeed, the threads are often cut by other users’ interventions. Thus, the threads interface is expected to be improved to provide a better user experience.

How Does This New Program Launched By Twitter Work?

In addition to the Twitter Experiments Program, the features remain very secret until now; Twitter is launching a new program that has yet to be named. This program is participatory since it invites users to share their experiences on Twitter about new social network features with their community. 

In other words, Twitter is making even more contributions to its users to improve its social network, which will reflect what they want. According to Twitter, it would be possible to register to test this program in the coming weeks. Applications are free, but only a thousand volunteers will have the chance to test it.


We are a long way from Twitter, which is complicated to use and far from intuitive. Now, the social network takes note of the comments of various users and boosts its platform with new updates in perspective. Twitter is becoming an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, an advantage for this social network that still appeals to Internet users.

From Powertrafic, our digital strategy agency, our Social Media experts are impatiently awaiting the launch of this new program. Is it as good as it looks? Will these new features be announced and deployed? Our experts will take care to keep you informed.

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