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NewasianTv – Watch Asian Movies, Dramas & Shows [2023]

Are you searching for a website that streams Asian movies, tv shows, and drama? NewAsianTv is a popular platform for watching and downloading Asian movies and shows. It features Asian movies distinguished into various categories, such as Korean, Thai, Philippine, Taiwanese, and Chinese. Asian dramas are also available under different sections, such as Chinese drama, Japanese drama, Thai drama, Korean drama, etc.

Newasiantv has a lot of exciting movies and dramas with gripping storylines as well as action movies. The website offers full-on entertainment to its users. Apart from these fantastic elements, like the amazing collection of movies and drama series on the NewasianTV website, the users can watch or download the content without paying a single penny. There may be many alternatives to this website, but NewAsianTv has a huge fan base. This website is free of cost.

If you are bored and do not know how to spend your leisure, then visit the website, which offers complete entertainment and keeps you occupied.

Suppose you are a regular browser of movies and Asian dramas on the internet and looking for a versatile platform to download interesting Korean and Chinese dramas. In that case, NewasianTv is the best when it comes to the collection of Asian Series.

Over the years, NewAsianTv has become one of the most visited Korean and Chinese movie download Websites.

Many other website owners have winded up due to a lack of funds to renew their websites or other problems like copyright claims.

This website has a lot of content that will gain your attention; especially youth are huge fans of this website.

Youth across the globe are diehard fans of Korean and Chinese dramas. Nowadays, even middle-aged and elderly people are watching Asian movies and dramas.

The Simple Interface of NewAsianTv

The interface of NewasianTv is simple yet unique. The latest content is uploaded every hour.

  • New Drama
  • New movie
  • New K-show
  • New episodes
  • New ongoing

All the Asian movies, dramas, and series are featured with high quality that can be played on bigger devices like TVs and desktops. The movies with resolutions 480P and 720P are for smaller devices like mobiles, Tablets, laptops, etc. Several Korean series featured on most OTT platforms are updated on the NewasianTV database, which is followed by millions of people.

The Statistical Data of Newasiantv

The net worth of NewasianTv is approximately 2,920 USD. The estimated traffic to the website is 342 page views per day. It has followers mainly from Pakistan. According to Alexa, the global rank of the newasiantv. one is 80.091.

Best Movies Featured on NewAsianTV

Some of the best movies are uploaded on the NewAsianTv website. Visitors can find several Asian movies and dramas on the website. Asian movies are ranked second in the world after Hollywood movies in collections. This website updates not only Asian movies but also Hollywood movies too. The website features Hollywood movies dubbed into Asian languages.

Here we give you some of the best uploads of movies in Chinese, Japanese, Hongkong, Korean, etc.

  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2000
  • Penthouse
  • My Forever Sunshine
  • Starry Night (2011)
  • Breathless (2008)
  • Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
  • Memories Of Murder (2003)
  • Seven Samurai (1954)
  • Shinobi: The Heart Under Blade (2005)
  • 13 Assassins (2010)
  • Titanic
  • Avatar
  • Spiderman Series
  • Batman Series
  • Black Panther Series
  • Speed Series
  • Jacki Chan Movies
  • Bruce Lee Collection
  • Be With You
  • Twisted Fate of Love
  • What is wrong with Secretary Kim?

Steps To Stream And Download Content From NewAsianTv

Downloading content from NewAsianTv is easy, but many people stream the episodes rather than downloading them. Few download the episode for future viewing. Let us see how we can download movies from this website.

  • Visit the website on your web browser.
  • Select a movie or a drama.
  • Click on the movie link of your choice.
  • A page containing information regarding movies, series, or dramas will open.
  • Live streaming is available if you want to stream the content.
  • If you want to download, click on the download option.

A few server links available on the website are as follows.

  • Standard server
  • Stream tape
  • Streamsb
  • Doodstream
  • Xstreamxcdn
  • Mixdrop

If you press the download button, these servers provide you the link to download the files to your devices.

Movie Categories On The NewAsianTv Website

These website categories are focused on Asian movies, dramas, and series. Asian movies offer a lot to movie lovers.

  • Action
  • Action series
  • Comedy
  • Film noir
  • Biography
  • Crime
  • Adventure
  • Suspense
  • Horror
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Sc-fi

Working Alternative Websites of NewAsianTv

There are many alternative websites to NewAsianTv. Some of them are equally famous as NewasianTv. These websites have distinguished features. Some websites are still ruling the audience’s hearts. But some of them failed to get the attention of the audience. But these alternative websites are still working.

  • Rakuten Viki. Drama go
  • Drama nice
  • Good Drama
  • Drama Fire
  • Kiss Asian
  • dram cool
  • My Drama List
  • View Asian

Best Dramas Available On NewAsianTv

It is successfully running because it publishes the best Korean dramas on its platform. Users visit the websites to download daily uploads of Korean and Chinese dramas. Many sensational hit dramas and series are featured on this website in HD quality. Old to new and ongoing drama series are featured on NewAsianTv. A few examples are listed here.

  • Go squid (2019)
  • My girlfriend is an alien (2019) (2 seasons)
  • Love 020
  • Battle of Changsha (2014)
  • Crash course of romance (2023) KOREAN
  • Ko kudu: season of deity (2023) KOREAN
  • Payback: money and power (2023) KOREAN
  • The forbidden marriage (2022) KOREAN
  • The interests of love (2023) KOREAN
  • May I help you (2022)
  • Curtain call (2022)
  • Our blooming youth (2023)
  • Alchemy of souls. Seasons 2: Lights and shadow (2022)

Other Domains of NewAsianTV

NewAsianTv domain names may change due to security issues. From time to time, new and changed domain names appear and are made available for users.

  • NewAsiaTv.in
  • NewAsianTv.com
  • NewAsiantv.info
  • NewAsianTv.me
  • NewAsianTv.co

Is NewAsianTv Safe To Use?

NewAsianTv is safe to download the content if used rarely. However, the content links on the website may carry malicious stuff. The explicit content disturbs our browsing and makes our system vulnerable to viruses. And this NewAsianTv publishes copied content from OTTs, Tv channels, and theatres. Many people love downloading content from this website, ignoring that websites carry illegal stuff that may harm our devices. On this website, movie streaming and downloading are free.

Final Say

NewAsianTv is the best source for watching K-dramas, Chinese dramas, best Asian movies, Korean movies, Thai movies, Philippine movies, Taiwanese movies, and Chinese movies. The website allows users to download and stream content for free. The website is an illegal website that streams unauthorized content. But if you are interested in watching the content, use a good VPN to access the website safely. Our website will not promote illegal websites like NewAsianTv. We suggest our users support legal platforms.

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