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The 10 Best Chrome Extensions For ChatGPT

At the junction of artificial consciousness and web perusing, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has turned into an essential device. A few Chrome expansions have been made for ChatGPT to assist clients with capitalizing on this innovation. This article presents a rundown of the ten best ChatGPT expansions for Chrome that can change how you peruse the web and exploit OpenAI’s GPT innovation. It’s an obvious fact that ChatGPT immensely affects enhancing the everyday efficiency of advanced advertisers and Website optimization experts.

While hanging tight for modules that incorporate straightforwardly with the arrangement, working with this artificial consciousness-based chatbot is more proficient because of the combined Chrome expansions created by outsider designers. With new Chrome augmentations that exploit GPT-3 and GPT-4 coming out each week, numerous specialists are perplexed and confused about which Google Chrome expansion is best for ChatGPT. This article has picked the ten best (and generally helpful). OK, how about we go?


Indeed, even today, one of the fundamental burdens of ChatGPT is the absence of admittance to forward-thinking data. If reordering the most recent logical data into the order brief somewhat minimizes this issue, a WebChatGPT Chrome expansion makes query output content accessible in the order brief. This augmentation offers three methods for tracking down data on the web.

  1. Get information from a search results list (you can set the number of results to analyze).
  2. Extract information from a single URL (just use the /page: command and paste the URL to use as the source).
  3. Forces using a single information source to extract information from search results (using the source page URL used after the /site: command). 


AIPRM for ChatGPT is one of the most famous Chrome expansions joined with OpenAI’s chatbots. The module contains many articles for various errands, from making whole articles to re-altering human-looking text to additional particular undertakings, for example, making title labels and meta depictions. Gives free admittance to prompts.

ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer is a Chrome extension that is of particular interest to professionals who use Gmail to manage their professional (or personal) emails daily.This tool lets you import ChatGPT functionality directly into Gmail or another webmail. When enabled, ChatGPT Writer automatically retrieves the last email received. Users only need to create prompts to help them write their answers.


YouTubeDigest is a free Chrome extension that uses ChatBOTs AI to create YouTube video digests with auto-generated transcripts without the user having to play the entire video. In the plugin settings, you can choose several types of summaries (bullets, paragraphs, etc.) and their length. Then you can select the preview language.

Once these parameters have been validated, the YouTube video will display a new Summary button. Click this button to create a summary with the number of bullets or paragraphs defined by the settings. This extension also allows you to copy or export the generated textPDF, DOCX, or plain text.

ChatGPT For Google

ChatGPT for Google is a Chrome extension that allows you to paste ChatGPT responses directly into Google search results on the right side of your search results. The latter allows us to complement the search results that the world’s number 1 search engine naturally provides interestingly.


Talk-to-ChatGPT is an interesting extension that makes ChatGPT accessible to people who prefer to use their voice to create prompts rather than the keyboard. This easy-to-use extension lets you talk to ChatGPT through your microphone. The tool then converts speech to text and provides an AI-generated voice response. The official extension supports all major languages ​​and is available on the ChatGPT homepage. Thanks to Google Chrome’s voice recognition and text-to-speech technology, it’s a great alternative to ChatGPT.

YouTube & Article Summaries Powered By ChatGPT 

YouTube and Article Outlines Controlled By ChatGPT is a free Chrome expansion that bridles the force of OpenAI’s ChatGPT to give quick and exact synopses of YouTube recordings and web articles. Click the review button on the thumbnail of the video you are keen on to get a fast look at the substance. For articles, the expansion works the same way. The expansion catches central issues and thoughts from article and video records, so you can catch key thoughts and ideas without survey or perusing the whole article.

Working with YouTube is the same as working with YouTubeDigest


Monica is a truly versatile virtual assistant powered by AI. Always visible on the right side of the window, this assistant helps you translate texts, synthesize longer texts, explain unfamiliar words, and even create tasks (blog posts, emails, social media posts). Many predefined prompts are available in the user interface to save time during use. The free version allows 30 queries per day.

Tweet GPT

TweetGPT is a Chrome extension that helps you compose tweets. It is integrated directly into the tweet writing interface and offers various tones.

ChatGenie For ChatGPT

ChatGenie for ChatGPT is a Chrome extension that gives you quick access to the ChatGPT interface from any website. With this extension enabled, your ChatGPT session will periodically ping the tool and stay active longer. So you will save time by accessing the simplified interface and not having to reconnect constantly. Open your AI account.

ChatGPT Chrome Extension FAQ

Are These Chrome Extensions For ChatGPT Free? 

Most of them are completely free. However, some offer advanced options through paid subscriptions.

Do I Need A ChatGPT Plus Account To Use These Extensions? 

No record can utilize these augmentations with the free rendition of ChatGPT. As far as some might be concerned, it is more straightforward to involve an exceptional record as it ensures a network to the help and admittance to GPT-4.

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