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CRM Tools: The Five Best CRM Software

Customers are the heart of any business, and a sound CRM system, or Customer Relationship Management, acts as a pacemaker making it beat better. But if there is a multitude of more or less developed CRM software on the market, which is the most suitable for your company?

What Is A CRM?

Customer Relationship Management software, as their name suggests, allows you to manage your relationships with your customers, contacts or prospects. Too often, the comparison is made with a classic Rolodex, but a good CRM does much more than list names and telephone numbers. Making the correct choice seems daunting to you. Here is a brief overview of the best CRM tools on the market to inform your decision.

Teamleader Focus

Teamleader Focus is a CRM initially designed for small and medium agencies. Doing more than just registering the identity of your customers, Teamleader Focus is a comprehensive work management software. It, therefore, allows you to automate your customers’ sales, organization and invoicing. This all-in-one software offers you statistics and analytics to help your business thrive. Currently, more than 15,000 companies are already working smarter with Team Leader Focus!

Sell ​​With Team Leader Focus

Attracting leads is one thing. But following and guiding them, to conclude business with them and retain them is another. A good CRM will help you follow up on your leads, so you don’t lose a penny. With Team Leader Focus, you have the possibility to:

  1. Keep track of and history of conversations and procedures with your prospects, contacts and customers;
  2. Create and send personalized quotes;
  3. Track current deals in a simple conversion funnel;
  4. Centralize all communication with your customers;
  5. Schedule tasks, calls and meetings in a convenient calendar;
  6. Associate your calendar (Google Calendar, Office 365…) with your account.

These are all the ingredients that will allow you to construct a successful sales strategy.

Get Organized With Team Leader Focus

If you work by project, Teamleader Focus can also help you. Turn a quote into a project immediately, so you can keep track of all the work that needs to be done! Project management in Team Leader allows you to:

  1. Plan and divide all the tasks to be performed;
  2. Track all hours worked so you can bill them later;
  3. Manage budgets and ensure you deliver a profitable project on time;
  4. Keep an overview of all current projects and see how much more work you can take on.

Invoicing with Team Leader Focus

When the job is done, it’s, of course, time to get paid. Billing, with Team Leader Focus, becomes a process of great simplicity. You will be paid faster and can invest in your business more quickly.

  1. Instantly convert a completed quote into an invoice (or start from scratch);
  2. Bill all your hours worked, so you don’t leave money on the table;
  3. Create subscriptions for recurring payments;
  4. Send automatic reminders when payments are overdue;
  5. Allow your customers to pay online to receive your due faster.

With Team Leader Focus, companies get paid six days faster on average, which means getting 15% more on-time payments.

Analyze With Team Leader Focus

Committing to continuous improvement is fundamental to your business growing quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the statistics provided by Team Leader Focus, you can precisely analyze the sensitive and improvable points!

  1. Predict the number of deals you are likely to close;
  2. Estimate expected cash inflows;
  3. Set goals for business, calls, and projects…;
  4. Analyze project budgets and improve them afterward.


Axonaut is a French CRM developed in Labège since 2017. This essential and easy-to-use tool automates time-consuming tasks. In addition to a CRM, Axonaut also offers invoicing, cash flow management and e-commerce modules. Axonaut is more suitable for micro-enterprises comprising up to 3 users.


Sellsy is an extensive CRM software mainly focusing on sales and invoicing. Unfortunately, it does not offer anything in terms of project management. This CRM allows the implementation of marketing campaigns, task management, and organization via a calendar and reporting functionality. Its main clients are startups, agencies, software development companies and companies working in e-commerce.


Karelia is a collaborative CRM offering communications by e-mail, prospecting, invoicing and project management. The CRM mainly focuses on sales opportunities, including tracking sales talks. Karelia offers limited invoicing functionality as well as essential project management support. Note also an expense management feature.


Zoho is a well-known player in the CRM market. It offers a comprehensive CRM platform that can be supplemented with numerous plugins and other features such as finance, HR and marketing automation. Essential support is included in the standard subscription, but the faster premium support is also more expensive. The same goes for its implementation, which is often necessary given the complex nature of the medium.

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