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MyEnvoyAir – Steps To Login At My.Envoyair.com Portal

MyEnvoyAir is one of the finest American airlines, which was launched in 1998 and became the largest regional airline with an alliance of many company groups. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Airlines Group, with its headquarters in Irving, Texas. Before allying with American airlines, it was under American eagle airlines. Now, Envoy Air is scheduled and operated by American Airlines. The airline has been top-rated due to its excellent service. The first flight was operated by Metro Airlines, owned by Houston Metro Airlines.

Envoy Air has a fleet of more than 100 flights running daily from various locations across the United States with a team of more than 18000 working employees. Envoy Air’s purpose is to provide premium aircraft to the passengers who travel by their airlines and comfort, safety, and security to their families. So, these exceptional services made Envoy Air the most trusted airline among other airlines in the United States.

Every airline has an online web portal to provide the information and availability of their services, flight timings, make bookings, etc. Similarly, Myenvoyair is a website designed exclusively for employees of Envoy Air and American Airlines. The web portal provides information regarding schedules, shifts, daily duties of the employees, the latest updates, news, and information about the airline. American Airlines has the most extensive network and travel history in the entire airline industry. We will see further about the MyEnvoyAir login portal.

All about MyEnvoyAir Website

Myenvoyair website is one of the best website portals connecting employees. It provides information on schemes, bookings, individual accounts, benefits, onboarding, travel history, employment verification, pilots’ careers, flight attendance, customer service, mechanics, professional simulator instructors, corporate, and internships. You will also find details like job openings, training courses, medical benefits, information on the financial perks of the employees, information on retirement plans and benefits, benefits like incentives for better performance, the Employee Credit Union, etc.

The employee must have an AA ID and password to log in to the website. The employee must complete the registration process to create an account on the MyEnvoyAir web portal of American Airlines. The employees need to complete the registration process to access the web portal. After creating an account on the website, the employees must remember the AA ID and password to log in. The employees are reassured if they forget their user id or password as there is an option to reset them on the web portal. The first-timers should complete the registration; from then on, all they need is the AA ID and password. The information furnished on the web portal helps the employees in a big way.

Login and Registration process on MyEnvoyAir

To log onto the MyEnvoyAir web portal, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Open Myenvoyair.com on your web browser.
  • Enter your AA ID and password you created during the registration process.
  • Click the login or sign-in option to enter the website.

If you are accessing the Myenvoyair web portal for the first time, then you should complete the registration process. Register your account using your Employee/Contractor number on the web portal by following these steps.

  • Open Myenvoyair.com on any of the web browsers.
  • Click on the option, First Time user.
  • Then click on Register Now.
  • After selecting the Register now option, you are redirected to another page where you must enter your Employee/Contractor Number.
  • Finally, click on the Submit button.

Travelling privileges on American Airlines

Travelling with American airlines is an unprecedented experience for travellers. It is one of the finest airlines in the world. The services and benefits provided by Envoy Air are unmatchable, and so are the discounts to families of working employees. Envoy employees enjoy the benefits and advantages given by the airlines. Employees get Zonal employee discounts (ZED). Besides getting benefits from Envoy Air, the employees also get discounts and packages from other airlines. One of the best features they provide its employees is they can share their travel passes with family and friends. They also get equal benefits. The employee who registers on the MyEnvoyAir website gets not only unlimited personal travel passes in economic classes but also in executive classes too. The 6700 flights of Envoy Air cover 330 destinations across the world daily, which is an astonishing achievement.

Benefits To The Employees of EnvoyAir

All airlines offer the best benefits to their travellers and employees. Envoy Air offers medical packages to employees that include three medical checkups, dental options, vision, and basic life. They also provide insurance to the employees like other aircraft, but the insurance coverage American Airlines provides to their employees benefits them and their families. The employees get insurance coverage for almost all medical checkups and treatment of minor and critical illnesses with intensive care. The employees get treated in emergency care special ambulances that are provided for employees.

Envoy Air employees can take sick leave and vacation leaves. They get paid leaves for illness and paid vacation for one week to 4 weeks depending on experience.

  • For one year of airline experience, the employee can acclaim a paid leave of one week.
  • Working with airlines over the years, the employee can acclaim a paid leave of up to four weeks.

Career Development Programs For Employees

Employees are not treated just as mere workers in Envoy Air. They are trained and motivated to perfectly enhance their skills while discharging their duties. They are provided with proper guidance to achieve their goals in their personal life and professional life. The airlines provide enough resources to increase their potential. Envoy Air acts as a guiding force to its employees. The employees also get job-based training online. MyEnvoyAir web portal gives a clear idea about their administration and functioning. Everything on the site is up-to-date. So the employees can access their records on the portal.

How Much Does Envoy Air Pay Its employees?

Envoy Air gives healthy salary packages for all its employees, considering their experience. Besides regular salaries, the employees also get monthly bonuses and increments when they meet their targets. Employees get involved in their operational goals. How fabulous is it to know Envoy Air is the world’s first airline that shares profits with its employees.

Main aspects of the Myenvoyair web portal

  • Envoy Air is an American Airline that has been working since 1998.
  • 18000 working staff with 6700 daily flights covering 330 destinations.
  • MyEnvoyAir web portal provides complete information about the operational structure of the airline.
  • The passengers get a premium travelling experience with American Airlines.
  • Huge benefits, pay slips, insurance, growth, and career development programs for employees.
  • Employees can also have free aircraft rides and discounts on other airlines.

Contact Address

  • Customer support is available 24/7.
  • 4301 Regent Blvd, Irving, TX 75063.
  • Envoy.News@aa.com
  • Phone:9723745200
  • Fax: 8179673816


Myenvoyair is the perfect platform for company employees to get complete information about schemes, discounts, medical benefits, retirement plans, training programs, shifts, schedules, etc. It is a complete digital guide for employees and their records.

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