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Seven Online Collaboration Tools You Need To Try

Online collaboration tools are crucial to increasing the productivity of a team. When you decide to expand your business’s scope, you must create a collaborative network with people who can support your business. You know what they say, alone you go faster, but in a group, you go far. 

If your idea is to create a structured project without unnecessary diversification of the offer, but with a higher volume of customers and a richer portfolio, you need to improve your work. This is also why you need the best business collaboration software. There are many, free and paid. Here are the best solutions you can exploit with collaborators, colleagues, customers, and possible contacts.

Use Google Drive To Work As A Team

The starting point for creating a collaborative network worthy of the name: is Google Drive, i.e., a cloud platform that allows you to store documents online, create text and spreadsheets, and share everything with collaborators via email.

Thanks to Gmail, one of the best Google applications for managing email, everything is simplified. But also an essential condition for creating a Drive account. If you need a starting point to create a shared online office with your collaborators and clients, this is the basis to consider.

Collaboration Tools: Hangout

If we talk about tools to work better with your team, one of the best platforms for creating video meetings must be addressed. Sure, it’s seen by many as a great software for creating webinars. But it can also be used as an internal video platform to create a virtuous communication flow.

Remember that Hangout can create group chats for up to 150 people, video calls with up to 10 contacts simultaneously, and direct videos via YouTube to enrich your public profile with extra content.

Loom, Record And Create Tutorials From The Browser

Within the team, it may always be necessary to give detailed explanations to colleagues. You can use the excellent Loom to create clear explanations about the new features of a tool, a site, or any other business.

That is a Chrome extension that allows you to create video recordings to be archived in a shared online space. It can also be useful for creating tutorials to pass on to customers or as a content marketing tool.

Dropbox, Your Company’s Online Archive

Drive also does this job. But there are several benefits you can take advantage of from your Dropbox account. First, you have to consider the possibility of creating a business account dedicated precisely to business needs:

  1. Advanced administrative controls.
  2. Advanced management tools.
  3. Coordination of updates.
  4. All the space you need.

That’s right, and if you are looking for a tool to create shared folders with various team sections, this is the right tool. You can work without fear of running out of space, also because this online collaboration tool effectively provides intelligent synchronization to free up space from your hard drive.

Trello, Business Collaboration Software

A complete business collaboration software perfect for developing complex projects with collaborators. How does this tool work? It resumes the agile methodology: there are columns in which the tasks are inserted, i.e., the projects to be completed. Each vertical section identifies the status of the task.

  1. Still needs to be started.
  2. Under processing.
  3. Terminated.

This, of course, is to simplify and explain the role of this business collaboration tool. Each task can be enriched with texts, documents, images, and other tools to clarify the work. Plus, you can share entire boards with your workgroup, so you work like a real team.

Slack, How To Use Web Company Chat

This is a good solution for those who need a point of reference concerning internal communication. Among the tools for internal communication between companies, Slack offers a great solution for sending messages and files within a contact group. Perfect for integrating with Skype, Twitter, and Google Drive as well.

In reality, the collaborative opportunities widen greatly, touching Google Calendar and Trello. Furthermore, the possibility of using this application from any smartphone and a web browser makes everything more flexible.

Yammer, Enterprise Collaborative Social

Once upon a time, there was an intranet and an internal company network. Today many functions of a similar solution are solved by the various Google Drive and Dropbox. Still, you can focus on corporate social networks such as Yammer to facilitate internal communication. 

That is a reality that allows you to create a communication flow. Obviously, within an organization. Yammer allows you to manage documents and share what you’ve created and designed. You could organize video meetings, remote meetings, and everything you need to improve home teleworking.

The Tools For Online Collaboration

Thanks to the internet, these are the tools for working in a team. Also, have I listed tools that can solve the problems of remote working? Leave your comments.

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