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Digital Analytics At Enterprise: How To Choose Winning Partner

A data management strategy requires several internal steps and a good tool. From Piwik PRO comes advice and a solution that guarantees customization and flexibility while respecting data security and privacy. While creating sustainable, privacy-friendly digital analytics setups can be daunting for any organization, for large companies, the process can be even more complex. 

When these large companies are looking for new suppliers, they must, for example, undergo more precise and thorough checks in terms of data security and privacy. Furthermore, their propensity for growth inevitably means a greater quantity of digital assets must be examined quickly to guarantee stakeholders the satisfaction promised. 

Hence, the concentration on rigorous analyses regarding privacy and security for the management of sensitive data to create < /span>. Choosing the right vendor, therefore, becomes a fundamental process involving factors to consider, mistakes to avoid, and areas to optimize. Targeted and successful advertising campaigns with data-driven decision-making processes, scalable technologies and analytical supports to act faster and on the adoption of

The Aspects To Pay Attention To

The essential starting point for an effective selection is undoubtedly the correct understanding of the nature of the data collected, processed and archived. Consequently, < /span> should be started to analyze security and privacy protocols actively. The pilot phase is to check for past data breaches, review security certifications, and evaluate the strength of privacy policies. 

Finally, due diligence of suppliers to identify potential vulnerabilities and an internal security audit or external consultants are necessary to find out the compliance requirements relating to data protection currently in force. Also remembered is the implementation of confrontation with the legal team to share with the future supplier. Then, the company needs

Mistakes Not To Be Made

In the top 3 of the mistakes to avoid, we find in the first place the failure to transversally evaluate the real business needs and the challenges deriving from legal requirements and internal security. Identifying any obstacles or shortcomings after the purchase can lead to wasted investments and missed opportunities.

Silver medal for the decision to rely on one of the best-known brands on the market, driven simply by the recognisability and authority of the name. In fact, their solutions are only sometimes suitable for some companies. The last step of the podium, however, needs to consider the value of user experience and training in an analytics solution more. A system must be easy to use and provide adequate training to ensure teams are able to exploit its capabilities thoroughly.

Areas To Optimize With Data

The selection of the processes that you want to improve with analytics is also significant. At Piwik PRO, we generally recommend companies thoroughly explore customer segmentation content effectiveness content effectiveness. However, many organizations tend to focus primarily on fundamental metrics such as click-through rates, website traffic and instant conversion rates. 

Multi-channel attribution and This discrepancy often stems from a mix of the search for instant gratification in the form of “quick wins” and a possible lack of understanding of the depth that marketing analytics can offer. While basic metrics provide quick insights, a more gradual approach can generate sustained growth and better ROI.

The Piwik PRO Enterprise Plan

Aware, therefore, of the different needs and complexities of larger organizations, we have created the Enterprise plan for our Piwik PRO Analytics Suite solution. A tailor-made analytics suite that guarantees customization and flexibility for large companies and government agencies in the world of analytics. In fact, it is the customer himself who decides, for example, the number of actions to measure, which of the four available modules to integrate – Analytics – or where to store the data collected among the different hosting options proposed. 

Customer Data Platform and Consent Manager, Tag Manager Taylor-made are also all phases of the platform, from implementation to training to development, as well as the cost and customer support that includes a dedicated account manager and support team, personalized onboarding, training, ongoing support and professional services add-ons for custom additional components.

And as a direct competitor of Universal Analytics 360, which will cease to exist from 1 July 2024, we have also created a special offer to better manage the migration to Piwik PRO Analytics Suite without unnecessary costs. The proposal, valid until July 2024, allows you to use the Piwik PRO platform and support for free during the entire transition process.

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