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Conducting An Advertising Campaign On LinkedIn

Are you also on the lookout for good deals for your online business? We have something that might interest you. How about starting advertising campaigns on the LinkedIn network at a lower cost? Each summer, the network of professionals invites its users to make the most of its functions by setting up advertising campaigns at meager prices.

The Release Of LinkedIn’s 2020 Seasonality Report

Since July 2, 2020, LinkedIn’s annual seasonality report is now available and can be viewed online. This is created every year, almost simultaneously, to warn advertisers of the drop in prices on the CPC of the platform during the summer period. Indeed, LinkedIn offers a Cost Per Click much lower than its ordinary rates for the same visibility provided.

LinkedIn: A Growing Network

The last few years have marked a decisive turning point for this platform. She was able to register more and more new members. Today, on average, LinkedIn has three new registrations every second. This shows how many professionals there are and, above all, how much the visibility and reliability of this network attract crowds. LinkedIn has become the essential platform for meeting job offers and job demands in a few years. 

A completely different way to put yourself forward and land the job of your dreams or the employee that meets your needs. But not only. Indeed, on this network, many professionals seek to reach new prospects and future customers. The platform thus constitutes a unique showcase to highlight the services and products they offer.

Why Was The Summer Period Chosen For This Drop In CPC?

In theory, everything would suggest that during this holiday period, the network would experience a drop in traffic because most companies see a good part of their employees go on holiday. But in reality, it is nothing. Even during the summer, the network registers many visits. 

The traffic increases and remains constant during this period, which is nevertheless low in the year. Thus, the summer is the ideal period for the launch of inexpensive and even more effective campaigns. The numbers speak for themselves. LinkedIn shared with its users relatively attractive rates for advertisers. In particular, a CPC decreases when the CTR, on the contrary, increases.

Explanation Of The Critical Figures Put Forward By LinkedIn

For lay people, it is necessary to explain exactly what these two acronyms correspond to, as they are widespread in the digital world. In digital marketing, CPC is Cost Per Click. Advertisers proceed to auctions to position themselves on keywords related to their activity when an advertising campaign is launched. 

The CPC is, therefore, the amount below which the auction cannot begin. In other words, the more a keyword is solicited and used, the higher its CPC will be. Last year, for example, the platform recorded a CPC of around 0.75 almost throughout July. This is equivalent to a CPC twice cheaper than that offered in ordinary times. 

The CTR, meanwhile, is none other than the “Click Through Rate.” In India, it simply corresponds to Click Rate. Based on last summer’s figures, the network of professionals guarantees a CTR increase of at least 1.4% again this year. Relatively good news for our advertisers looking for conversions on their website.

Fallout Beyond Summer

According to LinkedIn, companies that intend to stay active on the platform during the summer holidays are generally “rewarded” or instead encouraged. In other words, all the advertisers who maintain the same pace as that implemented throughout the year, excluding the summer period, follow a long-term strategy. Take advantage of your competitors being absent from showcasing yourself better. 

The advertisers who recorded the most conversions in the months following the summer period could remain present throughout the buying process. Staying active during the summer is a competitive advantage more than anything else. Generally, this makes it possible to maintain a sure consistency that we observe in particular, thanks to the different engagement rates recorded by their activity. 

This carried presence also guarantees the brands’ positioning and relevance in their field of activity. It is no longer a question here of offering to advertise to prospects only when the company’s activity is at its strongest but also of aiming to establish a certain notoriety or even credibility in the eyes of the target. Our experts specialized in Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads will be able to guide you on the appropriate periods to launch your various advertising campaigns on the web. Contact our agency as soon as possible!

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