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Bubble Plan Review: An Complete Project Management

The digital revolution has brought about changes not only in our daily lives but especially in the professional world. This has pushed companies to digitize their business process. Engineers have designed numerous software dedicated to this purpose to support companies in their digital transformation.

Among the technological tools on the market is Bubble Plan, the project management and planning software. Our team has tested this tool for you to evaluate its performance compared to other software packages on the market. Find our verdict on this technological tool in this article.

Why Use Project Management Software?

Whether you are a self-employed person, a VSE, an SME, or even a large multinational, equipping yourself with technological tools is very favorable for improving your activities. It is undeniable that today, a company can only do with the use of digital technology for the organization, coordination, management, and monitoring of its activities.

Indeed, project management and planning software allow the latter to work efficiently, save more time, improve collaboration and communication within the various departments, optimize team mobility, etc. In addition, it centralizes all the data relating to a company’s activities and subsequently generates key indicators essential for decision-making. All of these are good reasons to opt for using project management tools.

Presentation Of The Bubble Plan Solution

Bubble Plan is a planning-oriented collaborative software. It is a visual management tool, ideal for effectively steering and managing your project portfolios in Agile mode. It is accessible online but also available as a mobile application. This multifunctional solution adapts to the needs of any company, regardless of the sector in which it operates. 

Still, it is mainly used in communication, marketing, or real estate. With a clear, intuitive, and ergonomic interface, Bubble Plan offers an optimal user experience. We also felt it during our test, which is why we highly recommend it.

Your projects have never been better organized than with this planning tool. Using this Saas software, your data is hosted in a highly secure French cloud. This is one of the strengths of this solution because we know how important your business data is and needs to be well protected. 

From its dashboard, Bubble Plan offers all your teams an intuitive global view of all your projects over time. In addition, it provides APIs to easily integrate into your IT ecosystems, such as Google DriveOneDrive or Teams.

The Features Offered

Despite the many innovative tools Bubble Plan offers, it seems simple to use. Its handling is also easy and does not require any particular technical skill. We especially appreciate its drag-and-drop system, which significantly facilitates the organization of tasks and saves us time. For an overview of its performance, here is a list of the main features offered by Bubble Plan:

  1. A planning tool that allows you to model and segment your activities through visual representations with a predecessor/successor relationship. These are schematized in bubbles, milestones, lines, or time axes.
  2. Dynamic visual management is essential for the management of your projects. As all your information is centralized and represented in graphic form, the latter transmission between all your collaborators is simplified.
  3. Progressive project management: Bubble Plan’s dashboards allow you to manage your project from before its launch until its completion. You can also assign tasks between your collaborators and follow your project’s progress and your financial statement.
  4. A Gantt chart that allows you to determine and manage constraints and the correlation between tasks.
  5. Perfect management of your projects via a central decision-making dashboard. This dashboard will enable you to sort the deadlines, to synchronize all the elements related to your activities. It offers managers a 360° view of all the parameters of their projects.
  6. A collaborative work of the teams where the communication, interaction, transmission of information, and the sharing of data hold a capital importance for the good functioning of all the activities. Bubble Plan also offers a chat integrated into each schedule for this purpose.
  7.  An essential reporting tool to monitor the progress of projects. Is it a plus? This one is equipped with an alert function which warns you in case of delay.
  8. A personal dashboard provides a timeline that allows employees to organize their tasks according to an order of priority, meeting schedule, and deadlines.
  9. Expert features include team management, detailed workload management, or even specific settings for your interface. These are available in the Business version of Bubble Plan and are entirely designed to meet the needs of the most demanding teams.

The Project Management Methods Offered By Bubble Plan

By trying Bubble Plan, we found that this tool offers different solutions depending on the desired project portfolio management method. This ranges from the most traditional methodologies, such as the Waterfall or cascading approach, the V-Cycle strategy (involving all stages of a project’s life cycle from its design to its validation, passing through its completion), to the most recent, like the Gantt method (visual representation of all the tasks of a project from its beginning to its end).

It is also possible to opt for the views:

  1. Agile planning (puts the customer at the center of projects).
  2. Kanban (project approach on three primary columns: To do, In progress, Done).
  3. Actions (method around operational tasks ).

Bubble Plan Prices

Bubble Plan is available in a free version, but only in a limited version. However, it offers 15 days of trials with each Premium version provided so that you can see if it adapts and meets your company’s specific needs. For this, Bubble Plan is available in three main tariff plans, namely:

  1. The Team package at the price of €12 excl. VAT/month/user for an annual plan and €14.40 excl. VAT/month/user for a monthly schedule. It integrates all the features needed to start a project  and optimizes collaborative management and reusable templates.
  2. The Business package is available from €22 excl. VAT/month/user for annual billing or €26.40 excl. VAT/month/user for monthly billing. It contains the features offered by the Team pack but includes additional features such as personalized views, versioning, automation, or even advanced settings.
  3. The Enterprise package is intended for the most significant perimeters or demanding companies. This is a tailor-made pack including a reporting module, deployment support, telephone support, personalized interface configuration (even access to specific developments, as an option), and offered training in addition to all the features provided by the Business plan.

In Summary

Bubble Plan is one of the best solutions for companies and communities that want to offload specific tasks related to project management, optimize their monitoring and improve their internal collaboration. It is even adapted to the needs of students and individuals. In addition to facilitating project management and planning, it is ideal for highlighting all your ideas and carrying out visual brainstorming. 

The only downside during our use is the readability of the schedules. Indeed, depending on the size of the columns, the elements tend to overlap in the macro view, even if they are represented in different colors. As a final verdict, after using this software, we can say that not only is Bubble Plan a complete project management solution, but one of the best, most accessible, and affordable software on the market.

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