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8 Tips To Keep In Mind For A Successful Conference Call

A successful conference call doesn’t always have to be video. Sometimes the good old “Telco” is simpler and more efficient. However, to have a successful conference call, there are a few things to keep in mind.  In the past year, most of us have had video conferences more than anything else in our lives.

No wonder that one or the other becomes exhausted with zoom. But speaking to several people doesn’t always have to be a video chat. So many things can be discussed more efficiently and with fewer technical problems on the phone. But here, too, there are a few things to consider so that there are no breakdowns. The following eight tips can help you have a successful conference call.

Plan A Successful Conference Call Properly

Thorough planning helps avoid breakdowns or miscommunication. Good preparation is, therefore, the cornerstone of a successful conference call.

This includes:

  • Send dial-in data to all participants in good time.
  • List the names and functions of all participants in the invitation and the reason for the conversation.
  • Be aware of time differences when someone is sitting in a different time zone.

Be On Time

Of course, everyone should dial in on time. But the person who is organizing the conversation, in particular, should be a little earlier to set everything up and, if necessary, eliminate technical problems in advance.

Choose A Quiet Environment

Having a conversation using audio-only requires greater concentration. A quiet environment is, therefore, necessary for a successful conference call. Consequently, participants should avoid distractions and choose a calm background noise with no disturbing background noise.

Anyone sitting in the office can sign on the door, for example, asking for silence. A quiet, closed room is ideal in the home office. It is best to avoid the kitchen here, as household appliances can make more noise.

Set Moderation

Especially at the beginning of the conference call, it helps to have a moderator summarize what it should be about and introduce all participants again, or initiate a round of introductions if the people do not know each other.

Since there is no visual communication on the phone, one cannot rely on non-verbal communication such as gestures, facial expressions, or eye contact. This makes it harder not to interrupt each other or speak simultaneously. Moderators can help here. If, for example, several people are speaking at the same time, moderators can address the relevant people by name and thus give them the floor one after the other.

Give Names Before Speaking

Moderators can also decide at the beginning that each person should give their name before speaking. This is particularly helpful if the participants do not know each other (well) to assign statements better.

Small Talk Is Not A Waste Of Time

Unlike video conferencing, many people tend to get straight to the point during conference calls. Since you have chosen a particularly effective form of communication, many think that you do not have time to make unnecessary small talk waste. But that can be a mistake. A relaxed start creates a more relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant conversation that can make the conference call more successful. Of course, that doesn’t have to get out of hand. A few minutes are enough.

Speak Slower

It can sometimes be more difficult to understand others when talking on the phone because you cannot see them. Therefore, participants should speak more slowly than usual and make sure that everything is said clearly. Incidentally, your mood is also carried over to your voice. If you’re bored, tired, or annoyed, you can hear it accordingly. So take a few minutes before the conversation to mentally tune into the conversation and sound positive consequently.

Summarize Results

A successful conference call also means that all participants can read what has been discussed again afterward. The best way to do this is to appoint a person in advance who will log everything and then send a summary to everyone. That may not always be necessary. But especially when it comes to essential agreements or assignments, it can help to see everything in writing.

A Successful Conference Call Can Work

So it is by no means impossible to have a successful conference call. This is especially true if you pay attention to the tips and hints mentioned above. At the same time, experience shows that a conventional telephone call is the better option in many cases than a video chat. It is more efficient, saves time, and still enables interpersonal exchange.

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