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Top 10 Benefits Of A Cloud-Based Project Management Software

Project the executives continually change as it advances. Consequently, it requires state-of-the-art innovations and consistently forward-thinking best practices to meet client demands and carry the organization to greatness. If you want to get everything rolling with another cloud-based project, board programming or want to be well-equipped by presenting new apparatuses, read on: you will find the main ten benefits of this arrangement.


What Is Cloud-Based Project Management?

“Project the board” is the most common way of arranging, observing, and lastly conveying projects. Sorting them out on a cloud permits the director to store information and impart and relegate errands on a safe web-based stage that is effectively open to all gatherings.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Using Cloud-Based Project Management?

The primary advantages of utilizing cloud-based projects on the board are convenience, expanded efficiency and security, further developed correspondence, diminished general costs and saving time, and expanded benefits for small and eye-to-eye groups.

What Features Do The Best Cloud-Based Project Management Software Offer?

While picking your cloud-based project the executives programming, make sure that it generally has an errand the board framework, time following instruments, specialized utilitarian apparatuses, a cooperative altering and record of the executive’s framework, and the capacity to get to it safely from all gadgets.

It Requires No Installation And Is Simple To Set Up

It is only possible to talk about cloud-based project management software by mentioning one of its key features. While traditional server-based systems involve downloading many files or buying hardware to support their size, cloud-based software is accessible from any browser: create an account to start using its functions without wasting time with lengthy installations and complicated settings.

Cloud systems increase costs based on the number of users enrolled, but businesses looking to expand should instead look for a solution that keeps costs fixed for the whole team, so you can add as many members as you want without price changes.

As far as ease of use is concerned, the big platforms stand out again for their simplicity of setting up and offering video tutorials and detailed instructions. Thanks to their help and the presence of an accessible and complete help desk, the world of project management software will have no more secrets for you.

Offers A High Level Of Security

One of the main problems that companies that work with large numbers of documents are faced with is the possibility of losing the physical object (such as an external hard drive or laptop) where the data is collected.

 With the cloud-based project management system, this fear will disappear. In case of loss of the access device, it will be enough to block the account in question to avoid data leaks. Still, the documents will remain intact in a digital database accessible to all other users.

The cloud-based project management software offers world-class security built into its features without forcing you to spend more on securing your system with add-on solutions. Thanks to a well-organized password system, you can prevent access to documents and data from anyone outside your company. If you create a public website, you can count on protocols such as SSL without contacting an expert web admin to help you in the enterprise.

The Initial Investment Is Minimal (And Also The Long-Term)

As you will indeed have seen, cloud-based project management has now become a consolidated reality: more and more companies, tiny ones, prefer to switch to this kind of system because of the advantages and ease of use of the cloud, which avoids having to equip yourself with servers and personal security systems. 

The initial costs of such software are accessible to all budgets thanks to free trials or at reasonable prices: trying out its functions and choosing the one that best suits your needs will be even more straightforward and the investment of money minimal.

Avant-garde. Many cloud system managers offer free technical support to those with the highest cost plans, thus eliminating maintenance expenses and allowing companies to focus their money on hiring new talent and acquiring tools all the time. However, for those who cannot afford to pay more, do not worry: it is always possible to rely on tutorials full of resources accessible to all.

The User Experience Is Simple And Customizable

The more a project to manage is long and complex, the more it will need a simple-to-use system. You will realize that often the difficult decisions are also the ones to be made faster and that it is only possible to work in the right way with a cloud-based project management software that is customizable and adaptable to your requests.

While traditional tools force you to work from the office, thanks to the cloud, you can transform any place into a workplace: all you need is a working internet connection. If you then want to guarantee maximum security and choose who can access specific documents and who cannot, personalization will allow you to select the users you want and limit or increase the actions they can take to avoid unwanted changes to the documents.

Allows Quick And Easy Access For Administrators And Employees

One of the benefits of cloud-based project management software is that it eliminates the need for a personal server. This will be enough to choose a username and password to access the system, eliminating all the parts dedicated to instruction manuals and understanding the complicated installation and operating mechanisms.

