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Hotline: Facebook’s New Chat App

The Facebook platform brings innovations to its operation. To better adapt to current developments and the needs of its many users, the social network recently launched a live audio conference service where it is possible to activate the video and record the exchanges. Hotline, since that’s what it’s all about, is the new Facebook conversation application that draws great inspiration from Clubhouse, Instagram, and Zoom. It is characterized, in particular, by innovative functionalities. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Facebook Hotline app.

A Q&A App Inspired By Clubhouse

With this new Hotline conversation service, Facebook allows users to conduct question-and-answer sessions in writing. These multimedia sessions can be done live and interactively. This option notably mimics a function taken from the Instagram application. This is not yet available on Clubhouse. This feature allows speakers to have the ability to choose their guests who can intervene in a session, meeting, or conference. Thus, remotely, users can enjoy an instant session and discover more things, thanks to experts. 

For their part, the latter can better increase their business by offering their expertise remotely. A “speaker’s” area is located to the left of the screen on the computer or at the top on mobile. The event’s host’s presentation is carried out in this space through a live video stream or a round profile icon. All people participating in the session are displayed with their profile picture on the right or below. 

The questions in writing are accessible to other participants who can vote for or against them. Also, the creator of the discussion space can answer questions by consulting this section and possibly, if he wishes, invite listeners to “the stage” for a discussion. Until further notice, their profile picture lets you see welcomed audience members. In any case, a choice to empower video by the audience exists in the settings. As for the other listeners present, they can use emoticons such as, for example,

Live Video And Systematic Recording Of Sessions

The other major innovation with this new Hotline application from Facebook is the optimal control the creator of discussion spaces has over their created event. Indeed, they can delete any questions deemed inappropriate or even remove participants from the session. During Facebook’s tests, the emphasis was placed first on moderation and the withdrawal of any participant who does not respect the standards of the community put in place by Facebook. 

The Hotline chat service allows users to access the platform with Twitter credentials to avoid possible moderation concerns. The verification of identities could be done by SMS. Another major innovation of Facebook’s Hotline is the possibility of activating video during multimedia sessions and recording exchanges. A digital copy can be sent to the organizer. Quite the opposite at the Clubhouse level. Users can join a session for free, and the audience size is not limited. However, this provision could evolve as the various experiments of the Facebook teams continue.

Hotline: A More Professional And Calibrated Application

Compared to other media services like Clubhouse Or Zoom, the Hotline conversation application is more professional and calibrated. Rising social media star Clubhouse, which emphasizes intimacy on a large scale, is seen as more spontaneous and nebulous. On the strength of this image of professionalism, Hotline’s live video and audio functionalities have already been extended to Facebook and Instagram. 

A Facebook research and development group experimented with Erik Hazzard’s diligence. The latter joined the Facebook group when it acquired Californian social media “tbh,” its question-and-answer application. Thus, to better boost the growth of Hotline, this team is currently experimenting with many multimedia products such as:

  1. the CatchUp audio calling app,
  2. the Venue Q&A app,
  3. collaborative music apps Collab and BARS, etc.

Facebook and its teams have found these formats, particularly encouraging through this set of tests. They are likely to help users connect and build communities.

A Better Alternative To Clubhouse?

The Hotline application was created amid a health crisis to allow Facebook users to converse remotely. Indeed, the Conversations app was launched a year ago and has grown quickly thanks to the pandemic. Admittedly, Hotline has taken over some codes from the flagship application of social networks Clubhouse; it could offer a better alternative shortly.

It is particularly different thanks to this innovative audio feature developed by Facebook. This new feature could be an extension of Messenger Rooms in the form of audio rooms. This new application, launched in beta version, is only available at the United States level. Facebook users in France or other countries worldwide will still have to wait a while.

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