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Galaxy Tab A8: Samsung Unveils Its New Low-Cost Tablet

For years, Samsung has had a leading position in the tablet market. Its Galaxy Tab A range is also very successful, combining low prices and decent performance. Renewed at the start of 2019, a smaller model joins the Galaxy Tab A10 and the Galaxy Tab A8. These entry-level Samsung touch pads thus counter Apple and its iPad at €360. However, Samsung must face Amazon, the American firm that dominates the low-cost with its Fire tablets at less than 100€. When caught between two fierce competitors, the Korean company must play its cards strategically.

Galaxy Tab A: The Efficient And Affordable Entry-Level

The great tablet boom seems like a distant memory. Many manufacturers are now abandoning this market to focus on smartphones and hybrids. However, a few diehards continue the adventure. If the first name that comes to mind is often Apple, it would be a mistake to miss Samsung. Although the South Korean brand has reduced production recently, it remains at the forefront of the Android market alongside Huawei.

With the more or less permanent disappearance of the Galaxy Tab E, Samsung has refocused its attention on the Galaxy Tab A. Samsung touch tablets are still very successful, regularly finishing number 1 in sales on Amazon and other large online sites. Line. Their performance is certainly well below the Galaxy Tab S at more than €500, but they are more than enough for an audience looking for efficient and affordable slates. 

The new Galaxy Tab A10 (2019) features a 10.1″ IPS screen with a definition of 1920 x 1200 pixels. Its large size does not prevent it from being very thin ( 7.5 mm), and it benefits from a premium look with its aluminum shell. But more than anything, the Galaxy Tab A10 (2019) shines with its audio quality. The two Dolby Atmos 3D-certified speakers deliver excellent sound quality to enjoy multimedia with the whole family.

The family: this is Samsung’s target here. Its Galaxy Tab A targets both young and old. The new OneUI interface makes navigation much more fluid and adapted to the big screen. As for the Child Mode, it secures navigation within an interface dedicated to our dear darlings. Entry-level requires the Tab A10 (2019) is not the most powerful of machines. 

However, its SoC Exynos 7904 is supported by 2 GB of RAM, enough to perform the most common tasks expected of a slate: web browsing, multimedia, and even some games that are not too greedy. The 6150 mAh battery allows the whole thing to last relatively long. Knowing that this machine is displayed at only €219, it has something to seduce and ensure the sustainability of the Tab A range for this year again.

Galaxy Tab A8: A Reduced Model To Counter Amazon

If the Tab A10 (2019) seems intended for an audience that could not afford an iPad for more than €300, the brand newcomer to the A range seems to be betting on even lower prices. Officialized by Samsung in July 2019, the Galaxy Tab A8 sports, as its name suggests, an 8″ screen. Mobility is essential, even if the design remains quite basic with very thick borders. The tablet, however, adopts an aluminum shell, which should ensure certain durability.

Entry-level requires the IPS panel to have a fairly common definition of 1280 x 800 pixels. It’s not much these days, but it’s still enough for web browsing and some YouTube videos. Samsung also wants to push multimedia uses by offering two months of YouTube Premium and three months of Spotify Premium to buyers of the Galaxy Tab A8 (2019). The device features a Qualcomm SDM429 Quad-core processor clocked at 2 GHz. There is a front camera of 2 million pixels, a rear camera of 8 Mpixels, Bluetooth, and Wifi.

Just like the 10.1″ model, the newcomer incorporates two loudspeakers. These are, unfortunately, not Dolby Atmos 3D certified. Their quality may therefore be limited. The same goes for the computing power of this slate. Samsung does not specify which processor is on board. It has eight cores clocked at 2 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. Some rumors point to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 SoC. 

The software part should, however, delight the family thanks to Android 9.0 and the OneUI overlay. Child Mode is, of course, included. As for autonomy, it should be particularly good thanks to the 5100 mAh battery integrated into the chassis. Samsung still needs to reveal the price of its small entry-level tablet. However, we can expect something between 150€ and 200€. If it does not revolutionize the market, this Galaxy Tab A8 (2019) could overshadow Amazon’s Fire HD 8, a less expensive and well-equipped tablet.

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