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Send WhatsApp Messages Automatically With The Cloud API

The most effective method to utilize WhatsApp Cloud Programming interface to organizations sends messages consequently: Google Sheets speaks with the informing application to send correspondences en masse, which is exceptionally valuable for experts. The capacity to send WhatsApp messages in mass is an excellent apparatus for those experts and organizations who need to stay in contact with their clients.

The new WhatsApp Cloud Programming interface permits engineers to incorporate texting capabilities inside their applications free of charge. We should take a stab at sending WhatsApp messages naturally to a gathering of contacts utilizing the new Cloud Programming interface and Google Sheets: inside an accounting sheet.

We will enter the rundown of clients, the name of the arranged item, the conveyance date and the cell phone number of the client: the data will be handled with the Facebook-Meta Programming interface, and a customized WhatsApp message will be conveyed to each contact.

For this model, we depend on the technique outlined by Amit Agarwal, a “foundation” for making various administrations and stages exchanges. On Computerized Motivation, Agarwal makes sense of how to make a new application on the Facebook-Meta engineer stage and afterwards taps into the substance of a Google bookkeeping sheet to gather the information to send as a WhatsApp message. To begin, go to the Meta for Designers page and tap ” Make an application

The subsequent stage is to give the application a name. After tapping on the Make application, you should choose WhatsApp and tap the Arrange button in a similar box. Facebook furnishes every designer with a test WhatsApp telephone number that will be set as the default telephone number for sending messages.  You can design up to 5 phone numbers concerning beneficiaries’ phone numbers during the application test.

The WhatsApp application shows a transitory access token legitimate for 24 hours – make a note of this alongside the URL displayed in the case Stage 2: Send messages with the Programming interface, as you will require this data later. After finishing the confirmation method for the shown telephone number, you can tap on Communicate something specific and check that the WhatsApp Cloud Programming interface will make an impression on the demonstrated number.

You can tap on Make message format to choose the WhatsApp layout to make: a see of the correspondence you are getting ready is displayed on the right. The following stage is to choose a message layout (for our model, you could select Record Update ) and afterwards give it a name: for our situation, we entered message_update.

Italian can be determined in correspondence with the language setting. In the message field, you can enter the message via WhatsApp. By composing something like the accompanying, the message will be altered by the substance in the calculation sheet:

  1. Hello {{1}}, and thank you for choosing us.
  2. Item {{2}} will be shipped on {{3}}.
  3. For more information, visit our website.
  4. Sincerely

The various {{1}}, {{2}} and {{3}} are “placeholders” that the script contained in the Google spreadsheet will replace with the information present in the document itself. By clicking on this link and then on the Create a copy button, you can copy the test spreadsheet that allows you to send WhatsApp messages to your Google user account automatically.

With a click on the Extensions menu, Apps Script, you access the code that allows you to read the spreadsheet’s content and process it with WhatsApp. Instead of Your token here, the long alphanumeric token previously copied from the Meta for Developers page must be indicated. At the same time, your template name must be replaced with the name of the chosen model.

A little further down, it must be specified instead of en, while the URL that begins with https://graph.facebook.com/v13.0/ must be replaced with the one that can be deduced from the box Step 2: send messages with the API in the Meta for Developers screen. When the message appears Google has not verified this app click Open WhatsApp (not secure), then click Allow next to Make sure WhatsApp is trusted . 

The spreadsheet is set up with English preferences for date and time format. To change them to Italian, click on File, Settings, then choose Italy and Rome as the time zone. Select those entered in the Delivery Date column to obtain dates in Italian format, then click on Format, Number, and Date.

The spreadsheet’s content can be modified by personalizing first and last names, product names, delivery dates and telephone numbers. Telephone numbers must be entered by specifying the international prefix (39 in the case of Italy) without prefixing any 0 or the + symbol. In the Apps Script window, press the Run button at the top to ensure that WhatsApp messages are automatically sent using the Cloud API. The content of the message and the script are freely customizable to adapt to your needs and business.

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