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Five Ways To Make A Phone Call Via The Internet

Because technological advances have radically transformed the way we communicate, it has been possible for several years to make calls via the Internet. So, no need to spend a minute on your mobile plan. Having become commonplace among users, this alternative is convenient and more economical compared to traditional calls. If you are looking for a solution dedicated to this purpose, find five different options for making audio or video calls with complete peace of mind in this article.


A pioneer in online calling, Skype offers a full range of services, from voice calls to group video conferencing. The functionalities of this solution are indeed extended beyond calls. To make your life even more accessible and make your communication more interactive and efficient, Skype offers translation and subtitling services. 

To do this, select the “More” button during a call, then tap “Turn on subtitles”. Everything your interlocutor says will, therefore, be displayed on your screen. As for the voice translator, it allows you to overcome the language barrier because your conversation is translated in real-time. It is available in over 60 languages ​​and is capable of translating into ten different languages.

Aside from that, when you use Skype to make calls, you can share your desktop or smartphone screen, share your files with a simple drag and drop, and even record your online meetings for later viewing. If calls via the Internet are free, to call a mobile or landline from Skype, you need credit, the price of which varies from €5 to €25. Otherwise, you can take out a subscription from €3.06/month, depending on the destination.


A prevalent and widely used messaging application around the world, WhatsApp now offers the “Free Calls” feature, which allows you to call all your contacts over the Internet. So, if you make calls to other users of the platform, you do not pay additional fees to the application.

On the other hand, if you use it to communicate with people who do not use the application or to call landline numbers, then you may be billed by your operator. To make a free audio or video call on WhatsApp, you must have an Internet connection. Wi-Fi or network, depending on your convenience. If you choose the second option, pay attention to data consumption.

Having a WhatsApp account is essential to be able to communicate with your loved ones. Once you open one, you can then chat in peace. However, you must have the application on your smartphone or computer. To install it on your PC, launch the application on it, go to “Settings,” select “WhatsApp Web/Desktop,” then scan the QR code of your WhatsApp account on your phone, and it’s done! All your conversations will appear automatically.

Quick talk

Quicktalk sees itself as a quick and easy alternative for making calls over the Internet. Indeed, this VoIP tool offers a telephone switchboard that allows you to benefit from unlimited calls to all of France and more than 30 destinations around the world. All this for a single price of €19/month. This offer is without obligation, and you can cancel whenever you want.

To make calls, choose a number and activate it. The most exciting thing about Quicktalk is that you can make simultaneous calls without limits. Moreover, the solution allows you to configure your telephone switchboard very simply and create quality and personalized messages via its online studio.

Usable from a computer, you can activate call forwarding on mobile to receive your calls on your smartphone and make unlimited calls from the application. To do this, enter your mobile number from your user settings. As a reminder, Quicktalk allows up to 3 users. However, you can add additional users for €10/month/user as well as different phone numbers for €5/month/number.


A popular option for multimodal communication, Viber is a phone calling and messaging app that helps people around the world stay in touch. Although it was initially launched on the iPhone, it is now available on Android and Windows Phone smartphones. Unlike Skype, the solution does not require you to create an account to be able to use it. 

Pass your phone number to the app. You will then receive an SMS, which will allow you to activate the program. Once this is done, permit it to scan all of your contacts. For your information, calls between Viber users are free. However, to be able to call people who are not using the application, charges will be applied depending on the destination. Please note that the prices are based on the cost of a local call.

Google Voice

If you are a fan of the Google ecosystem, then its Google Voice communication service is for you. With this solution and thanks to the VoIP protocol, you can make calls or send text messages to your loved ones. All you need is a good internet connection. To use Google Voice, you must sign up for one of the available plans: Starter at $10/month/user, Standard for $20/month/user, and Premier at $30/month/user. 

If the first offer allows up to 10 users, the other two do not set any limits. As it is available in several countries, you can communicate with your contacts in an agile, but above all secure, way. Integrated into the Google ecosystem, you can synchronize all your calls with other services such as Gmail, Drive, or Calendar. Moreover, it also synchronizes data across all your devices, allowing you to use it anywhere, especially when traveling.

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