The information is stored on external servers. Still, the administrators control it directly: thanks to their intervention, suppliers and customers can access the system easily thanks to an account created especially for the occasion. Through the search functions and the ability to put tasks in your favorites, then keeping at hand what you need will prove even easier.

Improve Collaboration Between Team Members

Cloud-based project management software has many advantages; one of the most interesting is the ability to spur teams to adopt more efficient collaborative work practices. A complete system capable of concentrating all the valuable tools in a single space eliminates the risk of losing information between one email exchange and another, reducing general timescales and allowing anyone involved in the project to access updates, notifications and future deadlines with just a few clicks.

And if you want to make resources available to complete a specific task, you have a perfect space at your disposal. Instead of uploading files that will soon prove obsolete, you can insert a link to a collaborative document that each team member can edit and update, collaborating to complete the project profitably while providing other colleagues with what they may need.

Allows You To Connect From Any Device

Often the most critical projects are born thanks to the contribution of several people far from each other. For this reason, it is essential that a cloud-based project management software allows access from any device to all staff members to allow anyone to reply to emails, receive notifications or assign new tasks wherever they are.

Suppose an emergency occurs, and you need to get a quick response to keep a project from stalling. In that case, the ability to receive notifications directly to your mobile device will prove to be providential. Without forgetting the collaboration with external users: not only will it not be necessary to let them access the system, but they will be able to work comfortably from their offices without even having to change the operating system.

Increase Overall Productivity

Another key (and useful) feature of cloud-based project management software is the ability to increase the productivity of all staff by offering essential tools such as automation. Algorithms can perform an enormous amount of tasks, which can significantly reduce the number of your activities to leave you the time necessary to take care of more important tasks.

For example, try setting up the system to automatically assign one task after the previous one is finished to set workflows in motion without needing your intervention. Thanks to time tracking tools, however, you can control the time spent completing each task and encourage your team members to measure their efficiency by directly seeing how much their work contributes to the completion of the project, thus further increasing overall productivity.

Help Both In-Person And Remote Teams

The most modern and efficient companies are certainly not intimidated by the possibility of hiring talent far from their country of origin: expanding job opportunities even to people who live far away can present many advantages and offer various benefits to the company. To make this scenario possible, however, you need a single cloud-based project management software that all your colleagues can access, whether they work remotely or are employed in their presence.

A permanently connected and cohesive team is a definite possibility that no manager should miss: however far away your colleagues are, thanks to good software, it will be possible to work on the same document without wasting time exchanging files and emails, contributing to creating an atmosphere of community that stimulates collaboration and decreases the feeling of isolation typical of remote work.

This formula also allows you certain flexibility: you can choose whether to extend the possibility of working from home to your colleagues in the presence of exceptional circumstances, demonstrating that you care about their well-being

Saves Time

Now that you’ve come to the end of these points that offer answers to the question, “what are the main benefits of using cloud project management?” you’re certainly curious to know how you can save time with this solution. Working faster is a fundamental factor distinguishing you from your rivals.

 It is easy to say: software of this kind allows you to organize the time frame in which projects are carried out and determine how long it will take you and your team to complete them without wasting hours modifying elements or going back to your steps to correct any mistakes.

Rely on tools like Gantt charts, which clearly show projects and the duration of each phase on a calendar. Such an arrangement will allow you and your team to track work progress and changes to the roadmap in real-time and send notifications to alert project participants. And if the outcome has proved to be a success, you have to replicate the scheme by saving the workflow to reuse it.

Take Advantage Of The Power Of Cloud-Based Project Management Software Now.

Once you understand the benefits that a cloud-based project management software can offer, it’s time to find the right one. As difficult as it may be at first, with this guide’s help, navigating through the various market proposals will be much easier.

By now, more and more companies have chosen Bitrix24 for its many functions: thanks to the right tools concentrated in a single software, you will be able to communicate with colleagues, manage your projects, create your website and much more: what are you waiting for to try it? You won’t be able to do without it anymore!

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