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Top 8 Sales Pipeline Management Software

You’ve come to the ideal locations if you’re searching for deals pipeline the board programming. Deals pipeline the executives is fundamental to developing your business, whether you’re a salesman at a startup or a large enterprise. Numerous CRM and business executives’ apparatuses have arisen as of late. This article reviews the best pipe management tools on the market and explains how to choose from this ocean of commercial solutions.

What Is Sales Pipeline Management Software?

Deals pipeline, the executive’s programming is a helpful instrument that allows you to follow and coordinate each deal cycle step. This can be extremely valuable for outreach groups, giving them a complete outline of their possibilities and clients. You can utilize this product to follow the client lifecycle from prospect to buy and everyone in the middle.

You can make reports and dashboards to guarantee your group stays useful and meet business objectives. Also, this programming can further develop correspondence between colleagues and guarantee that everybody is refreshed with the most recent events and progress.

At long last, deals pipeline the executives programming can assist with monitoring your group’s exhibition and check the return for money invested in deals exercises. As may be obvious, deals pipeline the board programming is a productive and incredible asset that can assist you with better dealing with your sales pipeline and accomplishing your deals objectives.

8 Best Sales Pipeline Software

Monday Sales CRM

Monday Sales CRM is a highly developed sales pipeline management software. Sales pipeline management is made extremely easy via Monday. Thanks to its management in kanban mode, you can move your transactions/deals from one sales stage to another simply by dragging the agreement into the next column.

In addition, you can automate processes according to the different statuses of the current deals, a change of quality, and much more. The platform is highly collaborative (designed for that), making it easy to get everyone on the same wavelength. Monday will allow you to centralize all your prospects and see current deals’ progress at a glance.

For managers, the reports are clear and ready to send to your n+1 without action on your part. A significant time saver! In terms of price, Monday CRM is available for free then. The first paid plan starts at 10€/month/user.


HubSpot is a well-known American pipeline management tool in the CRM market. Among the most used features of Hubspot is the transaction management module/sales pipeline. This tool is ideal. Arranged in the form of a kanban board, you can see and move your transactions with a swipe left or right.

The different stages of the sales process are, of course, customizable. You can block specific steps as long as you have yet to collect certain information. This module is directly linked to the accounts and contacts that you create. This means that you can also see the latest interactions with the performance and the next scheduled step at a glance.

As a manager, you will have a simple and uncluttered overview which you can filter by a sales representative if you wish. In addition, you can assign a deal’s value to each transaction. This way, for each stage of the prospect’s life cycle, you have an accumulation of potential closable sales. The tool is convenient for dirty teams and available for free. (yes, yes :D)


Pipedrive is one of the best sales pipeline management software available on the market. This intuitive and easy-to-use platform allows you to easily collaborate and manage your business activity to achieve your goals faster. Pipedrive offers a variety of powerful features to help you develop business opportunities in your pipeline.

Among the main features of Pipedrive, we can find the management of contacts, the possibility of planning events and quotes, the option of easily chatting with other users and the possibility of sharing data efficiently, the many integrations, and Much more… Regarding the visualization of the deals, you will have a lovely table or kanban view (as you wish) to simplify all that.

In Pipedrive, you can split deals by AE or SDR if you wish, which makes reading easier. If you are looking for a tool to centralize everything with a simple interface, we recommend you test Pipedrive now.


Zendesk is a well-known sales pipeline tool. Zendesk started with customer service software and then expanded into CRM. It is a collaborative platform and allows companies to offer customer support, sales support, and links to call centers. Setting up and using Zendesk is very simple because its system is designed to be quick and easy to start.

The main features of Zendesk are:

  1. Manage and respond to customer tickets in real time
  2. Manage interactions and lead personalized conversations with customers
  3. Support the distribution of messages on social networks
  4. A set of advanced options to perform wholesale tasks
  5. Manage online chat to respond to customer inquiries
  6. Generate reports and analyze customer service performance
  7. Integrate customer information with external sources (integrations)

As you can see, there are many features to manage the support, but the CRM is also well-developed. You can manage all your “touchpoints” and current deals via a simple pipeline.


Sellsy is an innovative sales transaction management software that helps you manage your entire sales lifecycle. It centralizes sales management, invoicing, payment tracking, commission management, etc. It’s an actual ERP! It also acts as a communication and collaboration portal within your team, saving valuable work hours.

Key Sellsy features include sales and quote management, invoice creation and payment tracking, sales performance analysis, commission tracking and billing reporting, integration with major financial institutions for processing payments, and more. You understand if you are looking for CRM or pipeline management software, go your way. However, if you are looking for an all-in-one tool to simplify your business management, then Sellsy may be the right solution!

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a CRM application in SaaS mode that offers a complete solution for business management. It is a sales pipeline management CRM software that aims to provide SMBs with up-to-date information about their customers, prospects, interactions, and activity. This solution helps businesses grow, improve relationships with existing customers, improve sales productivity, and increase sales revenue.

Zoho CRM provides users with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their leads and customers, campaigns and contacts, business activities and performance, and even support services. The Zoho CRM platform helps manage the sales pipeline, calculate goals and budget, integrate their data with other external applications and tools, and much more to monitor and analyze sales performance. In short, Zoho is robust and ideal for SMEs/VSEs looking for pipe management software. Free plan for up to 3 users, then 14€/month/user.

Team Leader

Teamleader is an integrated business management software (ERP) that manages and monitors many vital operations and processes. With Team Leader, companies can manage customer relationships (CRM), currencies, invoicing and accounts, and warehouse operations

Teamleader includes many features to make business management more accessible and offers all users powerful, cloud-based tools to manage their business processes and financial operations. The platform covers all needs from project management to invoicing to CRM.


Freshsales is a CRM-focused sales management software. Freshsales offers a variety of features, the most notable (and interesting for you) of which is its kanban view which helps manage the sales pipeline. Freshsales enables sales teams to optimally segment, track and qualify leads while tracking opportunities for maximum conversion. It’s beautiful on paper. The software offers task automation, appointment reminders, and external data integration.

Freshsales has Pipeline Management 2.0, enhanced AI-powered deal management that automatically enriches your data, anticipates signed deals, gives signing likelihood scores, and more. It is an ideal tool for planning your turnover and the closing rate of your salespeople precisely (or almost). The pipeline management tool is free, and the first paid plan starts at 15€/month/user.

How To Select Your Sales Pipeline Tool?

Are you looking for a sales pipeline tool? There are many solutions on the market, and finding the best one takes work. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you select the sales pipeline tool that’s right for you. First, it is essential to consider your needs. What goals do you want to achieve with your sales pipeline? How big is your team, and what features/integrations do you need?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll understand better what type of sales pipeline tool would be most appropriate. Additionally, it would help if you made sure that the sales pipeline tool you choose is easy to use and implement. (Take free tests) You also need to ensure it’s compatible with the other tools and systems you use in your business.

Also, remember to check that it can adapt to your needs as your business grows. (scalability in particular) Finally, make sure the sales pipeline tool is priced reasonably. There are many solutions on the market, with very different prices. Do some research to find the best value. By following these tips, you’ll be able to select the sales pipeline tool that best suits your needs and budget. You’ll find the right tool for your business with time and patience.

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